Lumbar support: healthy spine for long periods of sitting

Whether due to leisure or office work: Anyone who regularly sits for many hours at a time puts their back under enormous strain. This can lead to unwelcome pain and tension, particularly in the lower back, the lumbar spine. However, a healthy spine can be promoted during sedentary work: A sensible solution to this is a lumbar support on the office chair.

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What is a lumbar support?

Nowadays, many ergonomic and modern office chairs are equipped with a lumbar support. But what exactly is a lumbar support? The lumbar support, also known as a lumbar support or back support, is a shaped and flexible insert in the backrest of ergonomic desk chairs. Its function is togently hold the lower back in its natural S-shape, whichrelieves pressure onthe spine .

A lumbar support offers many benefits, including the following:

  • it prevents back pain, tension and poor posture after particularly long periods of sitting
  • it ensures a healthy spine
  • it can be precisely adjusted to your lumbar spine and thus provide optimum support for your body

Because every person, and therefore every back, is different, office chairs with lumbar support are a smart choice for anyone who wants to work in a healthier and more ergonomic way.

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What are the advantages of an office chair with lumbar support?

The lumbar support sounds pretty good: after all, everyone benefits from a relieved spine. But what other advantages does ergonomic back support offer? And is it really useful for everyone?

The lumbar support promotes a healthy back.

As mentioned, the lumbar support in the backrest of an ergonomic chair relieves pressure on the spine. In a broader sense, however, there are other benefits associated with itthan simply less pain. Intervertebral disc problems, fatigue and even concentration problems can be positively influenced by an office chair with lumbar support, because: When you sit comfortably, you simply feel better all round.

The lumbar support enables comfortable sitting and promotes an upright posture.

Apart from the fact that sitting for long periods - especially at a desk - can cause lasting damage to our backs, it is also usually simply uncomfortable. We slide back and forth on our office chair and are restless. An office chair with lumbar support can also help here. The correctly supported lower back feels more comfortable, the muscles relax and sitting feels more comfortable.

All too often, we also find ourselves slumping forward while working in a seated position. This weakens our back muscles and puts too much strain on the neck. This leads to the infamous "hunched" posture. Our shoulders and head droop and we no longer stand up straight. A lumbar support helps to improve posture by correcting the spine.

Die Lordosenstütze am Bürostuhl ist individuell verstellbar.

The lumbar support on the chair can be individually adjusted.

Most modern desk chairs have at least an ergonomically shaped backrest. However, not all office chair models also have a lumbar support. The difference to a shaped backrest is that you can adjust the lumbar supportcorrectly and precisely to suit you . We will show you how to do this below. The adjustment is important because the correct position of the backrest depends on your height.

When is an office chair with lumbar support worthwhile?

Now that you're familiar with ergonomic back support, you're probably wondering: Do I need it too? Let's get to the bottom of the question. If one or more of the following points apply to you, an ergonomic back support is probably a good idea!

You sit at your desk for hours on end.

The number one culprit: sitting for long periods every day. When sitting we tend to lean forward and put monotonous strain on the spine. In combination or separately, this is not a good omen for our backs. Ideally, a healthy spine requires movement and support in the correct posture. So if you have to sit a lot every day, an office chair with lumbar support is the right choice for you.

You have back problems.

If you haveback problems due to injury or otherwise , an ergonomic back support is particularlyworthwhile: It's never too late to use it to your advantage. Your back and spine will thank you for it, regardless of whether you use the lumbar support as a preventative measure or for advanced problems.

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You have already had spinal surgery.

After spinal surgery, for example due to a herniated disc, it is important tocontinue to protect the back. The spine may be more sensitive and a little weaker after the operation. In this case, the lumbar support isalsorecommendedas a support during the healing process and rehabilitation by taking pressure off your lumbar spine.

You don't have access to a height-adjustable desk

Despite the benefits of an ergonomic office chair a height-adjustable desk is still one step ahead when it comes to back health. There are various reasons why you may not yet have such a (electric) height-adjustable desk : cost issues, static desks in your office equipment or space reasons.

If you've never heard of a sit-stand desk and its benefits, you can read more in our blog post about sittingand standing in the office . Whatever the reasons: An office chair with lumbar support already promotes your back health many times over - and at a lower cost than a desk.

Adjust the lumbar support correctly

For a lumbar support to work effectively and deliver its benefits, it must of course be correctly attached to the office chair. We show you how to adjust the lumbar support correctly to your body. Here's how, step by step:

  • Sit comfortably and relaxed on the office chair.
  • Slide your buttocks all the way back against the backrest of the office chair.
  • Now move the lumbar support into the correct position.
  • Make sure that it is between your waistband and belly button.
  • Test for a while whether you can sit upright and comfortably in this position. Don't forget that your back should lie gently against the lumbar support.
  • If necessary, you can adjust the position again.

Don't have an office chair with ergonomic back support yet? The YaasaChair supports you perfectly with the described back support and many other ergonomic features that a modern desk chair has to offer!

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Lumbar support for a strong back!

So it's that easy to do something good for your back. The back support brings your spine into shape, allows you to sit more comfortably and healthily and prevents pain, tension and even problems. As a simple and flexible insert in the backrest of a desk chair, it is very easy to use and therefore the perfect solution for working more ergonomically! What are you waiting for?

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