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Up To 10 Years Guarantee

Your happiness with the quality of our products is our priority. That's why we offer up to 10 Years Guarantee for all Yaasa furniture.

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Free Delivery

Yaasa products are out of the warehouse 1-2 days after your order and will be with you as soon as possible. All shipping costs are on us!

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60 Days Free Return

Not getting on as well as you hoped with your Yaasa product? No worries: you can return your items for 60 days for free.

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Work Ergonomically

Yaasa products combine modern design with maximum ergonomic value, providing you with a unique working experience.

Need a desk that leaves sufficient floor space and fits into any room? Dreaming of an ergonomic workplace? We’ve found the best choice: a height-adjustable desk, electric and 160 × 80 cm in size. The Desk Pro 2, the Desk Essential and the Desk Four by Yaasa are three models that fit the bill perfectly. Haven't met them yet? Then it's about time! Allow us to introduce them to you below – you'll soon have an overview of their features.

Height-adjustable desk, electric & 160 x 80 cm in size: what are the advantages?

Why should you choose a height-adjustable desk? And why do you need the dimensions 160 × 80 cm? These are two important questions that should be answered first. That way, you'll soon find out if the Desk Pro 2, Desk Essential and the Desk Four by Yaasa are suitable for you.

A desk, electrically height-adjustable and 160 × 80 cm in size, allows for healthy changes between sitting and standing. Table height can be adjusted easily: simply press a button to change it at any time. When you've had enough of sitting, you can adjust the desk and continue to work standing up. That way, you'll prevent complaints caused by prolonged sitting. Ready to say goodbye to back pain and tension? Now you can.

Don't think that changing between sitting and standing is enough to keep fit throughout your everyday working life? Then raise the bar with targeted movement at your desk.There are many effective exercises that you can carry out directly at your electrically height-adjustable desk with a 160 × 80 cm table surface.

A height-adjustable desk, electric and 160 × 80 cm in size, offers you enough space to work on two screens. There is plenty of free space for storing documents, which means you'll have everything you need at hand – perfect for working in your office or home office. Better still, height-adjustable desk 160 × 80 cm also guarantees a sufficient distance between you and your screen.

Our electrically height-adjustable desks, 160 x 80 cm

Now you know how you can benefit from a height-adjustable desk, electric and 160 × 80 cm, it's time to meet the Desk Pro 2, the Desk Essential and the Desk Four by Yaasa. These three models don't just help you stay fit and healthy at your workplace, they have much more to offer besides. Find out more about the benefits below!

If you want to meet the Professional, the Minimalist or the Champion before you decide to buy, it's best to visit a Yaasa-Showroom and test them in advance. Alternatively, contact other owners on the Experify Platform and talk to people who work with these desks daily.

Desk Pro 2 – "The Professional"

The Desk Pro 2 is known as "The Professional" – and for good reason. It's a stable, electrically height-adjustable desk that supports you in your everyday work like no other desk can. Its most important characteristics are:

Zwei Yaasa Desk Pro 2 Tische mit ergonomischen Bürostühlen in einem Büro.

  • Electrically height-adjustable between 64 cm and 130 cm. With an up and down speed of 38 mm/s, without delays, as well as an integrated control element, you can bring the desk to your desired height at any time. It can also save two favorite table heights, which you can move to easily using the handset. For extra convenience, the table height is also shown on the display.
  • Collision sensor. When the desk notices obstacles during height adjustment, its mechanism stops immediately. This means that neither the desk nor objects in its movement range are damaged.
  • Maximum stability. With legs made from powder-coated steel, the desk can easily manage a lot of weight. In a static position, 100 kg is no problem, while dynamic loads of up to 80 kg are easily manageable. For extra power, the Desk Pro 2 has two built-in motors (one motor per table leg).
  • Clean design: The Desk Pro 2 has a stylish look and ultimate quality in one package. Enjoy signature rounded corners and edges in oak, acacia, off-white, light gray and dark gray/black.

Want to find out more about the Desk Pro 2? Read its manual for even more information.

Desk Essential – “The Minimalist”

The Desk Essential is nicknamed "The Minimalist” – because that’s exactly what it is. No matter whether you're sitting or standing, you can rely on it to do what’s needed with no added fuss. Here’s what makes it a very special height-adjustable desk, electric and 160 × 80 cm in size:

Frau arbeitet im Stehen an einem elektrisch höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch 160 x 80 cm

  • Electrically height-adjustable between 71 cm and 119 cm. The Desk Essential can constantly adapt to your body size, so you can work comfortably sitting and standing. Likewise, you can always see what height your desk is set at, thanks to a display that shows the current height of the desk.
  • Compatible with other Yaasa accessories. Spice up your Desk Essential with the Yaasa Cable Management, Privacy Wall or Desk Wheels.
  • Attractive appearance. Go to the Yaasa online shop and choose between subtle anthracite and classic white. Whichever color you choose, the desk blends easily into any room.
  • Quality. The Desk Essential shares many characteristics with the Yaasa Desk Pro 2. You can expect the same maximum load capacity (static position: 100 kg, dynamic position: 80 kg) as well as an integrated collision sensor to help you adjust safely.
    Want to know more about this high-quality desk, 160 × 80 cm and height-adjustable? Take a look at the manual!

Desk Four - "The Champion”

The Desk Four is our Champion – and it has earned its name! At first glance, it looks like an ordinary desk, but you’ll soon see that there's so much more to it!

Zwei Personen arbeiten an einem höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch 160 x 80 cm in einem Meetingraum

  • With a 160 x 80 cm tabletop, the desk can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to working while sitting and standing, you can use it as a meeting table in your office or a dining room in your home.
  • It’s electrically height-adjustable between 69 and 118 cm – at a speed of
    38 mm/s. This includes a collision sensor and four high-performance motors.
  • Hidden technology: all cables are integrated into the inside of the frame and its rounded table legs. In addition, the Desk Four is available with two different handsets. Choose an inlay control element or a foldable handset that can be hidden under the tabletop at any time.
  • Good looks: The Desk Four can be bought in different color combinations: bamboo/white, bamboo/black, solid oak/white and solid oak/black. If you prefer a more understated desk, it is also available in single colors – like classic black or white.

Desk: height-adjustable, 160 × 80 cm & easy assembly

Montage des Tischgestells eines höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisches in der Größe 160 x 80 cm

Need another reason to buy the Desk Pro 2, the Desk Essential or the Desk Four? Here’s one: these height-adjustable desks, electric and 160 × 80 cm in size, are stable but also simple to assemble.

If you need help with assembly, refer to the relevant instructions:

Height-adjustable desk: electric & 160 × 80 cm in size - get it now from Yaasa

Want a desk that helps you concentrate and work productively? Then a height-adjustable desk, electric, 160 × 80 cm, stable and high-quality is exactly what you have been looking for. At Yaasa, you will find three models that meet your requirements: the Desk Pro 2, the Desk Essential and the Desk Four. Did any of them catch your eye? Go ahead and place your order in the Yaasa online shop!