Das Cable Management von Yaasa am Desk Pro 2.Yaasa Cable Management an einem höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch von Yaasa.
€ 79,00
  • Adaptable cable tray made from sturdy felt
  • Can be set to S, M or L capacity
  • Two installation options

Your Yaasa Advantage:

5 Year Guaranteeimage

5 Year Guarantee

Your satisfaction with the quality of our products is top priority. That's why we offer a 5-year guarantee on the Yaasa Cable Management.

Free Deliveryimage

Free Delivery

The Cable Management leaves the warehouse 1-2 working days after your order. It'll arrive at your home within a few days. Delivery costs are on us!

30 Days Free Returnsimage

30 Days Free Returns

You and your Cable Management aren't the perfect match? No problem. You can send it back to us free of charge within 30 days.

Work Ergonomicallyimage

Work Ergonomically

Our products combine modern design with maximum ergonomics. That's how we ensure a unique working experience.

Kabelchaos am Schreibtisch ohne Kabelkanal und ein aufgeräumter Schreibtisch mit Kabelkanal.

I keep things tidy!

Permanent cable clutter? No thank you! With me, your Yaasa Cable Management, you can say goodbye to messy cables at your desk once and for all. I make all cables, chargers and power strips disappear in no time! Flexible, stylish, innovative, easy to use, and easy to assemble? That's me, the indispensable Cable Management for Yaasa height-adjustable desks. Get to know me better and allow me to introduce myself!

Why choose cable management for your height-adjustable desk?

A height-adjustable desk is a must for working ergonomically. However, maintaining the necessary order is at least as important. A tidy desk is crucial to ensuring greater well-being and concentration at work. With well-designed cable management for height-adjustable desks, a clean look can be achieved in no time at all. These are the benefits of cable management:

Mann befestigt Kabelführung an einem verstellbaren Tisch.

A more organized desk

Anyone who works at a desk needs a certain amount of technical equipment. Laptops or PCs, keyboards, printers and scanners are part of the basic setup in many workplaces. As such, it's no wonder that a lot of cables are involved here too. This creates a problem: your desk can quickly look untidy and sometimes even chaotic when there's nowhere to put the cables on your work surface.

Cable management for height-adjustable desks can ensure more order. Cables can be easily hidden with a cable tray that allows all cables to disappear under the desk. With this clean storage, cables are neither visible nor tangled, and your height-adjustable desk becomes much tidier!

Get more desk space with cable management

Cable spaghetti takes up a lot of space on your desk. As soon as your cables are stowed away, your work surface automatically becomes much more spacious. You can use this newly gained space for other purposes - like important documents that you regularly need for your work.

Ordentlicher Schreibtisch mit dem Kabelkanal von Yaasa.

I'll keep your desk neat & tidy!

Easy cleaning for your desk

When cables pile up on your desk, dust and dirt will gather too: not only on the cables, but also on the work surface underneath. Cleaning can take longer because the cables have to be removed from the desk and each one cleaned individually.

With good cable management, your desk can be cleaned without any problems. As the cables are no longer directly on the work surface, your desk surface can be brought into shape with minimum fuss.

Yaasa Cable Management - "The Indispensible"

I'm not known as "The Indispensable" for nothing. I can store all cables, chargers and power strips - helping you eliminate cable clutter on your desk. Better still, I feature integrated mounting so that you can fill me up without any problems - and without cables etc. falling out.
It's clear to see: I am a truly indispensable addition to your workplace! Allow me now to introduce myself to you in detail: here are 4 of my specialties that you shouldn't miss.

Kabelkanal von Yaasa montiert unter der Tischplatte und über die Tischkante.

Just put me where you want me.

1. Flexible cable management for your desk

One of my greatest strengths is my flexible installation function. Hide me under the desk (“under desk”) or attach me over the edge of the table (“over edge”). Don't worry, you don't have to commit one attachment right from the start. You can change my position at any time in seconds - without even having to unscrew me or remove the cables inside.

You can adjust my volume to your purposes whenever you want. Depending on how many cables, chargers or power strips you want to stow away, you can choose between a small, medium or large tray capacity. Best of all: you can change my size setting even when fully loaded - no need to remove all the cables first.

Kabelkanal aus Filz von Yaasa.

2. Your stylish desk cable tray

I don't just ensure order at your desk by making cables, chargers and power strips disappear. I'm also a great piece of design that adds a modern touch to your workspace.

My material is as extraordinary visually as practically. I'm made of high-quality felt - an excellent combination of stability, flexibility and modern design. With my high resilience, I can be your faithful companion in cable management for many years to come. Better yet, my adaptability allows you to easily switch between my capacity settings and mounting positions on the desk.

My dark gray color is another plus point, making me look particularly chic and timeless. I blend in wonderfully with my surroundings with a neutral look: I'll fit right in when I get to your desk!

3. Cable management & your height-adjustable desk: Easy assembly!

At Yaasa, we focus on comfort and simplicity. So why should I be any different? You can order me without effortlessly in the Yaasa online shop and I will be delivered to your home promptly in a single package - no effort for you.
Assembling me is just as easy as ordering. In just a few minutes, you'll have me attached to your desk and be ready to enjoy my great design. With my assembly instructions and my assembly video, you can't go wrong!
Are you the proud owner of a Desk Pro 2, Desk Essential, Desk Basic or Desk Basic S? Then you have another clear advantage: your table top already has pre-drilled holes, for screwing me in. Don't worry: you can easily attach me to other office desks too!

4. Cable management: the perfect addition to your adjustable desk

The Cable Management is never alone! My best features come to light when combined with your desk. I'm a perfectly matching cable tray under any desk - but especially for electrically height-adjustable desks by Yaasa. You'll continue to use your desktop as usual, but with two key advantages:

  • Bye-bye, cable spaghetti: Thanks to me, you never have to deal with cable clutter, behind or under your desk again.

  • No cable adjustment: With me, you can confidently change your desk's height without having to adjust any cables. I make sure that these are automatically moved when the desk height is adjusted.

You can combine me with most Yaasa Desks... and many other accessories too! I go perfectly with the Privacy Wall by Yaasa - after all, we are both made of the same high-quality felt.

Cable Management for adjustable desks – get it now from Yaasa!

Have I impressed you? Then let’s go: Order me with just a few clicks in the Yaasa online shop and get your desk in order! I'm already an Indispensable add-on in many workplaces worldwide. There's just one question: how long can you work without something as indispensable to your height-adjustable desk as me?

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