Organizing your desk: 5 tips for keeping your office tidy

Whether working from home, in a co-working space or in the office, desk chaos unfortunately haunts us all too often. Excessive paper chaos, disorganized office utensils and too much decoration can be a distraction and disrupt our ability to perform and concentrate. So to keep an overview, we need to organize our desk. You can find out the best way to do this in this article, in which we give you 5 tips for more space on your desk.

Frau arbeitet an einem gut organisierten Schreibtisch.

Organize your desk: Advantages at a glance

Organizing your desk sounds all well and good at first, but what's the point? Here we have summarized the most important benefits of good desk organization for you:

  • Better ability to concentrate: If you work at a tidy desk(which is also height-adjustable in the best case), you can concentrate better. This is because you are less easily distracted and can fully immerse yourself in your work. Organizing your office makes a big difference.
  • Less distraction: It's not just concentration that suffers from distraction, sometimes you just need a short break to think or take a deep breath. A tidy desk is ideal for preventing you from becoming distracted or distracted again.
  • Better overview: As soon as your desk is organized and all important documents, folders and office utensils have their place, you will always have an overview. And if you need a specific form, for example, you'll know immediately where to find it.
  • Space for decorations and photos: Tidiness is half the battle. Once everything has its place and you can see what's on your desk, you can perhaps decorate it a little without creating additional chaos.
  • Inner peace: Peace in the form of order around us also calms us down inside. A tidy desk will certainly make you more relaxed in the long term and increase your sense of well-being. That's why you should take the time to organize your desk well.

Gut organisierter Schreibtisch in einem modernen Homeoffice.

Tidy desk: ideas for more space on your desk

Now that you know the benefits of organizing your desk, it's time to take the concrete steps to implement them. It is very important here: Take enough time to complete this project from start to finish. After all, your desk is the focal point of your work and you want it to be ready for use again as soon as possible. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to organize your desk.

1. organize your desk: declutter first

Before you even ask yourself what your new desk arrangement might look like, you first need to declutter: Get rid of long-forgotten Post-It notes, cake crumbs and broken pens. Really sort out the entire contents of your desk and, if necessary, roll container and think carefully about which things you want to keep and should keep. You will certainly be able to part with more than you first think. Only then can you move on to planning the new organization of your desk.

Frau arbeitet an einem aufgeräumten und gut organisierten Schreibtisch.

2. create a plan: How do I organize my desk?

A well-organized desk requires one thing above all else: The purpose behind the order. Think about what makes sense for you and your everyday working life . How can you organize your workspace? Do you need lots of different highlighters? Do you need storage space for paper and letters? Do you have a constant tangle of cables? With these thoughts in mind, draw upa concrete plan of what your new desk organization should look like - including a shopping list in case you need to re-equip your desk.

The central element of every workplace is the right desk. When it comes to good workplace organization, it should above all be the right size - so that everything you need has its place. Ideally, it should also be ergonomic and height-adjustable to help you concentrate, feel good and stay healthy at work.

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Other important organization aids that can be part of your freshly organized desk are, for example, a cable management or practical storage options. A cable duct makes tangled cables disappear in an instant and immediately ensures more peace and order under the desk. Pens and office clutter lying around simply end up in discarded cups, mugs or specially designed pen holders. The desk is now free of most of the clutter and you have plenty of space again.

Kabelkanal von Yaasa an einem Schreibtisch, mit Kabeln und Ladegeräten.

3. organize paperwork on the desk

A tidy desk also needs to be practical. For many people, the desk is also a place to store paper. A note here, a draft printout there - the paper clutter quickly gets out of hand. However, organizing your desk can easily counteract this risk by setting up your desk with clever accessories:

are your best friends here. Plan which filing options and partitions make sense for you. You can then create the right organization system for all the paperwork on your desk and work not only more neatly, but also more clearly.

4. set up your desk - less is more

Last but not least, a little decoration is of course a must. Some people like to see their friends, family or beautiful memories at their desk; others enjoy a small office plant that they lovingly tend to. No matter what you like best - less is more. Your desk is neater and tidier than ever before and you don't want to clutter it up with decorations.

A good tip for organizing your desk is to use a desk divider. Many desk dividers can also be used as a pinboard, providing space for photos or post-it notes. This allows you to cleverly remove them from the desk surface, but still keep them in view and organize your desk workspace. Desk partitions also have the advantage of minimizing distractions and allowing you to concentrate on your work.

Schreibtisch mit der flexiblen Tischtrennwand von Yaasa.

5. keep your desk organized

It is extremely important to maintain the newfound order at your desk. Everything now has its place, the desk is no longer a shelf. The best way to maintain this is to make it a habit totidy it every time you finish work. That way, you'll always be prepared the next morning and have a clean, tidy desk waiting for you!

Organizing your desk - it's that easy!

And here you are - an organized, tidy desk with much more space than before. Byclearing out your desk, thinking abouta clever organization system for your desk andgetting to grips with the paper clutter, you can already reap the benefits of a tidy desk: Better concentration, less distraction and more well-being. For the finishing touches, decorate as you wish and put everything back in its place at the end of each workingday - organizing your desk is that easy.

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