Sitting correctly: Tips for the right sitting position at your desk

Today's working world is largely determined by a sedentary lifestyle. However, sitting for hours every day is anything but healthy in the long term. On the contrary: back pain, tension, excessive fatigue and other physical complaints can be the result. A healthy sitting position is worthwhile for greater well-being at your desk. With these tips, you too will soon be sitting correctly!

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Sitting correctly - why is it so important?

Sitting correctly is essential to protect your health in the long term. An incorrect sitting posture puts strain on your entire body and can lead to serious problems in the long term. That's why you should think about a correct sitting position:

A correct sitting posture increases your well-being.

One thing is clear: if you are sitting comfortably, you feel good. Pain and other physical complaints such as tension can be prevented with the right sitting posture, making your working day more comfortable. You should therefore make sure you sit correctly in the office.

The right sitting position promotes concentration.

If you are sitting uncomfortably or under strain, you will be restless. The wrong sitting posture robs you of energy and distracts you. If, on the other hand, you sit correctly, you feel less exhausted and can concentrate better. Sitting correctly also promotes oxygen supply and blood circulation.

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Sitting properly at the PC puts you in a better mood.

Our movement behavior has a direct influence on our psyche. Sitting properly at your desk therefore means that you also feel more confident and better. Prolonged slouching, on the other hand, can worsen your mood and make you tired.

A healthy sitting posture reduces absenteeism.

Those who sit properly usually suffer less often from back pain and therefore have to take sick leave less often. Of course, you will always fall ill and miss hours of work, but hopefully not as a result of an incorrect sitting position. To prevent pain and maintain your own well-being, you should therefore sit in a way that is easy on your back.

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How do you sit correctly? 5 valuable tips

But how do you sit correctly? We explain 5 simple but valuable tips to help you adopt the correct sitting position at your desk in no time at all:

1. make sure your back is straight.

The most important thing about your sitting position is your back. It should be upright and assume the natural, slight S-shape of the spine. The following are ideal for this ergonomic office chairsthat can be adjusted in height or backrest. A lumbar support provides additional support for the lower back.

But how do you sit correctly? To adopt the correct sitting position, your feet should rest on the floor and your knees should be at a 90° angle. Adjust the armrests of the office chair high enough so that the arms at the elbows are also at a 90° angle and your forearms can rest comfortably on the armrests.

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2. make sure you have enough legroom.

That's right - sitting correctly doesn't just involve everything from your bottom to your head: your legs also play an important role. Apart from the fact that they should rest upright on the floor, you also need enough legroom. When sitting, it's good to let your legs relax here and there, stretch them out or cross them. You need enough space for this. Avoid placing objects such as drawer cabinets or waste garbage cans under your desk while working so that you can sit properly in the office.

The following are therefore particularly practical mobile pedestalsthat offer plenty of storage space and are easy to move. This means you can place them next to the desk while you are working and hide them under the desk after work.

3. adjust the office chair and desk.

The most important thing about your workplace is the furniture that makes it special. A height-adjustable desk is an excellent opportunity to sit healthily too, because: Height adjustability means you can choose exactly the desk height at which you can rest your arms at right angles on the surface. This allows your shoulders and neck to relax as much as possible.

If your desk is too low, your spine will be forced into a curve. This is noticeable because you naturally lean forward towards the screen and keyboard, resulting in a hunched back. If your desk is set too high, the shoulder girdle is pushed upwards and the neck and shoulder muscles become tense. Sooner or later, this tension results in more or less severe pain. Here you can find out more about the correct desk height.

Lordosenstütze richtig einstellen am Bürostuhl ist wichtig für die richtige Sitzposition.

Your office chair should also be perfectly adapted to you. To sit correctly at your desk, adjust the height of your office chair so that your legs are at a 90° angle at the knees, and your arms should also be bent at 90° and your forearms should rest comfortably on the armrests in this position. Slideyour buttocks all the way back against the backrest of the office chair so that it can support your back as well as possible.

If your office chair has a lumbar supportadjust it so that it is between your waistband and belly button. Your back should rest gently against the lumbar support. Test for a while whether you can sit upright and comfortably in this position. If you are not comfortable in this position, you can adjust the position of the lumbar support again.

4. bring the mouse and keyboard close to you.

The keyboard and mouse should also be within easy reach so that your arms, upper body and head can rest comfortably on the desk. Avoid leaning far forward or reaching out for things you use all the time. To sit correctly at the PC, it is best to place the mouse and keyboard close to the edge of the desk to avoid awkwardly reaching for these objects and to protect your shoulders and neck.

Für die optimale Sitzposition am Schreibtisch ist die richtige Anordnung von Maus und Tastatur wichtig.

Also position the keyboard centrally in front of the screen and the mouse next to it. When using the keyboard, your forearms should rest relaxed at a 90° angle on the armrests of the office chair or on the table top.

5. change your sitting position regularly.

Last but not least, make sure you change your position regularly. The healthiest way is always to variety. It is particularly good for the spine to be exposed to different loads. You can also lean back and relax from time to time. Get up from time to time, take short walks or move your legs under the table.

While sitting, you can also do simple exercises to stretch and stretch your body and thus ensure more movement at work.

Sitting correctly made easy!

Sitting correctly is that simple. As long as your workstation is ergonomically designed and you have enough legroom, you're already on the right track. Don't forget that you can also positively influence your posture with your awareness: Sit upright, make sure you have enough variety after long periods of sitting and adjust your office chair to suit you!

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