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Sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy. However, many people still work mainly sitting at a desk. To prevent or alleviate back pain and similar illnesses, an ergonomic workstation is required. Under certain conditions, German Pension Insurance (DRV) will cover the costs of sit-stand desks that allow you to work standing up. Here you can find out when and how you can use a height-adjustable desk through the pension insurance fund free of charge.Tipps zur Übernahme von Kosten für einen höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch durch die Rentenversicherung.

Ergonomic workstation in the office

Employees in Germany have a legal right to a a health-promoting workplace. However, this does not mean that ergonomic office equipment must include a height-adjustable desk. included must be included in the ergonomic office equipment. The statutory regulation merely stipulates that employees must be provided with a sufficiently large VDU workstation to ensure regular movement at the desk. movement at the desk at the desk.

Height-adjustable desks are only one option - Employers are therefore free to decide whether they want to provide their employees with sit-stand desks. However, not every manager is prepared to bear the comparatively high cost of electrically height-adjustable desks. Even if you can produce a medical certificate stating the health need for such a desk, the employer is not legally obliged to cover the purchase costs.

Height-adjustable desk: pension insurance may cover the costs

Even if the employer does not provide a sit/stand desk, the costs incurred can be covered by various social insurance providers under certain conditions. For example, a height-adjustable desk can be covered by the German Pension Insurance for example. This state support falls under the so-called Benefits for participation in working life (LTA).

These benefits are intended to help people - regardless of their health and financial situation - to (continue to) participate in working life. The aim is to compensate for impairments and prevent people from ending their working life prematurely. To this end, these technical equipment the following grants:

  • height-adjustable desks (up to max. 800 €)
  • Ergonomic office chairs (up to max. 435 €)

Why an electrically height-adjustable desk?

Your employer has not yet provided sit-stand desks? Then it may just be a gimmick for them and not a necessity. If you don't want to apply for a height-adjustable desk from Deutsche Rentenversicherung straight away, you can also try to convince your employer of the many benefits of an electrically height-adjustable desk. the many advantages of an electrically height-adjustable desk. Who knows, maybe the following arguments in favor of a sit-stand desk will make them prick up their ears!

A height-adjustable desk...

  • ...relieves the backbecause pain can be prevented or alleviated by the recurring change in the back area.
  • ...promotes blood circulationbecause the blood can circulate better when standing.
  • ...strengthens the legsbecause - unlike when sitting - the leg muscles are used in a standing position.
  • ...improves breathingbecause the whole upper body is nicely stretched when standing and therefore deeper breaths are possible.

Erhalte einen Zuschuss von der Rentenversicherung für einen höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch mit diesen Tipps.

Height-adjustable desk financed by pension insurance: Requirements

Not every employee can be reimbursed for the costs of a height-adjustable desk. There must be an illness or impairment in order to be entitled to a sit-stand desk. What requirements do you have to fulfill in order to be approved for a height-adjustable desk by the pension insurance?

1. you have a sedentary job.

To be eligible for a height-adjustable desk through pension insurance, you must of course have a job in which you perform your professional duties predominantly sedentary sedentary. Only if you can prove that you sit for many hours a day will German Pension Insurance even consider reimbursing the costs of a sit-stand desk.

2. prolonged sitting is (almost) impossible for you.

If, for example, you suffer from back pain, have just had disc surgery or have a spinal curvature (scoliosis), it will certainly not be easy for you to work sitting down for hours every day. After all, sedentary work is not particularly conducive to these and similar complaints. All possible forms of diagnosed (chronic) health complaints can increase your chances of having the costs of a height-adjustable desk reimbursed by your pension insurance.

Übermäßiges Sitzen führt oft zu Rückenschmerzen.

3. you have a medical certificate.

In order to be able to prove your health complaints, you must have a medical certificate or a discharge report from the rehabilitation clinic from the rehabilitation clinic. The medical certificate or discharge report must confirm that you have health problems that are likely to be aggravated by prolonged sitting.

4. your employer has agreed to a sit-stand desk.

Of course, you cannot decide entirely on your own whether you will be able to work at a height-adjustable desk in the future - in your home office yes, but not at your regular workplace in the office. Before you submit an application to German Pension Insurance, you should first consult with your employer. But don't worry, it's rare for an employer to object - after all, every manager wants their employees to be well.

Height-adjustable desk through pension insurance: how can I apply for a subsidy?

If you have decided to apply to German Pension Insurance to have the costs of a height-adjustable desk covered, you will need to submit the the following documents together by post:

Medical certificate

As already mentioned above, a height-adjustable desk will only be approved by the pension insurance fund if you can present a medical certificate or the discharge report from the rehabilitation clinic. With German pension insurance, for example, you have these clinical pictures entitlement to cost coverage:

  • Scoliosis with a Cobb angle > 4°
  • Girdlestone hip, i.e. the absence of a hip joint
  • Bechterew's disease (inflammatory rheumatism)
  • Severe (chronic) back pain (an effect of the corona pandemic)

The medical certificate from the specialist or orthopaedist should state that the purchase of a height-adjustable desk - for these or similar physical limitations or illnesses - is absolutely necessary to maintain the ability to work and health or - after rehabilitation - to restore it.

Cost estimate

Until you have received written confirmation of a height-adjustable desk from the pension insurance fund, you may not purchase this ergonomic piece of furniture. Otherwise your entitlement to reimbursement will automatically expire. However, before submitting your application, you should inform yourself about possible height-adjustable desks and check the costs - You should also send this information to Deutsche Rentenversicherung.

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Job and activity description

German Pension Insurance not only wants to know what diagnosed health problems you are struggling with, but also what job you do. Try to provide as detailed a detailed job and activity description as detailed as possible. For example, document how often you sit at your desk and what professional tasks you carry out.

Application forms

You must also submit the following to the German Pension Insurance complete these two documents completed and submitted:

If you need assistance in filling out the forms forms, the best thing to do is to contact the German Pension Insurance (DRV), your health insurance fund or your treating doctor.

Rentenversicherung Antrag für elektrisch höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch.

Height-adjustable desk: Pension insurance gets back to you

Once you have sent all the necessary documents to German Pension Insurance, they will be forwarded to the Medical Service. They will then approve or reject your application for cost coverage. After several weeks or months, you will usually receive a positive or negative decision by post from the pension insurance company.

Pension insurance: Application approved - now what?

If your application for cost coverage has been approved, you can now order your order your desired height-adjustable desk. After receiving the delivery, all you have to do is only submit the invoice and the attachment sent with the notification to German Pension Insurance. You will then be reimbursed for the purchase costs of the height-adjustable desk by the pension insurance fund.

Pension insurance subsidy for height-adjustable desk rejected?

If all of the above requirements are met, every insured person is legally entitled to technical work equipment such as a height-adjustable desk. However, if you still receive a negative decision, you can appeal in writing within a written objection within a period of 4 weeks. appeal. In this way, your application can be carefully reviewed again.

Electrically height-adjustable desk even without pension insurance?

If in your case no state subsidy because you don't have any health impairments, for example, you don't have to do without the height-adjustable desk.

You can also declare the piece of furniture in the income-related expenses category in Annex N of your tax return. If it is used predominantly for business purposes, it is possible to claim the height-adjustable desk for tax purposes.

Person arbeitet im Stehen.

Height-adjustable desk: pension insurance pays off!

A healthy and ergonomic workplace is an essential prerequisite for sedentary office work. Particularly helpful is a height-adjustable deskis particularly helpful. between sitting and standing while working. If your employer does not provide you with a sit-stand desk - despite your health problems - it is best to contact a social insurance provider. Under certain circumstances, a height-adjustable desk can be financed by the pension insurance can be financed.

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