For Yaasa, quality and customer satisfaction come first. We grant all customers who have purchased Yaasa products in the European online shops of Yaasa, at Amazon (directly from Yaasa as the manufacturer) or from Yaasa sales partners after June 15, 2021, a voluntary, free guarantee for 5 years from the date of purchase on selected products (the "Warranty Products"). This guarantee is to be defined below.

The guarantee applies from the date of the first purchase of the product (invoice date) and comprises the following product lines:

  • Desk Pro 2
  • Desk Essential
  • Desk Four
  • Desk Basic
  • Desk Basic S
  • Desk One
  • Desk Frame
  • Frame Essential
  • Desk Pro Play
  • Desk Four Play
  • Chair Expert
  • Chair Classic
  • Chair Essential
  • Chair Luis
  • Cable Management
  • Privacy Wall
  • Lamp Pro
  • Lamp Classic

The guarantee is valid throughout Europe (i.e in all member states of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, the United Kingdom, Liechtenstein) and can only be claimed by the original purchaser of the guarantee product. The guarantee is only valid under the premise of normal and appropriate use. The guarantee claim consists - at our option - in the exchange or the free repair of the affected guarantee product.

The guarantee covers:

(1) Desk Pro 2 | Desk Essential | Desk Four | Desk Basic Desk Basic S | Desk One | Desk Frame |  Frame Essential | Desk Pro Play | Desk Four Play:

  • Defect of the motors and electronics (ie drives, controls, power pack, hand switch)
  • Rusting through of the steel frame
  • Defects due to faulty material or faulty processing (e.g. production errors)

(2) Chair Expert | Chair Classic | Chair Essential | Chair Luis:

  • Chair Expert, Chair Classic & Chair Essential: Controls (e.g. armrests, levers and handles for setting options)
  • Chair Luis: Problems with the swivel mechanism, broken aluminium base, broken seat

(3) Cable Management | Privacy Wall:

  • Breaking or tearing of the felt tub
  • Breaking the aluminium bracket
  • Defects due to faulty material or faulty processing (e.g. production errors)

Procedure in the event of a guarantee claim:

Warranty claims must be reported to us within the warranty period, in writing and immediately after they occur so that Yaasa can check the defect promptly. We limit/provide our guarantee to the country in which the guaranteed product was handed over to the original buyer. The prerequisite for the assertion is proof of the initial buyer status with submission of the retail invoice and documentation of the guarantee case (photos, video, etc.)

Please use the following contact details to report:

After checking whether there is a guarantee claim, we provide a guarantee by providing spare parts for the respective product and/or arranging for the product to be exchanged.

The installation of spare parts or the exchange of individual parts has to be done by the customer himself. In this case, in addition to the spare part, we will also provide the customer with detailed instructions so that he/she/they can remedy the defect. The spare parts and their shipping are, of course, free in the event of a guarantee.

If a repair is not possible and an identical guarantee product is no longer available in the range, we can also supply the customer with an equivalent replacement product. The prerequisite for the exchange of the respective guarantee product is the return of the guaranteed product by the customer. In this case, the return of the guaranteed product and the delivery of the replacement product are free of charge.

Refunding the purchase price is not possible even in the event of a guarantee. The guarantee also does not grant any claims for damages.

The guarantee of 5 years valid at the time of purchase is neither extended nor renewed by a guarantee.

The guarantee does not cover:

(1) Damage due to improper use or handling
(2) Damage due to non-observance of the operating and assembly instructions
(3) Damage caused by force majeure
(4) Wear and tear of surfaces and material through use (e.g. scratches, loss of paint)
(5) Desk Pro Play tabletop
(6) LED Light Kit on the Desk Four Play
(7) LED Driver of the Lamp Pro and Lamp Classic

Wear and tear refers to natural and inevitable damage as well as wear and tear that is the result of normal and appropriate use of the guarantee products. This use can cause scratches and other potential damage to the paintwork or the frame, which are not covered by the guarantee.

By normal and appropriate use, we understand the use of the guaranteed products with careful handling. This would not be compatible with damage caused by sharp-edged objects, the effects of unusual chemicals or environmental influences, the effects of moisture, or deliberate use of force or improper use. The warranty does not cover damage caused by impact or accidents. The guarantee also does not apply if the guarantee product has been used outdoors. Furthermore, we understand it to be a reasonable inspection of the guarantee product for loose screws, both in the context of assembly and in the context of continuous use of the guarantee product.

Nothing in this guarantee statement expands or limits the customer's statutory warranty claims or claims for damages.

The guarantee expires if modifications are made to the guaranteed product that have not been recommended by us or approved in writing, or if repairs or changes are made to the product by persons who have not been commissioned by us or approved in writing.

The statutory rights, in particular the statutory warranty, remain of course unaffected by this guarantee and continue to apply without restriction.

In addition, our general terms and conditions apply, available here.