The 4 biggest mistakes when working from home - and how you can avoid them

Working from home often sounds nicer and easier than it is. However, working from home comes with a few challenges. We take a look at the 4 biggest mistakes that are sometimes made when setting up and working from home . From office equipment to working habits, we highlight the most common mistakes and offer practical tips on how you can effectively avoid them and get the most out of your home office and working from home!

4 größten Homeoffice-Fehler

Home office mistake no. 1: You feel uncomfortable

Your workspace is in an uncomfortable corner, your desk and surroundings are not tidy, it's too dark, uncomfortable furniture means you quickly feel back or neck pain - and that's why you simply don't enjoy spending time at your home office workspace. Not to mention that all these factors have a huge impact on your productivity and well-being. The good news is that with a few simple tricks, you can make the most of any home office space, no matter how minimalist or small!

Tip 1: Comfort comes first

You shouldn't cut corners when it comes to your well-being and health, especially when working from home. Although a stylish dining chair may look modern, your body will be looking for a change after a few hours at the latest. This will result in pain and tension, which will make you feel anything but comfortable. Choose home office furniture that is flexible and adapts to you - not the other way around. An ergonomic office chairthat you can sit on comfortably for long periods of time and that can be individually adjusted to your body can also look modern and visually match your workspace.

Homeoffice-Fehler vermeiden mit richtigem Bürostuhl.

Tip 2: Light is the be-all and end-all

Natural light has a huge impact on our well-being, as it makes us more alert, energized and focused. Ideally, your desk should therefore be positioned to the side of a window. If this is not possible for reasons of space or if you still lack light in the dark season, artificial lighting should be used. It's worth opting for high-quality floor and desk lamps.

Many floor lamps combine direct table lighting with indirect room lighting and can be individually adjusted in terms of brightness and color temperature and adapted to your rhythm. This protects your eyes, increases your focus and improves your general mood. With floor lamps with a daylight sensor, you also don't have to constantly adjust the light setting during working hours. These lamps can automatically ensure that your workplace is always perfectly lit.

Homeoffice-Fehler vermeiden mit richtiger Beleuchtung.

Tip 3: The personal touch

In addition to adequate furniture and the right lighting, the personal touch at your home office also plays a major role. Your home office doesn't have to be a sterile workplace like in the office: set it up so that you feel as comfortable as possible. Whether it's small plants, inspiring quotes or amazing paintings - express your personality and use small details to create a place where you enjoy spending time and are proud of .

Homeoffice-Fehler vermeiden und dich am Arbeitsplatz wohlfühlen.

Home office mistake no. 2: You lack routine and motivation

Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning on home office days because you know you can take more time? Does your concentration drop during working hours, are you easily distracted and do you feel like you could have done more in that time? Everyone has unproductive and listless days from time to time, but they shouldn't become a habit. To plan and use your time effectively, you can use a time management method such as the Eisenhower Matrix or use these two simple tips to get started:

Tip 1: A morning you look forward to

To make it easier to start the day and get out of bed in the morning, plan a little something in the morning that you enjoy and look forward to. Whether it's a delicious breakfast, a cup of coffee on the balcony or even a half-hour workout at the gym: simple but effective morning rituals will make you look forward to the next day in the evening and give you the motivation to get to work.

Tip 2: Keep an eye on your daily goals

If your motivation starts to wane during the day, you can also try a simple but smart solution. Everyone probably has enough to-do lists by now, but they are a useful way of keeping your focus at work. Every morning, set yourself daily goals or tasks that you want or need to complete that day. This way, you always have a clear idea of what you've already achieved and what's coming up next - and it's also a really good feeling to cross off the tasks one by one. But be careful: be realistic and don't take on too much, as this can be counterproductive for your motivation.

Home office mistake no. 3: You spend the whole day in the same place and in the same position

If you are fully immersed in your work, hours will suddenly pass without you moving from your home office workstation. This usually goes on until you no longer know how to position yourself in your chair or pain and tension become noticeable. When you work in an office, you don't sit at your desk all day. Sometimes you go to meeting rooms, then to meetings with colleagues at their workstations, then to the coffee machine. You should also take this dynamic to heart when working from home and not be tied to your office chair or desk all day.

Tip 1: Variety is key

Change your working position! If you have a height-adjustable desk, you should definitely make use of its functions and stand up occasionally - start by planning to work standing up once a day for a certain amount of time. Whether you use this time to answer emails, hold meetings or do something else is up to you. If you don't have a sit-stand desk yet, you can also place your laptop on a higher chest of drawers or the kitchen counter to improvise.

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Tip 2: Home office sport for in between

To give your body an additional break from sitting and relieve any tension, you can do simple physical exercises that don't even require you to leave your desk. It doesn't have to be a whole yoga session to keep your body fit while working at a desk: Here are 6 short and simple exercises for more movement at your deskthat you can use to stretch your spine, stretch your neck or strengthen your legs and arms while working from home.

Homeoffice-Fehler vermeiden und für ausreichend Bewegung sorgen.

Home office mistake no. 4: You're bogged down and your workspace is cluttered

Most people use a corner desk in their bedroom or the guest room for their home office workstation due to lack of space. It goes without saying that the desk occasionally becomes a storage area and the area around it is not always spotlessly tidy. However, clutter in the room also leads to clutter in your head. If you have to clear space on your desk every morning and are annoyed by looking at the chaos around you, this not only affects your mood, but also your concentration. You become restless inside and can't get 100% out of your home office working day.

Tip 1: "Hide" your things

Make sure you have enough storage space for your work materials and documents: even a small shelf in your cupboard can provide enough space to store everything you need for your home office days. This will keep your desk free and tidy so that you can work and feel comfortable in a clean environment. A practical tip is to use a small mobile pedestal on wheels. This can be hidden under the desk and is also an ideal storage option. Cables, on the other hand, can be stored in a practical cable duct can be hidden away: This keeps your desk free of cable clutter at all times.

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Tip 2: Take small steps towards more order

Even if you find it difficult and don't feel like it after a long day at work, it works wonders if you tidy up your home office workspace every evening. Sort out unnecessary paperwork, store documents in a cupboard or roll container and tidy up your workspace. You'll see that the next morning you'll be grateful for this and can start work with a clear head, without chaos and clutter . You can find more tips on how to organize your desk here.

Another tip on the side: if your desk is in your bedroom or guest room, tidy up the rest of the room as well. Making the bed or moving the pile of laundry somewhere else for this time will already have a big impact on your well-being and concentration.

Conclusion: The 4 biggest home office mistakes and what you can do about them

Whether you notice all or just some of these mistakes in your home office, you can solve each one quickly and effectively. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable working from home: You can make sure of this by organizing adaptable office furniture to protect your body, keeping your workspace tidy and clear, creating a good routine that suits you and also integrating some variety into your working day. Find out how you can also make your everyday desk life more productive and relaxed with our 8 tips for working from home.