Just get started! - How to master new projects despite old habits

Have you ever been faced with a new goal, but old habits have prevented you from taking the first step? Don't worry, you're not alone. Especially at the start of the new year, most of us struggle with the dilemma of setting ourselves ambitious goals and failing to achieve them.

But the good news is: there are practical tips and tools that can help you to jump over your shadow, get moving and ultimately achieve new goals successfully. We'll show you how it could work!

Konfrontiere die Herausforderungen, die dich an der Umsetzung neuer Vorhaben hindern.

Understand the challenge

First of all: know your enemy! That sounds dramatic at first, but confronting your inner bastard can really and effectively help you move forward. It is usually one or more of the following three aspects that make it difficult for us to change something:

1. the power of habit

Our habits are like invisible strings that bind us to the past and the status quo. While on the one hand this is very stubborn to break, habits also hold an incredible amount of power for this very reason.

Once an activity becomes a habit, it is unlikely that it will disappear so easily from everyday life. Habits can therefore keep us stuck in our comfort zone and block the path to new challenges, but at the same time give us a powerful tool for change.

Alte Gewohnheiten abschaffen ist of nicht so leicht wie gedacht.

2. inner resistance

Resistance often arises when we want to break away from the familiar. This is a completely normal part of our human existence. Nobody likes to let go of what they already know. This inner struggle can paralyze us and make every first step, no matter how small, more difficult. It is important to focus on the positive and direct our gaze towards the big goal in order to stand up to the inner resistance.

3. the psychological component

Change is not only physical, but also psychological. Fears, doubts and self-sabotage can occur. It is important to recognize these barriers and actively overcome them.

Setze dich mit Ängsten und deinem inneren Schweinehund auseinander, um neue Gewohnheiten erfolgreich umzusetzen.

Practical tips for overcoming them

Set yourself clear goals with actionable steps

What exactly do you want to achieve this year? Is it professional or personal? Whatever it is, vividly imagine how it will feel to achieve your goal. Having a clear idea of your success can increase motivation and sharpen your focus.

This "visualization" can also inspire the definition of your goals. In the sense of: "When you feel it, you know it's the right thing to do." Break down big visions into small steps to make the process manageable and feasible. You can then embed these steps into your habits.

Neue Gewohnheiten schaffen mit einfachen Tipps.

Build new habits

Instead of fighting old habits, focus on establishing positive routines. These new habits can gradually replace the old ones. Always make sure you start small so that the pressure of suffering that comes from stepping out of the habitual does not become too great straight away.

A practical way to bring more physical activity into your everyday life, for example, would be a height-adjustable desk. You don't need additional time resources to move more by working sitting and standing!

Want to integrate more movement into your everyday life?

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Find support

Find like-minded people, friends or mentors to accompany you on your journey. Together you can overcome challenges and celebrate successes. It doesn't have to be about big projects like getting your own company off the ground.

How about making a resolution to do more of your own cooking? For example, invite your friend who wants to do the same every two weeks and cook together on these days. This makes it much more fun and creates commitment.

Just get started!

Throw perfectionism out of the window and just do it! You'll be amazed at how much can change if you just take the first step.

Want to read more this year? Pick up the first book near you and read 10 pages today! It may not be the new book series you want to have read by next year, but it will put you on the right path.

Um neue Gewohnheiten zu etablieren, beginne mit kleinen Schritten.

Tools to help you along the way

Daily habit tracker

Habit trackers are ideal for keeping you on track: they give you a visible view of whether you are turning your plans into action. You can use practical apps such as HabitBull, Streaks or the digital calendar, in which you can enter your plans in actionable steps. Paper and pen also serve the same purpose: you can find countless templates for habit trackers online or design your own!

The visual overview - analog or digital to suit your taste - motivates you and helps you stay on the ball.

Nutze Gewohnheits-Tracker, um deine Ziele zu erreichen.

Time management techniques

Efficient time management allows you to set priorities and create enough space to implement your new plans. Try out techniques such as the "Pomodoro technique" or the "Eisenhower matrix" and be amazed at how much you can change through time planning alone!

We have already reported in detail on these and other time management methods. Here you will find practical tools and how you can use them.

Affirmations and positive thoughts

It may sound futuristic, but you can definitely "program" your subconscious for success and positivity. Positive affirmations and manifestation don't appeal to everyone, but it can't hurt to give it a try:

For example, make a vision board with your goals and keep positive life affirmations in front of you every day to overcome self-doubt and build self-confidence.

Vision Boards können helfen, neue Gewohnheiten zu schaffen und Ziele zu erreichen.

Conclusion - Take the first step!

Whether you long for more exercise, health or even the successful implementation of major projects: nothing is unachievable! As long as you dare to take the first step, you have already mastered a lot.

Overcoming old habits is a challenge, but not impossible. With clear goals, positive habits and supportive tools, you can break your inner resistance and break new ground. But don't forget to be patient with yourself and remember that every journey begins with the first step. The new year is in your hands - shape it actively and with confidence. Keep moving!