Yaasa Meets: Jannis Reichmuth

Jannis Reichmuth is a passionate content creator from Schwyz in Switzerland. He has been working in the creative industry for over three years and in 2021 even founded his own Gen Z-oriented agency asap creative was founded. As a digital native with the necessary creative skills, Jannis' reach and influence continues to grow. We chatted to the successful young creator and asked him about his routines and tips for personal success.

Jannis Reichmuth arbeitet an seinem Arbeitsplatz mit einem höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

My typical working day starts at 5.30 a.m. with my morning routine. Stretching, meditation and then to the gym for an intensive morning workout. After a cold shower and a balanced breakfast, it's off to work, where I spend the whole day working on exciting tasks and projects at the agency. After work, ice hockey training is usually on the agenda. After dinner, I read a few more pages and then go to bed at 10.30 pm.

What would a perfect working day look like for you (work-life balance, etc.)?

I'm already very happy with my daily routine. However, it would be perfect to reduce my working hours a little and enjoy them more. Ideally, a few hours of sunshine by the sea or in a green park in Paris.

What does your workplace look like?

My workplace is very simple and clean. To keep distractions to a minimum, I only have the essentials on my height-adjustable desk.Der höhenverstellbare Tisch Desk Pro 2 von Yaasa hat ein integriertes Bedienelement zur Höhenverstellung.

How do you ensure physical well-being in your everyday life?

Lots of exercise and sport, enough sleep, plenty of water, healthy snacks and a balanced diet ensure my physical well-being.

What do you actually do as a content creator?

Writing scripts and storyboards, answering emails, planning and carrying out shoots, sessions, meetings and discussions, post-production of photo and video content and much more... My working day is very varied. Every day looks a little different - but that's what I really like about my job!

Arbeitsplatz des Content Creators Jannis Reichmuth mit zwei Yaasa Schreibtischen und technischem Equipment.

What are your top 3 tips for a great start to the day?

There are lots of really great tips for a successful start to the day. I personally find it very valuable to develop an optimized morning routine. My morning routine includes around 12 points - here are the three most important ones:

  1. Start the first hour of your day without your cell phone.
  2. Get your body moving (stretching, yoga, morning walk...).
  3. Cold shower for a kick start to the day.

And what are the top 3 products/things that support you in your day-to-day work?

  1. My laptop - nothing works without it.
  2. My notebook (it's like my second brain) to record my thoughts.
  3. Noise-canceling headphones for a focused workflow.

What words or people inspire you and why?

David Goggins is a great inspiration and motivation for me - his mindset and willpower are incomparable. However, I am generally inspired by all people who swim against the tide and have a strong mentality.

Dekoration am Schreibtisch von Jannis Reichmuth.

What advice can you give us that you wish everyone would take to heart?

"Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens." Get out of your comfort zone - it's worth it!