Frau sitzt am Yaasa Chair und arbeitet am dunkelgrau/schwarzen Desk Pro 2 am Computer.Desk Pro 2 von Yaasa in der Farbe Dunkelgrau/Schwarz und Größe 139 x 75 cm.
Bestseller On sale
€ 1.361,35 € 1.225,23 -10%
  • Ideal for professionals who work at the office or at home
  • 64 – 130 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Integrated handset with 2 memory positions and a height display
Desk Expert – "The Powerhouse"Desk Expert – "The Powerhouse"
€ 1.655,48
  • Outstanding stability with smart ergonomic features
  • 64 - 129 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Automatic driving, daily standing goal, reminder function, standing statistics, etc.
Ein Arbeitsplatz mit Desk Basic in Anthrazit und schwarzem Yaasa Chair.Der höhenverstellbare Desk Basic in Anthrazit.
€ 1.046,23
  • Robust, compact daily working space
  • 71 – 120 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Simple handset with up/down functionality
Desk Four - "The Champion"Yaasa Desk Four mit Bambus-Tischplatte und weißem Tischgestell mit Red Dot Winner 2023 Logo
€ 3.357,15
  • Unique 4-leg table for your home or office
  • 69 - 118 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Smart handset with 2 memory positions and a height display
Desk Essential - "The Minimalist"Desk Essential - "The Minimalist"
€ 1.046,23
  • Solid all-rounder for an ergonomic office or home office
  • 71 – 119 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Handset with height display, memory function, key lock and USB port
Mann arbeitet im Stehen am Desk One in seiner Wohnung.Desk One in der Farbe Dunkelgrau/Schwarz.
On sale
€ 941,18 € 800,00 -15%
  • Perfect for living rooms and spaces with little space
  • 70 - 120 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Discreet handset fitted under the table top
Desk Basic S - "The Space Saver"Mit dem Yaasa Desk Basic S in der Farbe Anthrazit kann man auch im Stehen arbeiten.
€ 836,13
  • Ultimate space-saver with simple functionality
  • 70 - 118 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Handset with up/down control, key lock and USB port
Der weiße Desk Frame mit einer bunten Tischplatte.Das elektrisch höhenverstellbare Tischgestell Desk Frame in Weiß.
Out of stock
€ 1.046,23 € 415,98 -60%
  • Design can be customized to desk requirements
  • 60 – 126 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Handset with 4 memory positions and height display
Frame Expert - "The Stabilizer"Frame Expert - "The Stabilizer"
€ 1.256,30
  • Ultra-stable frame for your own table top
  • 62 - 127 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Auto-drive, daily standing goal, reminder function, statistics, and more
Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch mit dem Yaasa Frame Essential in Schwarz.Yaasa Frame Essential in Schwarz
€ 836,13
  • Practical frame for unique sit-stand desks
  • 69 - 117 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Memory function, key lock, USB port, height indicator
Essential Deal - The Ergonomic Workplace BundleEssential Deal - The Ergonomic Workplace Bundle
On sale
€ 1.672,28 € 1.421,43 -15%
  • High-performance Desk Essential with display, memory function, key lock and USB port
  • 71 – 119 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Ergonomic office chair with 5 adjustment options

Your Yaasa Advantage

Up To 10 Years Guaranteeimage

Up To 10 Years Guarantee

Your happiness with the quality of our products is our priority. That's why we offer up to 10 Years Guarantee for all Yaasa furniture.

Free Deliveryimage

Free Delivery

Yaasa products are out of the warehouse 1-2 days after your order and will be with you as soon as possible. All shipping costs are on us!

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60 Days Free Return

Not getting on as well as you hoped with your Yaasa product? No worries: you can return your items for 60 days for free.

Work Ergonomicallyimage

Work Ergonomically

Yaasa products combine modern design with maximum ergonomic value, providing you with a unique working experience.

Height-adjustable desks compared

Desk Essential
Desk Pro 2
Desk Expert
Tabletop sizes 120x80 cm
140x80 cm
160x80 cm
140x75 cm
160x80 cm
180x80 cm
140x80 cm
160x80 cm
180x80 cm
200x80 cm
Tabletop colours

very stable

extremely stable
Height adjustment range
71-119 cm
64-130 cm
64-129 cm
Load (static)
Speed 35 mm/s 38 mm/s 50 mm/s
Control unit


Underdesk: ErgoTouch Plus
Memory positions 3 2 9
Stand-up reminder × ×
Standing goal and statistics × ×
Collision detection system

very sensitive

extremely sensitive/precise
5 years
5 years
10 years

Don't just take our word for it:

Red Dot Design Award Winner 2023
Innovationspreis Ergonomie 2023
Ergonomisches Produkt IGR
Sieger Preis-Leistung
Designed in Austria
Made by Yaasa
Yaasa Mitarbeitende sitzen auf einem elektrisch höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch von Yaasa.

We're sure to have something you love!

Do you spend several hours a day sitting at your desk? Has back pain become a part of your life? Then an electrically height-adjustable desk is exactly what you need to stay relaxed!

At Yaasa, you will find a model that meets your needs for your office or home office. We're sure you'll love the height-adjustable desks by Yaasa once you meet them!

Height-adjustable desks... so many advantages!

The concept behind our electrically height-adjustable desks is easy to explain: adjustability, any time, at the push of a button. This means you can work either sitting or standing. Especially if you work at your desk all day, an electrically height-adjustable desk will help you keep moving. Here's why this is so important:

Healthy back

Sitting for long periods has a negative effect on your back. By alternating between sitting and standing work, your spine stays in motion - essential for avoiding acute and chronic back pain.
Stronger musclesimage

Stronger muscles

People who sit for too long gradually lose muscle strength - and sooner or later the entire musculoskeletal system will suffer. An electrically height-adjustable desk can strengthen your muscles - as long as you actually use it!
Less tensionimage

Less tension

If you sit hunched over at your desk all day, tension in your shoulders and neck will eventually become noticeable. An electrically height-adjustable desk is ideal for changing your posture while working - bye-bye tension!

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

Sitting for long periods of time has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system - possibly even contributing to the risk of a heart attack or stroke. If you regularly work standing up, the risk of dangerous cardiovascular disease is lower.

More concentration

If you are struggling to concentrate while working, an electrically height-adjustable desk is ideal. Alternating between sitting and standing feeds oxygen to your brain and helps you focus on your work.

Why choose a standing desk by Yaasa?

The Yaasa height-adjustable desks are all produced to the highest quality standards and for every purpose. All desks are developed and designed independently by Yaasa, and most of them are manufactured in Europe. This means that Yaasa can keep an eye on the development at every step. Let us tell you why height-adjustable office desks from Yaasa are an asset to your workplace. You'll see: There are many reasons to bring a standing desk to your office!

Sitz-Steh-Tische von Yaasa in unterschiedlichen Farben und Größen.

1. Flexible height-adjustable desks

Electrically height-adjustable desks are very flexible. In the Yaasa range, you will find them in different sizes, meaning the desks always fit perfectly into the space you have available. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a space-saving or full-sized model: at Yaasa, you'll find exactly the right desk size to match your individual needs. The Yaasa desks are available in these sizes:

Frau verstellt die Höhe des Yaasa Desk Four am integrierten Bedienelement.

2. Efficient height-adjustable desks

The Yaasa desks are all equipped with state-of-the-art technology that makes them particularly efficient at work. With several motors, they enable you to adjust their height quickly and quietly, at the push of a button. Many of the Yaasa desks also have a practical memory function that enables specific table heights to be saved.
Frau arbeitet im Stehen an einem elektrisch höhenverstellbaren Sitz-Steh-Tisch in einem Coworking Space

3. Heavy-duty adjustable desks

The Yassa desks are also known for their extremely high resilience - after all, you have to endure a lot in your everyday work too. They are designed so that they can easily carry office equipment, documents and office supplies with minimum fuss. In a static position, almost all of the desks can withstand a weight of up to 100 kg. While moving, a total weight of 80 kg is absolutely no problem for most of the desks too.
Schreibtisch von Yaasa mit einer Tischtrennwand und einem Kabelkanal.

No setup is complete without us!

4. Customizable electric desks

A high-quality desk is never alone! You can find tailor-made office accessories to equip your electrically height-adjustable desk as you like.

Want more privacy when working? Then the Privacy Wall, a flexible desk partition, is the perfect choice! Need a little more order in your workplace? We recommend the flexible Cable Management to get rid of any cable clutter. The File Cabinet is perfect for providing clarity - this modern mobile container offers plenty of storage space for your work papers and supplies. You can even move your desk around the office if you want to: simply equip it with our Desk Wheels and watch it go!

Which standing desk by Yaasa is right for you?

Everyone is different, and we all have individual requirements for a standing desk. That's why you will only find independently developed desk models at Yaasa, which are unique in size and function. Our quality though, is a constant. Let us inspire you with our electrically height-adjustable desks. First, get to know each one of them a little better, then simply choose the model that speaks you the most.

Don't want to commit to a specific model? Come to a Yaasa Showroom and get to know the Yaasa desks in person before you decide. You can also contact Yaasa customers via Experify to get an honest opinion about the standing desks.

1. A height-adjustable desk for your home office

Whether you have a separate room for your home office or only a small office-corner in your bedroom, Yaasa offers a wide range of height-adjustable desks in different sizes. If you have enough space and often work from home, the professional Desk Pro 2 is the right choice. With its clean design, the rounded corners and the integrated handset with memory function, it is an eye-catcher in every room and ensures more movement in your everyday (working) life in your home office. If you have less space at your home office or you only need a desk with minimalistic features, you can choose the compact Desk Basic S or the Desk Essential. If you only work occasionally in your home office or want to save maximum space, then the Desk One is a perfect fit for you. If you want to combine living space and workplace, you can achieve it with the good-looking Desk Four - it can be used as a dining and bar table as well as a working desk.

Elektrisch verstellbarer Sitz-Steh-Tisch in einem Appartment

No space? No problem!

2. A sit-stand desk for smaller rooms

If you don't have much space at home or only occasionally work there... the Desk One might be the perfect match for you. As a compact, adjustable table, the Desk One enables you to work ergonomically in the smallest of spaces. The desk is very flexible and can be used as a standing desk at home or a laptop table in the living room.

I'm fine without the bells and whistles!

3. A height-adjustable desk for minimalists

Do you want to concentrate on the essentials and are only interested in the most important functions of an electrically height-adjustable desk? Then the Desk Basic S is the right standing desk for you. It only needs two buttons to adjust the desk height up and down. In addition, the Desk Basic S is also equipped with a key lock.

With its compact desk size of 120 x 70 cm the Desk Basic S fit easily into any small workspace, while giving you enough work surface to work comfortably while sitting or standing.

Elektrisch höhenverstellbarer Tisch als Gaming-Setup

Let's play a game!

4. An electric-powered desk for gamers

Do you suffer from back pain and tension after hours of sitting while gaming? Then the electrically heught-adjustable Desk Four is the solution to your problems. You can adjust it to your ergonomic position while sitting or standing and use it for gaming as well as other things. In the multiplex black version, the adjustable table fits perfectly to your gaming setup and offers you enough space with its generous size.

Elektrisch höhenverstellbares Tischgestell mit künstlerischer Tischplatte in einem Atelier

I'm just looking for a creative partner...

5. A height-adjustable desk for every requirement

Need a sit-stand desk but have special wishes for its size, shape or color? With the Individual Desk Frame your choices are endless. Attach your own tabletop on the Desk Frame in the size, color and shape of your choice, creating a height-adjustable standing desk that fits your imagination.

The Desk Frame is best suited for rectangle tabletops with a width between 120 and 200 cm and a depth between 70 and 80 cm, but can also be combined with other tabletop shapes. You can attach the handset anywhere below the tabletop and use it to move the desk up and down as well as to save up to four table heights.

We'll work faster when we're standing!

6. An adjustable desk for children

Electrically height-adjustable desks are not only suitable for home offices or offices, but also bring numerous advantages when used as children's desks. Adjustable desks grow with children and allow them to study and write their homework even while standing up. Even beyond that, they can be used for craft activities or for playing. The Desk Basic S is easily height-adjustable at the touch of a button, and its compact size doesn't take up much space in the child's room, but provides enough space for books, notebooks or a laptop. The Yaasa Desk can be used by children from the age of 8, and its anti-collision function ensures safe height adjustment. The Desk Basic S is also equipped with a key lock, which ensures additional safe use of the desk.

Büro ausgestattet mit verstellbaren Tischen, ergonomischen Bürostühlen und Rollcontainern.

We're the best coworkers ever!

7. An adjustable office desk for co-working spaces and shared offices

In co-working spaces and shared offices, desks are shared by design... but that doesn't mean there can't be an ergonomic height for everyone! That's where the Desk Pro 2 comes in. With its generous height adjustment range the desk can adapt from 64 to 130 cm. A position for almost anyone! Moreover, the desk is equipped with a memory-position

So far, the desk has proved popular in shared offices in the color off-white, especially in the size 160 x 80 cm. It has enough space for your office equipment and work documents.

Zwei Personen in einem Meeting an einem höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch mit elektrischer Bedienung

8. Height-adjustable desk for conferences and meetings

When meetings, brainstorming sessions and group discussions are conducted standing up, they become much more active. A height-adjustable table in the meeting room is therefore a good way to bring more momentum into meetings and give free rein to the creativity of the employees. The Desk Four offers enough space for the entire team, both sitting and standing. It can be adjusted to the desired height at any time at the touch of a button and impresses with a great design.

Get your height-adjustable desk from Yaasa!

Convinced by the benefits of our electrically height-adjustable desks? Then it's time to choose one of our models to help improve your everyday working life! An electrically height-adjustable desk from Yaasa makes your work as easy and comfortable as possible - it's what Yaasa products are all about.

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Why choose an electrically height-adjustable desk?

An electrically height-adjustable desk is the perfect choice for anyone who sits for prolonged periods every day. Ergonomic furniture provides you with the possibility to stay active at your desk. Alternating between sitting and standing positions increases your personal well-being by reducing the risk of back pain, tension and cardiovascular diseases.

How do height-adjustable desks work?

A height-adjustable desk can be operated manually or electrically, using a hand crank or an electric handset. At Yaasa, we only create electrically height-adjustable desks, in addition to outstanding office accessories. With their sophisticated technology, our desks can be adjusted quickly and quietly at any time: you can always choose the right table height.

Which height-adjustable desk is the best?

The best height-adjustable desk for you depends on what you want to use it for and where your desk should go. At Yaasa, you will find the right model for every need: for working in your home office, for gaming, or as a shared office table in a co-working space.