Desk Essential - "The Minimalist"Desk Essential - "The Minimalist"
€ 1.172,28
  • Solid all-rounder for an ergonomic office or home office
  • 71 – 119 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Handset with height display, memory function, key lock and USB port
Desk Essential - "The Minimalist"Yaasa Desk Essential in der Farbe Anthrazit.
€ 1.172,28
  • Solid all-rounder for an ergonomic office or home office
  • 71 – 119 cm electrically height-adjustable
  • Handset with height display, memory function, key lock and USB port

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Want a desk that gives you enough space to work... and one that can still be easily integrated into smaller rooms? Then the Desk Essential by Yaasa is the right desk for you! You want a reliable height-adjustable desk with a 140 × 80 cm tabletop? One that looks good, too? Learn all about the Desk Essential here and find out in detail about what makes it so special.

Height-adjustable Desk, 140 x 80 cm – "The Minimalist"

Not sure if a height-adjustable desk, with a 140 × 80 cm table surface, is the right choice for your workplace? Then you haven't met the Desk Essential by Yaasa! Read on to find 5 key characteristics of the desk that will help you make the right choice. Maybe you'll find a reason to fall in love with the Desk Essential... and take it as your faithful companion in your everyday work!

Need something similar? Yaasa offers one other desk model with a similar length and width as the minimalist Desk Essential. The Desk Pro 2, with dimensions 140 × 75 cm.

1. Electrically height-adjustable desk: 140 × 80 cm

Dreaming of an ergonomic workplace? The Desk Essential is the right choice for you. It's electrically height-adjustable between 71 cm and 119 cm, so no need to sit all day long. Simply change to a standing position any time! These healthy changes between sitting and standing mean you can say goodbye to back pain and tension in your shoulders and neck.

The Desk Essential is a height-adjustable desk with a 140 × 80 cm table surface. You can raise it to a standing position with just one push of a button, or bring it back to its sitting height with another, at a speed of 35 mm/s. The Desk Essential has two built-in motors (one motor per table leg) which means that it can be adjusted with no operating delay.

A display on the lower edge of the table surface tells you the exact table height – so you always know exactly when your desired height has been reached. It's easy to see – you can rely on the Desk Essential from Yaasa – no matter if you are sitting or standing!

An electrically height-adjustable table is ideal for ensuring movement at your desk. There are many exercises that you can do while sitting or standing.

Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch 140x80cm im Seitenprofil

2. Desk: height-adjustable, 140 x 80 cm and stable

The Desk Essential, a height-adjustable desk of 140 × 80 cm, adapts individually to your height. It also won't let you down when your work equipment is weighing on your table surface. Although the table is a real Minimalist, it's strong enough to look after itself.

In a static position, the desk can stand weights up to 100 kg, while in a dynamic position a total of 80 kg is no problem. How can such a small desk be so strong? With legs made from powder-coated steel, you get a guarantee of maximum stability.

Höhenverstellbarer Sitz-Steh-Tisch 140x80 cm von unten

3. Flexible height-adjustable desk, 140 × 80 cm

The Desk Essential is a highly adaptable desk. You can combine it with the high-quality office accessories from Yaasa to make it your own. Whether you choose the Privacy Wall, Cable Management or Desk Wheels, every accessory fits perfectly with the Desk Essential.

Looking for a height-adjustable desk (140 x 80 cm) in other sizes? You're in luck. The Desk Essential comes not only in a single size, but also with a 120 × 80 cm and 160 × 80 cm tabletop.

Vier elektrisch höhenverstellbare Schreibtische in 140x80 cm in einem Coworking Space

4. Height-adjustable desk with collision sensor

Another feature that makes the Desk Essential special is its practical collision sensor. This reacts to impact with obstacles when driving up or down. It stops the desk automatically as soon as impact is recognized. The collision sensor prevents damage to both the desk and other surrounding objects during height adjustment. With a height-adjustable desk 140 × 80 cm, you put safety first.

Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch 140x80 cm in einer Seitenansicht

5. Desk: 140 x 80 cm large, height-adjustable, with a beautiful look

Even small desks, electrically height-adjustable and 140 x 80 cm in size, should look special. That's why the Desk Essential has made the effort to dress up smartly for you. At Yaasa, you will find it in subtle anthracite and timeless white. Just choose the color that suits you best! In anthracite or white: the Desk Essential fits effortlessly into any room.

Is a height-adjustable desk, 140 x 80 cm, worth buying?

Now you know more about the Desk Essential, there is one more important question to ask. Is a height-adjustable desk with a 140 × 80 cm tabletop worth buying? Above all, you probably want to know if these measurements give you enough space to work.

The answer to this is simple. Of course! It's all the free space you need. A 140 × 80 cm table surface easily accommodates two monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, and additional working materials. A depth of 80 cm guarantees that you have a healthy distance to the screen from your eyes.

Better yet, while the height-adjustable desk 140 × 80 cm gives you all the free space you need, it also fits into smaller rooms without any problems. This makes it not only suitable for open-plan offices, but also for your home office.

Height-adjustable desk, 140 x 80 cm – buy it now at Yaasa!

Looking for a height-adjustable desk with a 140 × 80 cm table surface? Were we able to convince you of the benefits of the Desk Essential? Then order it from the comfort of your own home! From the Yaasa online shop, you'll be ready to go with just a few clicks

Just put it in your cart, go to the checkout and enter your contact information. 1-2 days after your order, we will send your new product to you – with completely free shipping. It won’t be long until you see the benefits. Once you have welcomed the Desk Essential into your workplace, you won't be able to imagine your work without it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you buy a height-adjustable desk?

A height-adjustable desk allows you to switch between different table heights at any time. This means you can easily work sitting or standing. For preventing physical complaints caused by extensive sitting (e.g., back pain), a height-adjustable desk is vital.

Which height-adjustable desk is the best?

There's a lot of choice on the market for height-adjustable desks. We recommend the Desk Essential by Yaasa, which can be moved up and down with just one push of a button. With its 140 × 80 cm table surface, it offers enough space for all your working materials while fitting easily into smaller rooms.

Where should I put my height-adjustable desk, 140 x 80 cm?

A height-adjustable desk with a table area of 140 × 80 cm will fit perfectly into larger and smaller rooms. Whether you're in a spacious open-plan office or a snug corner of your home working space, a height-adjustable desk of 140 × 80 cm fits without any problems.