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Up To 10 Years Guaranteeimage

Up To 10 Years Guarantee

Your happiness with the quality of our products is our priority. That's why we offer up to 10 Years Guarantee for all Yaasa furniture.

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Free Delivery

Yaasa products are out of the warehouse 1-2 days after your order and will be with you as soon as possible. All shipping costs are on us!

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60 Days Free Return

Not getting on as well as you hoped with your Yaasa product? No worries: you can return your items for 60 days for free.

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Work Ergonomically

Yaasa products combine modern design with maximum ergonomic value, providing you with a unique working experience.

The desk is at the heart of every workplace, but one of the most important purchasing criteria is the table size. Desks need to fit perfectly into the room, but also provide enough space to work. If you want a more freedom in your everyday work, a height-adjustable desk with a 180 × 80 cm tabletop is a good choice – especially with all your additional Yaasa benefits! Get to know our 180 cm wide, 80 cm deep Desk Pro 2 below.

Our height-adjustable desk, 180 x 80 cm: all the advantages at a glance

Still unsure whether a height-adjustable desk with a 180 × 80 cm surface is right for you? Get familiar with all the advantages of the Desk Pro 2 below. You will soon see the benefits of all its features and characteristics. That’s because the Desk Pro 2 meets all the requirements of a modern, ergonomic workplace.

Büro mit zwei höhenverstellbaren Schreibtischen in der Größe 180 x 80 cm

1. Electrically height-adjustable desk, 180 x 80 cm

You already know it: sitting for hours just isn't healthy. Back pain and tension in the shoulders and neck are among the most common effects of extensive sitting. With our Desk Pro 2 model... the pain can soon be over. With this electrically height-adjustable desk, 180 × 80 cm, you can work standing up at any time. With regular movement at the desk, there are plenty of benefits to your health.

You can use our electrically height-adjustable desk with a 180 × 80 cm tabletop whenever you want. Choose any height between 64 cm and 130 cm and move there with an up and down speed of 38 mm/s, adjustable at the push of a button. The collision sensor detects obstacles in the movement range of the table to ensure that neither the desk nor the objects around it are damaged by impact.

Mann im Seitstütz auf einem höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch 180 x 80 cm

2. Stable height-adjustable desk, 180 x 80 cm

A high-quality desk should be able to withstand a lot of weight and move comfortably with all your working equipment. Our height-adjustable desk, 180 × 80 cm, is very stable. You can safely place two monitors and all your other important working essentials on it.

So, how much total weight can the Desk Pro 2 manage? In a static position, 100 kg is no problem. When moving up and down, the desk can carry up to 80 kg with it.

Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch von Yaasa in einem Homeoffice.

3. Spacious, electrically height-adjustable desk:
180 x 80 cm

One of the most important preparations for productive work? Organizing your desk! As you probably know from experience, you can only really order your desk if the table surface offers enough space. Without that extra room, it's easy to get lost in a jungle of pens, notepads, and books.

Our electrically height-adjustable desk, with its 180 × 80 cm table surface, means that clutter is always under control! The 180 cm wide and 80 cm deep tabletop gives you enough space to position everything you need – helping you keep order and stopping you feeling cramped. With this desk size, everything you need is at hand, so you can stay productive.

Drei höhenverstellbare Schreibtische 180 x 80 cm hintereinander auf weißem Hintergrund

4. Electrically height-adjustable desk: 180 x 80 cm & white

At Yaasa, we know that a high-quality desk doesn’t just need be functional, but also pleasant to look at. After all, you should feel like your workplace is a nice place to be. The Desk Pro 2 certainly meets these criteria with its minimalistic design... a defining feature of the Yaasa style. Available in off-white, oak, acacia, light gray and dark gray/black, you will soon find the color that matches the decor at your workplace.

Want to get to know the Desk Pro 2 before making your final decision? Get up close and personal in a Yaasa Showroom, with no obligation to buy. Alternatively, you can contact people who already use the Desk Pro 2 on the Experify Platform. Get in touch to hear about their experience!

Mann arbeitet im Sitzen an einem höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch 180 x 80 cm

5. Adaptable height adjustable desk, 180 x 80 cm

Another advantage of our height-adjustable desk with a 180 × 80 cm tabletop? Adaptability. It works perfectly with virtually every Yaasa office accessory::

  • With our practical Cable Management you can get rid of cable clutter in no time – no matter how many chargers, power strips and cables you want to make disappear. In just a few minutes, the Yaasa Cable Management is attached to your desk – no drilling required.
  • The Privacy Wall Medium/Large, with its beautiful felt look, ensures total protection at your workplace. You can work undisturbed and stay concentrated... without feeling observed. Better yet, you can also use the Yaasa Privacy Wall as a pinboard that keeps your important notes in view.

  • If you want even more order at your desk, combine the height-adjustable desk, 180 × 80 cm, with our useful File Cabinet. The three lockable drawers offer a total storage volume of 50.2 L – enough room to store all your office equipment and papers.
  • Our height-adjustable desk with a 180 × 80 cm table surface can also be a mobile workstation – thanks to the easily-mountable Desk Wheels. Simply remove the attachments on the table feet and screw the wheels in.

Tischgestell eines höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisches 180 x 80 cm wird zusammengeschraubt

6. Easy-to-assemble desk: height-adjustable &
180 x 80 cm in size

Our height-adjustable desk with a 180 × 80 cm tabletop will be delivered pre-assembled to your address. Unlike other desks, it can be put into action quickly and easily.

If you need further help, there are video instructions and written assembly instructions included in your delivery, which will help you while putting your Desk Pro 2 together. Other useful information can be found in the product manual.

Height-adjustable desk, 180 x 80 cm – get it now from Yaasa!

Looking for a high-quality desk that's attractive and functional? The Desk Pro 2 by Yaasa is a height-adjustable desk with a 180 × 80 cm table surface: stable and spacious, with ergonomics to match its clean design. Once you get your desk, you'll soon see that no others compare.With just a few clicks, you can order the Desk Pro 2 from the Yaasa online shop. After just 1-2 working days, your desk will be shipped – after that, you'll be using it in your workplace in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should cover the cost of a height-adjustable desk?

If you would like to work at a height-adjustable desk, it is usually best to talk to your employer. If your employer does not want to purchase a sit-stand table, height-adjustable desks are often covered by health insurance or financed by a rehabilitation provider.

How good are height-adjustable desks?

With a height-adjustable desk, you can not only work while sitting, but from a standing position too. A sit-stand desk can help counteract health complaints resulting from prolonged sitting. Specifically, it helps with back pain, which can occur both in the office and while working from home.

What is important to look for in a height-adjustable desk?

You should look for high stability and easy operability when choosing a height-adjustable desk. Sit-stand tables should also be able to handle the weight of your office equipment in both static and dynamic positions. With an integrated control element, your desk can easily be brought to the correct standing height and the correct sitting height.