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The Yaasa Adjustable Bed

Customize your sleep at the touch of a button, charge all your devices and get a FREE luxury Yaasa Mattress in the firmness of your choice.

As low as $130/mo at 0% APR. Learn more.
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MLK Sale: Get a FREE luxury mattress with the Yaasa Adjustable Bed. Ends 1/31.

Superior sleep without compromises.

What makes a great night’s sleep?

A bed and mattress that adjusts to you. The support of the Yaasa Mattress helps to relieve pressure and keeps you comfortable, always. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed lets you customize your sleep and resting positions at the touch of a button.


Luxury comfort you control.

Fully featured with you in mind.

Find your ideal settings for sleeping and lounging with full-body adjustability. Create the bedroom of your dreams with all luxury enhancements.

Start adjusting to a better night’s sleep.

Benefit from presets that help alleviate back-pain and snoring. Make your bed the most relaxing or productive place in the world.

A perfect match – the luxury 12” Yaasa hybrid mattress.

We have created a luxury mattress that perfectly works with the adjustable bed and is absolutely free.

Wake up perfectly rested to take on the day with this luxurious combination of memory-foam and individually-pocketed coils. Choose your firmness. Your best night’s sleep, guaranteed.

Explore the mattress

Designed to work for you.

Works with most mattresses.

While we offer you our Yaasa mattress for FREE with the adjustable bed, we understand you might already have one. In that case, know that our bed will work with you mattress, except if it is a waterbed.


Drops into your bed frame.

Our adjustable bed is designed slightly smaller than traditional mattresses sizes. This is intentional, so the bed fits inside your existing bed room furniture. You may have to remove slats if they are present. Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about your specific frame.

We currently don’t offer hardware to attach a headboard to the adjustable bed, but will in the future.


Your best night’s sleep is only a few adjustments away.


Fast & simple setup

Conveniently delivered to your door, your bed is setup in minutes. No tools required.


Adjust in style

Introduce contemporary design with luxury adjustments into your bedroom.


Split King

Stay up and read while your partner goes to bed. Individual adjustments made easy.


What sets us apart

Learn what makes the Yaasa Adjustable Bed better than other beds.

No pressure, seriously.

Lounge in the Zero-Gravity position, the preset designed to relieve pressure across your entire body. Zero-G has also shown to help with alleviating back-pain.

Snore no more.

Ready for quieter nights? With just a slight incline of the head, our anti-snore preset will let you have the most uninterrupted night’s sleep of your life.

Experience the power of adjustability.

No more propping yourself up with pillows, simply raise and meet those deadlines, send out those emails & get things done.

Need help deciding?

  • Chat with us

    Our amazing customer service can answer any of your product questions.

  • Book a virtual appointment

    Want to see any of our Yaasa products in action? Our team will demonstrate it for you.

  • Give us a ring

    Got more questions about Yaasa work products? Just give us a call at

Features that let you rest easy.

1. Easy assembly

Setup in minutes, no tools required.
2. Full adjustments

Head and legs can adjust, independently.
3. Wall sliding

Keeps your nightstand within reach.
4. USB Outlets

Charge your devices while you relax.
5. Aluminum frame

Sturdy elegance, supports up to 700 lbs.
6. Wireless Remote

Backlit, wireless, saves favorite positions.

An all-inclusive experience.

Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.
Explore the luxury of the Yaasa Adjustable Bed in the comfort of your own home for a full 30 nights.

Fast & free shipping.
Free shipping and returns with every order.

Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.
You have 30 days to decide if the Yaasa Adjustable Bed is right for you. Your complimentary mattress can’t be returned under this limited-time offer.

Do you share your bed and have different preferences?

Select the split king setup. You’ll receive two TwinXL adjustable beds with individual remotes and two TwinXL mattresses in the firmness of your choice.

Product Details

  • Dimensions & Weight

    Twin XL

    79.25” x 37.25” x 15”
    140 lbs


    79.25” x 58” x 15”
    176 lbs


    79.25” x 74.5” x 15”
    198 lbs

    Split King

    79.25” x 74.5” x 15”
    140 lbs per base,
    280 lbs combined

  • Compatibility

    The Yaasa Adjustable bed works with most modern mattress and can fit into most bed frames.

  • Suitable Mattress Dimensions

    Twin XL

    80″ x 39″


    80″ x 60″


    80″ x 76″

    Split King

    (2) 80″ x 39″

  • Package Weight & Dimensions

    Package 1

    79″ x 13″ x 9″
    97 lbs
    (2 packages for Split King)

    Package 2: Queen

    62″ x 28″ x 6″
    101 lbs

    Package 2: King

    78″ x 28″ x 6″
    123 lbs

    Package 2:
    Twin XL / Split King

    39″ x 28″ x 6″
    70 lbs
    (2 packages for Split King)

  • Weight Capacity

    700 lbs per base. This means the Split King can support 700 lbs on each of the two bases.

  • Warranty

    Rest assured that your bed will last. We back it with a 10 year limited warranty. Read More

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed Reviews

59 reviews for The Yaasa Adjustable Bed

  1. Pete (verified owner)

    Great adjustable beds and mattresses! We got a ‘split king’, which is two twin beds next to each other. The mattresses are super comfortable, and I love the ‘zero gravity’ position that the bed adjusts to with one push of a button on the remote control. One of the best purchases we’ve made for our home.

  2. Marta P

    We got the split king and it has been so perfect for me and my husband. I like to stay up to read and he can zonk out while Im perfectly comfortable propped up.

  3. Alex G

    I wish I had been using this forever. My back has never felt better.

  4. Jacob R (verified owner)

    I am buying another one of these bases for my guest room. Amazing.

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The latex used in our mattress constructions is certified to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), a new certification available to mattress manufacturers. Control Union Certifications (CU), a globally recognized organic certifier, developed GOLS based on years of experience certifying organic products in other industries, including foods and textiles. This certification ensures that all materials and manufacturing processes adhere to strict and specific global organic standards.

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