Yaasa has a new look!

Everything seems a little weird here, doesn’t it? Bright colors and a desk that can talk? There is a reason for that: We are changing our look! But no need to worry, because the team, our products and their quality remain the same.

What changes for you? From now on you can find information much faster and easier: Whether you are interested in details about our products or if you are looking for an exciting topic in our blog. We have also improved the entire ordering process so that you can get your new furniture to your office with only a few clicks! Free delivery, 30 days free return, 5-year guarantee and excellent customer support are still in place.

Why a new look? Our product designers show us from day to day that ergonomic office furniture doesn’t have to be boring and expressionless but can go hand in hand with design and creativity. Ergonomic office work can also be varied and fun – and that’s exactly what we want to express and show you.

In addition to that, our products are much more than just office furniture to us. We put a lot of our knowledge and experience into their design, which has made them an important part of the Yaasa family. We want to offer them the space to explain their functions and benefits themselves. That’s why, from now on, they will speak to you themselves!

Do you want to know more about Yaasa and our team? Get to know us here.