The family-friendly workplace

Verstellbarer Schreibtisch für die ganze Familie.

One for all. All for one. The family-friendly workplace.

"Don't fidget like that" "Why don't you sit still?" Maybe you've heard yourself say this before. Sometimes it's torture for your child to be stuck in a chair. They want to be free to move around and still not just leave their current activity behind when they can no longer sit still. And movement is also much healthier for your child than always remaining in the same position. We think a height-adjustable desk from Yaasa is a pretty smart solution. Your child can decide for themselves whether they want to learn or play standing up or whether they prefer to sit down. This allows them to let off steam creatively, focus on their work and do something good for their back at the same time.

A height-adjustable desk also has the advantage that it grows with your child as they develop. With a minimum height of 62 cm, the Desk Pro 2 is also suitable as a fully-fledged (sitting) workstation for children aged 12 and over (155 cm tall). With the memory function, you can save your child's perfect sitting height and adjust it again and again with millimeter precision at the touch of a button. The desk is also equipped with a highly sensitive collision sensor that can prevent accidents if your child wants to test their skills as a desk pilot.

You'll be delighted to know that a height-adjustable desk from Yaasa is not only a great workplace for your child, but with its high-quality design, it doesn't have to hide away in a dark corner. The Desk Pro 2 is available in three different sizes and five premium surfaces. This means it can be harmoniously integrated into the living environment of your home and the whole family will benefit from the versatility and functionality of a height-adjustable desk.

Your new height-adjustable desk from Yaasa is sure to quickly become the focal point of all your family activities. Whether as a home office for parents or as a child-friendly sit-stand workstation for your child's schoolwork. In this way, you can create a modern, family and child-friendly office that is fun for all of you and also ensures healthy exercise.

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