Yaasa is now also taking off in Switzerland!

Did you know that Yaasa was founded in Switzerland? With our Swiss roots, we are now taking off there too and bringing more movement and momentum to the Swiss workplace!Yaasa Standort in der Schweiz.

Staying flexible in a comfortable world

Back, shoulder and neck pain are the most common physical complaints of the Swiss:inside* and the situation is similar in Germany and Austria. According to a survey by the Swiss Health Observatory, more than a third of the Swiss population has suffered from back pain or tension in the past 4 weeks. The reason? Sitting rigidly for too long. The majority of all jobs take place in offices, where there is simply not enough movement. The consequences can be fatal: chronic pain, high blood pressure and constant exhaustion are just a few examples.

Bringing movement into modern, increasingly sedentary everyday life is therefore the mission that Yaasa has now also taken on in Switzerland. Founded in 2016 in St. Gallen, Yaasa specializes in the development and production of ergonomic office solutions. There are numerous experts on board in the almost 30-strong team: talented product developers and engineers who design and optimize many of our desks themselves, from materials, structure, movement and design to packaging.

Yaasa Team in der Schweiz.

The best working position is movement

As already established lack of movement is the trigger for declining well-being and is partly responsible for health problems in the workplace. A static posture while sitting sitting leads to tension in the neck and shoulder area. Sitting for long periods also puts strain on the spine. In the long term, a non-ergonomic sitting posture can even lead to a slipped disc result in a slipped disc. Standing up from time to time during work and dealing with phone calls, meetings or emails while standing can successfully counteract pain and tension. Lack of movement can also affect concentration and performance. When we move our body, it is better supplied with blood and more oxygen reaches the brain. This increases focus and concentration.

Bewegung am Arbeitsplatz durch Arbeiten im Stehen.

Yaasa picks up speed in Switzerland

"There were many ups and downs," recalls Cécile Rindisbacher, President of the Board of Directors in St. Gallen. The challenge of bringing the effectiveness of ergonomics to the market was particularly great when the company was founded. With the relaunch of the new web store at yaasa.ch , Yaasa is now also making a full start in Switzerland. "We now want to get the Swiss enthusiastic about ergonomics," says Managing Director DI Walter Koch. "In addition, with our high quality standards in the market and are very attractive in terms of price, as we don't need any intermediaries".

The set-up in Switzerland has also been optimized in a customer-friendly way: Deliveries are made quickly and punctually from a Swiss warehouse and the three showrooms in Biel, Zurich and St. Gallen allow customers to try out and experience the products. and experience the products.

"We are ready to take off in Switzerland, because this is where the heart of Yaasa has been beating since the very beginning."
CécileRindisbacher , President of the Board of Directors

With big plans for the future

Whether in Austria or Switzerland, the Yaasa team stands for innovative products, outstanding design and an authentic mission to make people feel better. to enable people to feel better. Our new electrically height-adjustable four-legged table recently impressed the jury of the Red Dot Design Awards 2023. Further projects that meet the demands of the modern working world are already in the pipeline.

Der Yaasa Desk Four ist Gewinner des RedDot Design Awards 2023.