Disorder at the desk: how a chaotic workplace affects us and what you can do about it

It often happens quite unconsciously: an unopened letter here, a coffee cup there, a few loose pens and the desk is once again chaotic and disorganized. In most cases, however, this kind of desk chaos doesn't feel good at all. But why is this the case? And how can you clear up the chaos at your desk if you hardly have the time or inclination to tidy up? We set out to find the answers.

Tipps gegen Schreibtischchaos.

Chaos, disorder and the human brain

After a stressful day, our home should be our safe haven. Even the desk, where we need to concentrate, should offer us the opportunity to get the best out of ourselves. But if it's chaotic, it doesn't offer us the restful and relaxing environment we need.

In general, it has been repeatedly proven* that an organized, tidy and clean working and living environment is particularly good for us. That sounds logical, because: A calm and manageable environment also allows our brains to work calmly and more rationally. Almost everyone knows the feeling of feeling really good after tidying or cleaning. But what exactly happens when things get messy around us?

When we think about our wellbeing, we might think first of diet, exercise and sleep. We hardly ever think about the tidiness around us. However, a study by the University of California* has shown that those who describe their homes as "messy" had higher levels of cortisol . Cortisol is a stress hormone in the body and, when high, leads to nervousness, anxiety and exhaustion . In addition, the sight of a cluttered and disorganized space can be overwhelming. We ask ourselves, "Where do I start?" Then we procrastinate tidying and the cycle repeats and worsens.

The benefits of tidiness on people and our mental health

Avoiding clutter not only helps us avoid the disadvantages just discussed, it actually makes us feel really good. The benefits of tidiness and organization range from an improved sense of control and discipline to increased focus:

1. more drive

Having things under control and being able to rely on our surroundings gives us room to develop. We perform our tasks better and are less distracted.

2. release of endorphins

The feeling of having completed something like tidying or cleaning leads to a feeling of happiness. Endorphins are released, which relieve pain and stress and increase general well-being.

3. focus and concentration

With fewer distractions, both in terms of to-dos and visually, we can concentrate even better and are therefore more productive and creative.

4. more time and money

An indirect benefit of clearing clutter is also that you can find your belongings faster and don't have to keep buying new ones. This can cumulatively save you several minutes over a long period of time, which gives you more time and saves you financial resources.

Ein aufgeräumter Schreibtisch bringt viele Vorteile.

How to keep your desk tidy without too much effort

All well and good, you say? We think so too. However, it only really gets down to business when we actually get started. Tidiness and all its benefits are an absolute must, especially at the desk where we work, so that you can concentrate. But cleaning and tidying up can be pretty boring. That's why we've put together some valuable ideas for you that you can implement without much effort to get to grips with your desk chaos:

1. cables away from the desk

A first and successful long-term measure to organize your desk is to remove all cables. A cable duct or a cable net is particularly practical. Not only does it make a desk look better, but the cables won't get in the way on the desk surface or on your feet when they hang down.

Mit Kabelkanal gegen Shreibtischchaos.

2. free desk, free head

If you put away documents you don't need, you'll have more space at your desk and a clearer view when you're working. A practical solution for keeping your things away from the desk but still within easy reach is a mobile container or small shelf near your workstation.

Im Rollcontainer lassen sich sämtliche Sachen verstauen und dadurch wird Schreibtischchaos verhindert.

3. create privacy and comfort

Tidiness doesn't have to mean that it suddenly becomes cold and empty. Things that you constantly need or simply like to have with you, such as photos or postcards, can have a fixed place at your desk. Find a suitable storage surface or hang these things on a desk divider.wall in front of or next to you. You can also use this to ensure sufficient peace and privacyto feel comfortable.

Eine Trennwand am Tisch bietet viele Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeiten.

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Desk chaos and a productive working day are not particularly compatible. So avoid too much clutter at your desk and in your surroundings so that you feel more comfortable, motivated and focused. Last but not least, take one step at a time. When you start your journey from chaos to order, it also begins with a first step.

Happy tidying!

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