Think big, implement small: The attention to detail in Yaasa design

Design: a word that is used so often that its importance has almost been lost. But design is what our soul burns for at Yaasa. Almost half of the entire Yaasa team works in Research & Development, or in other words: in product development.We don't just design the products themselves. We design the packaging, structure, instructions, materials and much more.

Clever design that combines ergonomics and good looks is the top priority in every product that makes it to our customers. For us, the greatest pleasure lies in the detail. We think through the product design every step of the way, from the inner workings to the packaging. In this blog post, you can find out how we manage to combine ergonomics with design in our office furniture and which aspects make up the unique Yaasa design.

Yaasa Produktdesigner entwerfen einen höhenverstellbaren Tisch von Yaasa.

Design and ergonomics: an irresolvable conflict?

Ergonomics is not exactly known for being particularly aesthetic. The precise and harmonious adaptation to the body often comes with rather thick or visually "misshapen" impressions and is rarely the most beautiful piece in the room.

A prime example of this? Computer mice. While Apple's Magic Mouse has many more fans when it comes to looks and appearance, there is almost as much enthusiasm for its demise. The sleek design of the mouse is not only described as unergonomic but almost painful.

On the other hand, ergonomic vertical mice are not much better. While these bring the hand and arm joints into the physiologically optimal position, they are smiled at with a mischievous look by design enthusiasts. There seems to be no winning: Either well-designed or ergonomic.

Unterschied zwischen einer nicht-ergonomischen und ergonomischen Computermaus.

Furniture and the combination of design and ergonomics

Furniture is similar to computer mice. While simple, sleek and minimalist lines are the trend for chairs and tables, these hardly offer enough comfort to work on for hours without damaging your back and spine. Thickly upholstered and curved office chairs may not be known for their looks, but they are known for their beneficial effect on posture and health.

However, as work-life blending continues to evolve, work comfort must increasingly give way to aesthetics in order to look good in the home office. Again, the conflict seems unsolvable: design or ergonomics? What if you didn't have to choose between ergonomics and design? We at Yaasa have therefore made it our mission to combine these two aspects in our home office and office furniture.

Der Yaasa Desk Four ist ein ergonomischer Sitz-Steh-Tisch mit herausragendem Design und Gewinner des RedDot Design Awards.

Yaasa products: A tailor-made solution instead of a compromise

A bulky giant chair becomes a slim yet ergonomically adaptable office chair. A purely functional sit-stand table is transformed into a table that meets design requirements without compromising on ergonomic usability and smart features.

The fact that this approach works is demonstrated not only by the products themselves, but also by the various awards we have already received for our height-adjustable desks and office chairs. These include the 2023 Ergonomics Innovation Award and the RedDot Design Award.

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The "Signature Details" in the Yaasa design

In view of the challenge of ergonomics combined with simple, good-looking design, certain "signature details" have emerged for our brand, which once again make our products stand out from the crowd in a very special way:

1. rounded corners

From the very beginning, rounded corners - a beautiful sounding oxymoron - have been part of the Yaasa brand. With our brand's first table at the time, we introduced the soft atmosphere of these curves into our product line.

We have also retained the round corners in the Desk Four, Desk Pro 2, Desk One, File Cabinet and the Privacy Walls and Cable Management. Our "square" table legs are also rounded.

A small detail with a big impact, high resource expenditure and, in our eyes, irreplaceable added design value.

Der Yaasa Desk Pro 2 hat abgerundete Ecken, was ihn zu einem ergonomischen Designer-Schreibtisch macht.

2. materials with sense and quality

The choice of materials is a complex and extremely important process in product development at Yaasa. Not only does the quality have to be right, but various requirements in terms of flexibility, adaptability, reusability and ultimately cost must also be met. We take a lot of time for the selection process, as the materials have a major influence on the feel and user experience in the end.

The successful outcome of this demanding search for materials can be seen in our available products: Power table frames made of powder-coated steel, table tops made of durable multiplex or solid wood and bendable felt for unbeatable flexibility and resilience of our office accessories.

Wir berücksichtigen jedes Detail bei der Auswahl der Materialien für die Yaasa Schreibtische.

3. hidden electronics

Electronics are a great thing: they make the movement possible that we want with our our electrically height-adjustable desks into our everyday working life. But the whole thing is rarely good-looking. With Yaasa, colorful cables, open connections and plugs always find a place within the frame and thus remain invisible.

Apart from the tidy appearance, the concealed cables are also a matter of safety: concealed electronics are completely safe from contact or damage. Designing products in which everything electrical is integrated is also a key challenge for Yaasa product development.

Mit dem Yaasa Cable Management verschwinden alle Kabel von deinem Arbeitsplatz.

4 . smallest possible packaging

Design does not begin and end with the product itself. Packaging and assembly are also part of the development process at Yaasa. To minimize the effort for customers, the R&D team always strives to keep everything as simple as possible. A design detail that tends to fade into the background but still takes up a lot of thought.

Beim Produktdesign achten wir auf kleinstmögliche Verpackungen und einfachen Aufbau der Yaasa Tische.

5. togetherness and expandability

Last but not least, we see our products as a large family into which every member should be integrated in a way that fits and belongs. New designs are therefore never chosen at random, but are always carefully selected to perfectly complement the other tables and chairs and reflect the look and feel of the Yaasa design.

This means that our range can always be expanded and matched, even if parts or pieces of furniture are replaced.

Conclusion: ergonomics for design lovers

We pride ourselves on designing good-looking ergonomic products and take the time and resources needed to create the perfect product. For this Yaasa customers also praise us for this. See for yourself and find your perfect office setup for your home, company office or co-working space!

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