A height-adjustable desk enables you to work both sitting and standing: adapting precisely to your body size in each position.

So, why is working while standing so important for your health?

The Advantages of Height-Adjustable Desks: At a Glance

Protect intervertebral discs

By changing between sitting and standing positions, you can relieve your intervertebral discs.

Prevent pain

Keeping an upright posture when standing relieves your muscles and reduces pain.

Increase productivity

When you move at your desk, your circulation works more actively and boosts your productivity.

Improve concentration

Switching between sitting and standing keeps you alert and focused on your work.

Stay fit

Movement keeps your muscles actively supplied with blood, helping you stay fit and flexible in your everyday life.

Sustain energy

Staying active during the day means that you're not too tired to enjoy the evening after work.

What users of sit-stand desks say

Important Advantages of Height-Adjustable Desks in Numbers:

less back pain

A study* showed that by changing between sitting and standing positions caused participants' back and neck pain to be reduced by more than half.

fewer sick days

The main reasons given for sick days in Germany* are complaints of the musculoskeletal system - mainly back pain. Preventive ergonomic measures are key to reducing them.

more productivity

Long periods of sitting are both mentally and physically stressful. Changes between sitting and standing stimulate your circulation and metabolism, which in turn improves your productivity - according to an American study*.

more well-being

Switching between sitting and standing increased the well-being of 65% of the participants in a study* who switched to a sit-stand desk.

Switch Between Sitting and Standing: See the Benefits Now!

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Ergonomics in the Workplace: Advantages of Height-Adjustable Desks

Good to knowimage

Good to know

Ergonomics is a common term when describing the advantages of height-adjustable desks and working while standing. But what does that actually mean? Ergonomics is the process of aligning people with their working environment, ensuring well-being and health.

Electrically height-adjustable tables adapt to your needs at the push of a button. As such, your individual body height and working environment harmonize together, creating an environment that's positive for your sense of well-being.

In the modern world, we work more sitting down. As a result, we also move less - at work and in general. An inactive everyday life means that the ergonomic design of the workplace must create a balance that prevents lasting damage to your body. It's especially important for your back, which is most affected by the dangers of sitting.

Back pain in the office: causes and consequences

Höhenverstellbare Schreibtische bringen viele Vorteile, darunter weniger Rückenschmerzen und Verspannungen.

Know the feeling of exhaustion after a working day spent sitting for hours… even if your body wasn't particularly strained? You probably feel:

  • tense
  • drained
  • unfocused
  • and restless.

These are just some of the side-effects of excessive sitting. The stress caused by your posture has a particularly negative effect on your back.

You spend several hours a day sitting at your desk: back pain, tension and tiredness may have become normal. However, you can benefit from the advantages of height-adjustable desks! By switching between sitting and standing, you'll bring more movement into your everyday work and help prevent back pain!

A height-adjustable desk prevents back pain

Verhinderung von Rückenschmerzen ist einer von vielen Vorteilen höhenverstellbarer Schreibtische.

Pain begins where your nerves are stressed. Your spine protects the spinal cord in the spinal canal, which forms the center of your almost entire nervous system: countless nerve fibers can be found here. 

It's why your back hurts! When muscles are strained from prolonged sitting, they swell and press on the nerves... and everything gets uncomfortable. However, effortless changes between sitting and standing work keep the spine moving and changing. As such, back pain, both acute and chronic, can be avoided with a height-adjustable desk.

Fight your back problems and strengthen intervertebral discs with a height-adjustable desk

Frau arbeitet im Stehen und profitiert von Vorteilen höhenverstellbarer Schreibtische.

For your intervertebral discs, movement as pain prevention is particularly important. That's because these discs require constant stress and relief patterns so that the body can supply them with what they need. A lack of movement means that the lumbar spine and neck area are often affected. Why? These two areas are exposed to the greatest stress, especially when sitting. 

Alternating between sitting and standing gives your intervertebral discs the variety they need. Physiotherapist Martina Goliasch notes the key advantages of height-adjustable desks in this regard: intervertebral discs remain healthy through variety and movement.

If you have ever suffered a herniated disc, you can benefit from the advantages of height-adjustable desks. Changing to different positions when working allows your spine to regain its strength, with long term benefits that can prevent further incidents. 

Muscle tension can also cause severe discomfort. Long or awkward muscle stress, a result of prolonged sitting, causes cramping and pressure on the surrounding nerves. Your back usually suffers here, as it is severely affected by long periods of sitting.

Other benefits of standing desks for your health

An electrically height-adjustable desk/span> doesn't just help with back pain. It can also support your health in other ways. For example, did you know that...

  • …using a height-adjustable desk educes tension and stress
  • …your risk of cardiovascular disease decreases when you use a sit-stand desk?
  • ...an adjustable office desk helps you to concentrate better, because more oxygen in the brain gives you better focus?

Sitting for long periods of time is so unhealthy and stressful for your body that any form of exercise is a major improvement. The best thing about electric height-adjustable desks is that they're easy to integrate into your everyday life.

Yaasa tipimage

Yaasa tip

You'll see most of the advantages of height-adjustable desks if you stand up for a quarter of an hour at least once every 2 hours. At your desk, pay attention to the correct sitting and sitting position: this will help you see the greatest advantages for your health!

Productivity and well-being throughout the day: More reasons to get a height-adjustable desk

Frau lächelt beim Arbeiten im Stehen.

Once you've eliminated pain, tension and exhaustion, you'll feel good. But it gets better. Another advantage of standing desks is that they noticeably increase your general well-being. 65% of the participants in a 2018 study by the Icahn School of Medicine - in collaboration with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) - reported an increased well-being after switching to a sit-stand desk.

Conclusion: Why do I need a height-adjustable desk?

A desk that you can use standing and sitting allows you to work ergonomically. This prevents back pain when you work in the office or home office, and supports your general health. You can also work more productively as a result! Physiotherapists recommend using a sit-stand desk when recovering from a herniated disc.

At Yaasa you'll find a wide selection of electrically height-adjustable desks, as well as everything else you need for pain-free work in the office. Read reports on ergonomic working reports on ergonomic working

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a height-adjustable desk make sense?

Sitting for hours in the office is both mentally and physically stressful. It's why "sitting is the new smoking" is a widely-held belief. However, regular changes with an electrically height-adjustable desk stimulate circulation and metabolism, which also benefits productivity.

When you're feeling good, you can also concentrate and focus better. A sit-stand desk can help you deliver your best work and achieve peak performance! 

So, does a height-adjustable desk make sense? Yes! With so many advantages of height-adjustable desks - including reduced pain and tension, increased productivity and an all-round better well-being - it's always a good time to introduce variety to your everyday work.

Why choose a height-adjustable desk?

There are many reasons to choose a height-adjustable desk. One of the most important is that working while standing helps fight the effects of excessive sitting, preventing back pain and tension. By reducing the time spent sitting in the office, your muscles and intervertebral discs get the relief they need. Furthermore, these changes also get your body moving, improving circulation and keeping you alert, focused and productive. A sit-stand table is essential for bringing this variety to everyday office life.

What is a height-adjustable desk good for?

Your physical health benefits from changes between sitting and standing at work. Pain, tension and back problems are reduced, which in turn reduces the number of sick days you take. Alternating between sitting and standing at a height-adjustable desk is not only good for your body, but also your well-being. This is because movement at the workplace increases motivation and productivity, which also improves your mood.