In conversation with a physiotherapist

We meet interesting people and their stories every day: Whether in our team, with our customers or with experts in fields that are exciting for us. We can learn, be inspired and broaden our own horizons from our interactions with them.

With this in mind, in the "Yaasa Meets" series, we interview great personalities from a wide range of fields and chat about their careers, work-life balance and more.

The first in the new series is Martina Goliasch, a physiotherapist in Graz. We've previously chatted to Martina and asked her about her expertise in height-adjustable desks in particular. Today it's about her as a person.

Physiotherapeutin Martina Goliasch im Interview mit Yaasa

Martina's motto? "Movement is life". It also accompanies her in her free time, where she finds balance in nature with ski touring, hiking, climbing and road cycling.

Yaasa: Dear Martina, what does a typical working day look like for you?

Martina: I usually spend my days at the practice. As a physiotherapist, my working day there is mainly characterized by standing at the treatment table. For documentation, I sit at the Yaasa desk, and patients receive training for the correct workstation at my desk and chair.

Yaasa: Do you create enough work-life balance?

Martina: As a self-employed person, I try to organize my working day in such a way that I can accommodate everything that everyday life and professional demands entail. Sometimes I succeed more, sometimes less (laughs). It's just the way life goes. But I actively try, yes, and I can recommend that to anyone.

Yaasa: What does your workplace look like?

Martina: My workplace consists of a lot of workstations: Practice room, treatment couch, desk, training room where I practice with patients, sometimes outdoors with the patients...

Arbeitsplatz und Physiotherapie-Praxis von Martina Goliasch

Yaasa: How do you ensure physical well-being in your everyday life?

Martina: As I am confronted with movement problems on a daily basis, I pay particular attention to good posture when standing and sitting, when treating patients, and generally to an ergonomic spine and controlled use of strength. However, no matter how comfortable and healthy you are at work, it is important to balance this out with endurance training in your free time. Then you'll be fit all round.

Tipps einer Physiotherapeutin zum körperlichen Wohlbefinden

Yaasa: What is your favorite thing that supports you in your everyday work?

Martina: Adjusting the height of the treatment table and desk. Adjustable items are generally a great thing. We are all different, which is why static furniture is often not very useful.

Yaasa: What advice can you give us that you wish everyone would take to heart?

Martina: Movement is life - really! Balancing this with exercise in your free time is THE best way to prevent and treat physical complaints. In short: more movement, less pain.

Thank you very much, Martina!