Yaasa Chair Essential: The best ergonomic office chair in terms of price-performance ratio

Zertifizierter Preis-Leistungssieger: Chair Essential von Yaasa

Experts and test institutes agree: the best ergonomic office chair must be able to do everything! From the right adjustment options and design to certifications and the right price. Everything has to be right.

In the flood of offers, however, it is not so easy to find the "best" ergonomic office chair to find. This is where external certificates, test reports and reviews can help to provide credible assurance of a chair's quality.

The Yaasa Chair Essential is one of the absolute top choices for the best chair: and it's not just our internal tests that say so. Independent testing institutes such as the SGS, BIFMA and external testers have given a clear verdict. The Yaasa Chair Essential therefore impresses in every respect!

How exactly our Chair Essential was rated, you can read all about it here in the blog article.

Qualitätssieger Yaasa Chair Essential

What should an ergonomic office chair be able to do?

An excellent office chair is rated in particular in terms of ergonomics, seating comfort, durability and quality. tested. All these parameters must be excellent in order to convince external testers and be awarded test certificates.

We will now look at these 4 parameters in detail for the Yaasa Chair Essential:

1) Certified ergonomic

The most important point, the functionality of which was also tested in the independent test procedures, is the chair's adjustment options. The Chair Essential offers you the following options for perfect adjustment to your body:

  • The correct seat height
  • The optimum seat depth
  • Armrest width, height, tilt and depth
  • Back-friendly lumbar support
  • Precise inclination of the backrest
  • Resistance and locking of the backrest

With these settings and the particularly high backrest, the spine can be optimally supported. The chair therefore promotes good posture and prevents pain and tension.

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This finding was guaranteed in particular by the Innovation Award for Ergonomics: Independently tested, the Chair Essential scored top marks!

We have been supporting ergonomically sound products through product certification since 1998.

The special value of the IGR seal of approval lies in its strict neutrality and nationwide unique independence.

The product test applies the valid standards and determines the degree of adaptation of the product to the physical characteristics of the test person.

IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics

Ergonomischer Bürostuhl Yaasa Chair Essential

2) Seating comfort

The best office chair must also offer perfect sitting comfort. That is why the Yaasa Chair Essential is not only comfortable thanks to its ergonomic settings. The 3D molded foam on the seat also provides comfortable padding. Even long periods of sitting remain comfortable.

The backrest is covered with breathable air mesh which keeps the back ventilated and thus ensures natural temperature regulation.

The ÖNORM EN 1335 The Chair Essential therefore fulfills the requirements of the SGS. It specifies the safety, strength and durability requirements for office task chairs and takes into account comfortable use for at least 8 hours a day by people weighing up to 110 kg.

Moderner Drehstuhl Yaasa Chair Essential

The Chair Essential can even withstand loads of up to 130 kg without any problemsas we were able to test and confirm internally. Sitting for long periods may not necessarily be healthy, but it is comfortable!

Yaasa tip: It's best to complement your adjustable office chair with a height-adjustable desk for more variety and even better ergonomics!

3) Longevity

Anyone who invests hundreds of euros in a healthy office chair wants to be able to use it for a long time.

That's why we put the Chair Essential through the BIFMA X5.1 test. This BIFMA test is an important part of the certification process that guarantees the safety, durability and stability of office chairs.

The Chair Essential also scored highly in this test!

Anpassbarer Bürostuhl von Yaasa

"BIFMA ensures that users can take the comfort, safety and durability of furniture in their work and living spaces for granted.

We ensure chairs that stand securely, castors that run smoothly year after year, drawers that keep their shape even when fully loaded - these are the expectations of safe and functional products through BIFMA."

BIFMA standards

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4) Quality

Ultimately, all independent testing institutions give a quality assessment. The Chair Essential has received several such awards with it.

These are all the certificates for the ergonomic office chair at a glance:

  1. IGR seal: Innovation award for ergonomics
  2. ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017 (from the SGS testing institute)
  3. EN 1335-2:2018 (from the SGS testing institute)
  4. German Design Award

In addition to the various seals and certificates for safety, quality and durability the Chair Essential is also at the forefront of design. It won the German Design Award jury and was honored thanks to its modern, simple design in black!

Design Bürostuhl Yaasa Chair Essential

Today more than ever, outstanding design means providing answers to the challenges of our time, focusing on society and the impact of products and services on it - through multi-perspective approaches, sustainable and circular design processes or resource- and environmentally friendly production.

The German Design Award has set itself the goal of promoting the diverse transformation tasks of our time through design, because outstanding examples provide orientation for others.

German Design Award

Conclusion: The Yaasa Chair Essential is a price-performance winner

The multiple awards won by the hardness-tested Chair Essential leave nothing to be desired for a perfect and healthy office chair:

At Yaasa, you can find the IGR Ergonomics Award-certified and BIFMA-tested office chair to combat your back pain for less than 300 euros!

The chair impresses with its indispensable ergonomic functions and quick and easy adaptability to your body. This allows you to adopt a healthy and comfortable sitting position at all times.

The synchronized adjustment of the backrest and seat and the adjustable lumbar support provide optimum support for your back and spine in any position. The adjustable 3D armrests and adjustable seat height provide additional seating comfort.

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