Quality and Comfort: Why Does My Height-Adjustable Desks Cost More?

Most of us would like to make our offices or home offices dynamic and ergonomic. Especially if you’re fed up with constant back and neck pain, a height-adjustable desk could be a game-changer. So why do so many people still make do with inefficient alternatives? The answer is simple: price.

Compared to a regular desk or table, height-adjustable desks are admittedly expensive. It can be difficult for people to understand why adding an up/down function can cause such a jump in the bottom line. 

In this blog post, we’ll explain why sit-stand desks are priced as they are, as well as the differences between adjustable desks and other factors that affect pricing.

What Affects the Price of a Height-Adjustable Desk?

If you’re looking for a height-adjustable office desk, you’ll quickly realize that the market is extremely competitive. However, although there are plenty of suppliers, the price of sit-stand desks varies drastically between them. So what affects the price of your height-adjustable desk?

A group of important factors can make your adjustable desk different from the others you are considering, which ultimately has a big impact on its price. Let’s explore these in more detail.

Adjustment Type

Generally speaking, there are two types of height adjustable desks: manual and electric. Manual desks require adjustment by hand, usually with the help of a crank. In contrast, the height of electrically height-adjustable tables is set at the push of a button, using integrated electric motors to drive the motion. Logically, the additional technical components in an electrically height-adjustable desk command a higher price to manufacture, and thus to sell.

When a manual alternative exists, is electric height adjustment just an unnecessary luxury that can be fulfilled much cheaper elsewhere? Not exactly. While your crank handle will get you where you need to go, you shouldn't underestimate the strain you put on your body when manually adjusting a table. 

Your desk may be loaded with office equipment, books, coffee cups and the like; although it may look simple, changing the height of a table by hand requires a lot of strength and strains your neck and back.

Moreover, manually adjusting a desk takes time and effort. After a while, you might even stop adjusting your position to the recommended level during working hours. This means that the actual reason you bought a height-adjustable desk in the first place, namely to facilitate regular changes between sitting and standing at work, isn’t actually used.

Quality and Design

As with every product, the type of materials used in the production process affects production costs and thus the retail price of sit-stand desks. High-quality materials increase costs, but they correspond to a better table quality and durability. A more expensive height-adjustable desk usually stays functional for longer and works more subtly: a smooth driving dynamic can guarantee an almost noiseless height adjustment.

Production locations also play an important role in the pricing of sit/stand desks. With manufacturing costs in Asian countries significantly lower, many suppliers have relocated to save money. However, with less rigorous quality standards, it’s a gamble for consumers. In Europe, more attention is paid to product quality, but production is more expensive. Naturally, the end price is higher too, as it has to cover the manufacturing costs.

The design of your height-adjustable office desk also influences its price. Mass-produced, standardized tables are cheaper, but they often look it too. A combination of high-performance technology and high-quality workmanship costs more, but will normally result in a modern look that helps you integrate your sit-stand desk into any work or living space.

Extra Functions

Height-adjustable desks can be equipped with various additional functions: memory positions for height profiles, a key lock on the control element, an anti-collision system and more. These add-ons make using your sit-stand desk easier, safer and generally more pleasant.

The competition for adjustable office desks means that new features are always being developed. Integrated sockets and USB ports or wireless charging stations for smartphones are logical extensions, while left-field add-ons, like built-in cup warmers, are a little more gimmicky.

More functions means a higher price. Basic height-adjustable desks, equipped only with an up and down function, are thus cheaper. The more functions added, and the more unusual they are, the higher the selling price.

Additional Services

Some suppliers of sit-stand desks go further than simply selling their products: exceptional customer service adds value to their offer. 

When you buy a new desk, pay attention to the terms of delivery. When delivery costs are included in the retail price, this will be slightly higher, but it could mean greater value. Many providers advertise low prices for their sit-stand tables, but also charge high delivery fees, which you only notice halfway through the order. Likewise, check your supplier’s return policy to avoid any nasty surprises.The cost of selling a height-adjustable desk will be higher if the provider has a broad customer service offering. 

However, by paying slightly more, you could gain access to competent customer support that will support you if any problems or questions with your product arise.

How Do We Price Yaasa Desks?

Although there are many desks on the market, these often fall into two price categories: overpriced luxury goods, or entry-level products that don’t meet the design and quality requirements of professionals.

Yaasa is different. Our height-adjustable desks come at the "sweet spot" of price and quality. We offer the same high quality as top-class tables, but at a fair price that is only slightly higher than that of entry-level models. Despite this, it can be tough to see exactly what goes into Yaasa desks, which some claim are too expensive compared to other manufacturers. To clarify, let’s look in detail at the factors that influence our prices.

Independent Development and Production

Height-adjustable desks from Yaasa are not “reseller” products: We develop and produce each one ourselves. From concept, to design, to production, development is down to us and our product designers. We focus on your comfort and pay attention to every detail.

Our height-adjustable desks are designed according to a principle of co-creation. Yaasa sit-stand desks are developed in consultation with our customers and the entire team. With this diverse input, we can include customer wishes and needs in product development.

That's not all: we plan, design, correct and test until we are completely satisfied with the result. As such, our height-adjustable desks meet our own standards and customer requirements.

Finally, Yaasa Desks are not produced in the Far East, but here in Europe. This helps us to control every step of production and monitor quality. With our production partners, we attach great importance to material quality in manufacturing, so that each desk meets our standards.

Unique Concept and Technology

Yaasa height-adjustable desks feature high-performance technology that allows the desk to be used trouble-free for years to come. The integrated mechatronic technology is market-leading, guaranteeing optimal performance and driving dynamics.

The electric motors in Yaasa Desks work almost silently when the table is moved up and down. Furthermore, Yaasa sit-stand desks are stable at all height settings, to a weight of up to 80 kg.

All Yaasa Desks are quick and easy to install in your office or home. Most of your height-adjustable desk arrives pre-assembled, which is why it can be set up quickly and without mechanical knowledge. Likewise, using your Yaasa sit-stand desk is an intuitive, uncomplicated experience. You can adjust at any time, ensuring maximum flexibility in your everyday work.

Clean, Modern Design

At Yaasa, our focus is on functionality, adaptability and design. Yaasa desks not only fulfill their actual purpose, the change between sitting and standing, but offer an extraordinary user experience accompanied by unique design.

Height-adjustable desks from Yaasa aren’t off-the-shelf items of furniture, but real designer products. With a modern, minimalist look, your table can be integrated into any workspace. Choose from different sizes and colors to design your workplace according to your taste.

The special construction of our tables means that the electronics are mounted almost invisibly under the table top. This results in a modern office table that creates a pleasant, visually appealing work environment: an eye-catcher in any office or living room.

Smart Features

The professional Desk Pro 2 boasts an innovative feature set that makes work easier and safer. The integrated collision detection system detects obstacles in the movement area of ​​the table, immediately stopping the motors and preventing damage to your desk and its surroundings.

The memory function allows you to save preferred height profiles. This means that you don't have to keep adjusting the height of the desk, but simply move it to a previously determined height position at the push of a button.

However, if you’ve got an eye on price and want to concentrate on the essentials, then the Yaasa Desk Basic is the right choice for you. It’s a desk with a simple up and down function: Yaasa quality at a lower price.

First-Class Service

At Yaasa, your comfort is important. That's why we make sure that the entire process, from ordering to assembly and use, is as pleasant as possible. You can order height-adjustable desks from Yaasa online, with free shipping and delivery in just a few working days. We’ll cover the costs in the event of a return shipment.

Yaasa also offers business customers the opportunity to test a sit-stand desk for 30 days free of charge. Let your employees try their Yaasa Desk and determine whether it meets expectations themselves. We’ll also provide consultation and expert advice to create individual offers and the ideal solution for your office.

Let’s not forget our top-notch customer service! You can contact us any time: we are always available to answer any questions, requests, suggestions or problems you may have. We won’t let you down.

Height-Adjustable Desks: A Long-Term Investment

Excessive sitting is damaging to your health and work performance. When you sit in the office for hours on end, you’ll quickly feel tension, pain, tiredness and discomfort. Ergonomics is vital to a healthy, productive workplace, and a height-adjustable desk simply a must-have.

Changing regularly between sitting and standing gets your circulation going, stimulates metabolism, promotes blood circulation and ensures that cells are better supplied with oxygen. The result? You stay alert at work, feeling fresher and more rested. Less fatigue also means more focus, productivity and creativity.

When you consider that you spend around 40 hours a week at work, you realize how important it is to make your time in the office as healthy and comfortable as possible. A sit-stand desk not only protects your health, but also makes a significant contribution to your efficiency. In short, it’s priceless. A height-adjustable desk is a long-term investment in your health and well-being.

Long Story Short

Height-adjustable desks come in many different designs, with different functions and additional services. These and other factors have a significant impact on their price.

Ultimately, the sit-stand desk you choose depends on your personal needs and preferences. Manual or electric, more or fewer functions, basic or comprehensive support. Generally, a slightly more expensive desk can provide more features and included services.

Your height-adjustable desk is an investment in your health, well-being and productivity. As you will likely work several hours at your desk each day, for several years, try not to make false economies on ergonomic office equipment.