Frau arbeitet im Stehen an einem Yaasa Schreibtisch, deren Privacy Wall sie vor Blicken schützt.Yaasa Privacy Wall S abgewinkelt um eine Tischecke montiert.
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€ 167,99 € 134,40 -20%
  • Desk partition that promotes concentration and privacy
  • Suited to smaller tables with widths up to 140 cm
  • Two installation options, no drilling required
Frau arbeitet im Büro und wird von der am Schreibtisch montierten Privacy Wall von Blicken geschützt.Yaasa Privacy Wall M/L abgewinkelt montiert um eine Tischecke.
€ 188,00
  • Desk partition that promotes concentration and privacy
  • Suited to larger tables with widths from 160 cm
  • Two installation options, no drilling required
Der höhenverstellbare Tisch Desk Pro 2 mit Privacy Wall von Yaasa und dem Privacy Wall Accessory Kit.Yaasa Privacy Wall Accessory Kit mit Ablage und zwei Haken.
€ 49,00
  • Practical accessories for the Privacy Wall S or M/L
  • Includes a shelf and two hooks
  • Provides options for storage on the desk partition

Your Yaasa Advantage:

5 Year Guaranteeimage

5 Year Guarantee

Your satisfaction comes first. That's why we grant a 5-year guarantee on the Yaasa Privacy Wall.

Free Deliveryimage

Free Delivery

The desk partition will leave the warehouse 1-2 working days after your order it. It will arrive at your home within a few days. Delivery costs are on us!

60 Days Free Returnimage

60 Days Free Return

You and your Privacy Wall aren't the perfect match? No problem. You can send it back to us free of charge within 60 days.

Price and Performanceimage

Price and Performance

Yaasa products combine modern design with maximum ergonomic value, providing you with a unique working experience.

Arbeitsplatz im Büro ausgestattet mit der Tischtrennwand von Yaasa.

Need more peace and quiet at work? Dreaming of a little privacy in your open-plan office? Or just want to separate your home office from the rest of your living space? Then the Privacy Wall by Yaasa is exactly the right addition to your workplace! It is a flexible desk partition that gives you the privacy you need. You won't be distracted by prying eyes while you're working: Find out here what makes the Yaasa Privacy Wall so special.

Yaasa Privacy Wall - The Protector

Not sure if you actually need a desk partition? Wait until you know all the advantages that the Yaasa Privacy Wall has to offer. The add-on is known as the Protector, because it creates the perfect conditions for focused, concentrated work. Get to know the 5 best qualities of the Privacy Wall, that make it a unique, effective partition wall.

Personen arbeiten an einem Stehtisch hinter der Tischtrennwand.

I'll keep you safe from prying eyes!

1. Your work, protected

If your desk is somewhere that colleagues tend to steal your attention, your productivity can fall. Worse still, prying eyes can also be very distracting. Don't worry: The Yaasa Privacy Wall can help you get into the zone.

All you have to do is attach the Privacy Wall to your desk and it will give you significantly more privacy - no matter where your desk is placed. The Yaasa Privacy Wall is also a practical add-on in the home office: make it into your happy place for the duration of your workday. If the Privacy Wall can provide privacy protection at work, you will definitely feel completely comfortable in your own four walls.

2. Your flexible desk partition

The desk partition is very flexible: so it can easily adapt to your surroundings. You can either attach the add-on to the back of your desk in the classic way or bend it around a corner. It's up to you to decide where you would like the Privacy Wall to be. The Privacy Wall can also be combined with other Yaasa products. It can be used together with the Cable Management by Yaasa, a storage option for all the cables on your desk. Both accessories are made from the same high-quality felt - so they fit together perfectly! Once you've stowed away your cables, you can also combine the Privacy Wall with other office accessories from Yaasa.

Frau arbeitet an einem Schreibtisch mit Sichtschutz.

I'll help you make the office of your dreams!

3. Your multifunctional Privacy Wall

Not just dreaming of peace and privacy at your workplace, but a little more organization too? Even better if you can give your desk that personal touch? The Yaasa Privacy Wall can make your dreams come true: it is multifunctional!

You can attach sticky notes and to-do lists to the partition wall with pushpins - so you never lose track of your work. The hangers of the Accessory Kit can help you here too: Two additional hooks and a metal tray can easily be attached to the Privacy Wall, perfect for small items like your headphones and pictures. Put a beautifully framed picture on the shelf and make your workspace unique to you.

Schreibtisch mit Trennwand und Dekoration.

We can do it... together!

4. Attractive screens for your desk

The Yaasa Privacy Wall is not just practical, but pretty too. It is made of high-quality felt, which gives the add-on a particularly elegant look. In classic black, the desk partition blends in easily with its surroundings.

5. Your easy-to-install desk partition

At Yaasa, comfort is key. You can expect problem-free purchase with just a few clicks and simple assembly. Like all other Yaasa products, you can order the Privacy Wall easily in the online shop. The add-on will be delivered to your home promptly in just one package. All you have to do is unwrap it and attach it to your desk in a few simple steps.

What size Privacy Wall do I need?

So now you know what makes the Yaasa Privacy Wall so special. But there is still one question to answer: will it fit onto your desk? Fortunately, the Yaasa Privacy Wall is perfectly tailored to your workplace. Here are some important facts about its dimensions:

  • The partition wall is perfectly suited for tabletop thicknesses of 18 mm to 25 mm.

  • You can get the Privacy Wall in size Small for smaller office desks (e.g. Desk Pro 2 140 x 75 cm, Desk Basic S, Desk Essential 120 x 80 cm and Desk Essential 140 x 80 cm).

  • You'll need the Privacy Wall in size Medium/Large for larger desks from 160 cm in length (e.g. Desk Pro 2 160 x 80 cm, Desk Pro 2 180 x 80 cm and Desk Essential 160 x 80 cm).

Because of the different sizes of the Yaasa Privacy Wall, it is the perfect addition to almost any desk.

Get a flexible desk partition from Yaasa

Are you ready to buy the flexible table partition from Yaasa? Order it now and let it move into your workplace. You'll see: once the Privacy Wall is installed, you won't be able to imagine your everyday work without your favorite protector!

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What is a desk partition?

A desk partition provides privacy when working in the home office or open-plan office settings. It is attached directly to the desk top so that it shields workplaces from prying eyes. Desk partitions create the perfect conditions for quiet and concentrated work.

What are the benefits of the Yaasa Privacy Wall?

The Yaasa Privacy Wall offers many advantages, but the main one is that it ensures more privacy in the workplace. In addition, it helps you individualize your environment: important notes and beautiful decorations can be attached with pushpins or with the help of the Accessory Kit . It's easy to make your workplace clearer your own.

What types of Yaasa Privacy Wall are there?

The Yaasa table screen is available in different sizes. The Size Small is ideal for small desks like the Desk Basic S, Desk Essential 120 x 80 cm, Desk Essential 140 x 80 cm or Desk Pro 2 140 x 75 cm. The Medium/Large is perfect for larger tables from 160 cm in length. The Yaasa Privacy Wall is compatible with many different tables.

Are there different ways to attach the Yaasa Privacy Wall?

Assembling the Yaasa Privacy Wall is easy with our assembly instructions. It can either be attached to the back of your desk or bent around a corner. If you want to be shielded from all sides, simply attach two desk dividers together at your desk.

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