If you don't stand up, you can't level up. Yaasa play unlocks your potential, boosts your energy and maximizes your focus through active changes in position. All with a height-adjustable gaming desk, developed by experts.

Strong look, stronger skills - the Desk Pro Play

Tested to 10 000 cycles under maximum loadimage

Tested to 10 000 cycles under maximum load

Ultra-strong, high-impact tested table topimage

Ultra-strong, high-impact tested table top

Epic structure and stabilityimage

Epic structure and stability

Precision adjustment for dynamic positioningimage

Precision adjustment for dynamic positioning

Dare to ascend

It's time to break out of the monotony of your gaming routine. Discover unknown energy reserves and unlock your full potential: bring physical variety to your gaming!

Height-Adjustable Gaming Desks for Every Level

Yaasa entwickelt in Zusammenarbeit mit ACEND Club höhenverstellbare Gaming Tische.

A Setup That Knows How You Play

Developing perfect products isn't a speed run. As experts for height-adjustable desks, we've combined our know-how with gaming experts to create the ultimate gaming setup:

With the ACEND Club's expertise and the input of more than 500 pro gamers, Yaasa Play height-adjustable gaming desks speak to the needs of everyone who simply loves to game.

Choose Sit-Stand for Peak Performance

Focus Like Never Beforeimage

Focus Like Never Before

Alternating between a sitting and standing position can boost your circulation and give you greater powers of concentration. The result: you can play longer and harder!

Maximum Energyimage

Maximum Energy

Even at the end of a boss battle, your alternations between sitting and standing will leave you with enough energy to keep on going.

Health Points for Your Neckimage

Health Points for Your Neck

Regular periods of standing relieve the cervical spine and protects your neck from tension, pain and the effects of poor posture. 

Keep Movingimage

Keep Moving

Do your body and mind a favor: take standing breaks and change your position regularly between gaming sessions.

The Perfect Setup:
Accessories for Your Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

Your Yaasa Advantage

5 Year Guaranteeimage

5 Year Guarantee

Your satisfaction and the quality of our products are top priority. That's why you get a 5-year guarantee on our height-adjustable gaming desks.

60 Days Free Returnimage

60 Days Free Return

Take your time and try our products for size. You can return all height-adjustable gaming desks within 60 days free of charge.

Free Deliveryimage

Free Delivery

Yaasa products leave our warehouse within 1-2 days of your order and will be with you shortly after that, free of charge.

Price and Performanceimage

Price and Performance

With Yaasa products, you don't pay any unnecessary extra charges: just awesome design, expertise and quality at a fair price.

Gaming Tisch höhenverstellbar und beleuchtet.

Gaming Desks: Electrically Height-Adjustable, Perfectly Lit

High-quality LED lighting on Yaasa height-adjustable gaming desks ensures a unique gaming experience. With a rhythm synchronization feature, the integrated lighting can be matched to your game or music, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in your adventure.

To fully individualize the design of your setup, you can customize the color, brightness, saturation and color temperature of your desk yourself. Set color highlights using the magnetic controller or an app (with voice control also possible).

Gaming Desk höhenverstellbar mit Kabelmanagement.

The Ultimate Cable Management for Your Height-Adjustable Gaming Desk

Complete your gaming setup with flexible cable management. This keeps the cables for your PC, speakers, microphone and more under control. Yaasa's independently developed Cable Management is perfect for your gaming needs: with up to 34 liters of storage volume, your entire setup will disappear neatly under your height-adjustable gaming desk. You can even switch between three volume settings (S, M, L) depending on how much storage volume you need.

Tischtrennwand mit Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeiten am höhenverstellbaren Gaming Tisch.

Personalize Your Adjustable Gaming Desk

Concentration and focus are the building blocks of success - no matter what the game. The Yaasa Privacy Wall ensures you can reach the next level without any distractions. Better yet, you can also use the Privacy Wall as storage when you need to put your headphones down during breaks: even more ways you can use the Desk Pro Play.

Why Does a Gaming Desk Need to be Height-Adjustable

A height-adjustable gaming desk enables you to play sitting and standing. This brings more movement to your everyday gaming life.

However, there are even more advantages than you might think. For example, did you know that electrically height-adjustable gaming desks can increase your focus, energy and performance? Switching between sitting and standing gets your circulation going and helps you enjoy the best gaming sessions you've ever had.

Your stressed spine is also protected while gaming. Changing positions allows your neck and back to recover after each session, leaving you with increased wellbeing and a long-term positive effect on your health.

Why Is It Healthy to Switch Between Sitting and Standing at a Height-Adjustable Gaming Desk.

Gamer spielt am höhenverstellbaren Gaming Tisch.

Know the feeling of being completely knocked-out after a long gaming session? Even though you only moved your thumbs, you feel:

  • tense
  • drained
  • unfocused
  • and restless.

These are just some of the effects of extended sitting while gaming. Stress is caused by a monotonous posture, which has a particularly negative effect on your neck. Neck pain is one of the most common complaints among gamers, but it can be prevented by gaming chairs with neck supports.

There are plenty of other preventative measures that you can take when you use a height-adjustable gaming desk! By regularly alternating between sitting and standing, you'll bring more movement into your gaming routine, avoiding pain and tension through continual extension of your spine.

More Energy with Your Height-Adjustable Gaming Desk

Gamer spielt im Stehen am höhenverstellbaren Gaming Tisch.

Long periods of sitting are both mentally and physically stressful. However, alternating between sitting and standing stimulates circulation and metabolism. Your focus and energy will also benefit, as an American study* has shown.

Fighting pain, tension and exhaustion by standing instead of sitting helps you feel better in the long run. If you feel good, you can perform better. This is also proven by research: 65% of the participants in a study by the Icahn School of Medicine, in collaboration with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) in 2018, reported increased well-being after a day at a sit-stand desk.

What Should You Look for in a Height-Adjustable Gaming Desk?

For full gaming comfort, you should pay attention to a few important points when choosing your height-adjustable gaming desk. Firstly, the gaming desk should offer enough space for all your equipment. The optimal size of the table top is 160 x 80 cm, which gives you enough space for monitors, keyboard, mouse pad and other accessories. If you have a robust table frame made of top materials like powder-coated steel, and a hard-wearing table top with a multiplex core, you can ensure the durability of the gaming table. It should be stable enough to withstand long gaming sessions without any problems.

Make sure that the gaming desk can be equipped with practical add-ons, such as strong cable management or a privacy wall including holders and hooks for headphones etc. Last but not least, the design of the gaming desk is crucial: a desk in a dark color with LED lighting and an ergonomic shape will complete your setup perfectly.