Work ergonomically

Sitz-Steh-Tische von Yaasa in unterschiedlichen Größen und Farben.
Hello and good morning! All of us here can be your Yaasa ergonomic workstation.

Sit. Sitting. Sitting. Sitting all day. That can't be healthy. And certainly not ergonomic. Ergono-what? The dictionary says: "Ergonomics deals with the optimization of working conditions, work processes and the workplace so that the result of the work is optimal and the working person is less tired or even harmed."

Even if your workstation has the right dimensions, this does not necessarily mean that it is ergonomically optimal. After all, you are constantly changing your posture - usually unconsciously. Sometimes you lean back, then you cross your legs, maybe even put your feet on the table... that boss feeling. Regardless of whether this is ergonomic or not. Your body instinctively tries to get what it lacks in everyday office life: movement!

This is where we come in: the height-adjustable desks from Yaasa! Our designers have perfectly balanced us ergonomically so that we adapt ideally to the needs of your body. The most important thing: we give you the freedom and encourage you to move around at work. Because we height-adjustable desks allow you to work while standing, walking, jumping and, of course, sitting and can be adjusted to the optimum ergonomic height for you at the touch of a button. This not only makes your work better, but also ensures that you stay healthier and have fewer problems with your musculoskeletal system.

Der Desk Pro 2 lässt sich auf Knopfdruck im Sitzen und Stehen an dich anpassen.

Moving around the office or home office has many benefits: You can increase your well-being and even reduce existing pain. It goes without saying that this leads to a significant increase in your performance and productivity. Because we height-adjustable desks...

  • reduce back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • reduce leg pain and improve circulation.
  • reduce your risk of developing diabetes or cancer.
  • relieve pressure on your intervertebral discs and strengthen your bones.
  • strengthen your core, leg and gluteal muscles and - as a supplement to your workout - even help you stay slim.
  • boost your brain activity, increase your self-confidence, reduce stress and have a positive effect on your mood.

Pretty good, right?

It's no news that sitting for long periods of time is not healthy. We, your ergonomic desks, enable you to work dynamically with lots of movement, making them the healthier and better solution in every respect. And we might even make you a little bit happier!

Ein Arbeitsplatz mit Desk One und Yaasa Bürostuhl.

Sitting for long periods is harmful - but of course it has its value. Standing for eight hours at a stretch wouldn't be healthy either. The magic is in the mix. The great thing about our height-adjustable desks is that we adapt to your body - even when you're sitting. Your individual working height is crucial for a healthy sitting posture. We not only allow you to work standing up, but also adapt to your ergonomically optimal sitting height at the touch of a button. Together with a flexible office chair from Yaasa, we enable you to sit healthily and dynamically.

We also ensure a good metabolism, strong circulation and better blood flow - as I said, your brain also benefits from this. The physical activity supplies it with more oxygen and you feel more alert, fit and focused. Mental blocks are released. Your team colleagues are sure to notice this too. And maybe even the boss.

You can hardly avoid stress in everyday working life. However, you can influence how you deal with it. There are many tricks to help you deal with stress and excessive demands - take a look at our other blog articles. But the key is your posture. If you consciously stand up straight with us, you will also feel more self-confident - an effect that has now been sufficiently researched and proven by social psychologists. This will help you to cope better with stress, even over longer periods of time. Because what is "stress" for you has only partly to do with the external circumstances - but a lot to do with how you react to them.

We, the height-adjustable tables from Yaasa, can even have a positive influence on your psyche! Whether The professional, The Solid or The Flexible - we are pretty good for your well-being. This is scientifically proven: A study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that women who sit more than seven hours a day have a 47% higher risk of developing depression than women who sit less than four hours a day. But you have us!

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