Five useful tips for your home office

Bürotische für das Homeoffice.

Working from home brings many advantages, but also some challenges. We've put together a few tips to help you deal with them calmly and optimize your home office:

  1. Find the best space. With light and air.

Even if your office is in your "home", you should still designate a fixed place where you would like to work. Ideally, this should be a flexible and comfortable desk that is located where you feel at ease. Also make sure that the lighting and temperature are as optimal as possible. The space should also help you to concentrate on the essentials - your work. If you have a separate study, then use it. The bed, on the other hand, is not really a good place to work, but you've probably already figured that out. So: a workplace is a workplace, and home is home. Even in the home office.

  1. Set up your workstation ergonomically.

An ergonomic desk and chair should be at the heart of your workspace at home. Even at home, it's a good idea to keep your body moving instead of sitting for the whole working day. Office furniture from Yaasa can be individually adapted to your needs and is also the ideal solution for the home office.

If you don't want to invest in new home office equipment right away, we recommend using at least one table as a workstation. Dining tables are ideal. It's best to clear the table completely and turn it into your workstation. And don't forget: stand up from time to time, do some stretching exercises or take a short walk in the fresh air. A pleasant workplace - no matter where it is located - should allow and ideally even encourage movement to protect your health.

  1. Stick to fixed working hours. Even when working from home.

This is probably the most important rule of all. Even if you don't have to stick to the usual 9 to 5 job, it's important to consciously set aside time for work and stick to it. If you don't, annoying tasks will be pushed further and further back and never get done. Or, if you're a workaholic, you won't stop working at all and sit at your computer until late at night. That's not the purpose of a home office.

In the first week of working from home, you should try out different times and you will quickly realize when it is easy for you to work, how many breaks you need and when you are not motivated at all. We recommend working in the morning rather than in the afternoon because you are usually more alert and focused at this time of day than in the afternoon.

4. separate work from private life.

Business calls are business calls and business emails are business emails. Try not to text or call your friends or family or do your shopping online while you are working. If you mix work and private life, you will find it difficult to complete your tasks and be productive.

When you're working, your cell phone should also be on silent (unless you need to be available for your team or company). At the very least, you should put it in a place that is out of your field of vision.

If you still find it difficult to concentrate when working from home, we also recommend blocking your social media services or other internet services during working hours.

Setting up a time quota to prevent you from spending too much time on private matters can also be helpful.

  1. Don't get distracted!

Just like in a normal office, you should set up your home office in such a way that there are as few distractions from work as possible. Even though everyone has their own favorite work environment, pets, craftsmen, loud machines or a constantly running TV can quickly distract you from your work. While some prefer to work in complete silence, others like it busier. Whatever your preferences are: If your attention is being taken up by something or someone other than your work, it may be time to avoid this distraction, at least temporarily.

We hope that these tips have made your working day in your home office a little easier.

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