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Zero Gravity Sleep Position

Sleep Science · 10/01/18

Yaasa ZeroGPosition - Zero Gravity Sleep Position

Are you having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? There are many factors that may affect your sleep such as your sleeping position, the number of pillows that you are using, your lumpy mattress on your bed, and even sleep disorders such as acid reflux and sleep apnea just to name a few. Sleeping is the perfect time for our body to go into a rest and recovery mode so that there will be less aches and pains to worry about when we wake up from bed. Fortunately, beds today have changed as you can see from the adjustable bases that are being sold today where the adjustable bed frame can be raised so you will get into a comfortable position, such as in the zero gravity sleep position.

What is Zero Gravity Sleep Position?

What is zero gravity sleep position? In a traditional mattress, the pressure is on the area where our body touches the bed because it carries the weight of our body. This is common in many mattresses because they only have additional padding, but they are not designed for contouring. Although there is no mattress that can actually defy the laws of gravity, the idea of zero gravity sleep position aims to follow what it is like in space. This means that the mattress and adjustable bed base can go into a position that removes the pressure on your body.[1]

Where Did Zero Gravity Sleep Position Come From?

zero gravity sleep position

Our spine has this slight S-curve to it, which is why, when you lie flat on your bed, you are putting extra pressure as well as tension on your spine which can affect the rest of your body. The problem with sleeping on your back on a traditional mattress is that it hurts to stay in this position for too long, hence we often sleep on our sides. Unfortunately, this can cause poor blood circulation hence you feel that numbing feeling on your shoulders, hips, and legs while triggering snoring and even restless sleeping every night.

Enter the adjustable bed bases in the market that can move the head and foot of your mattress into different positions, so you will find a comfortable position for a more restful sleep. And because of the appearance of adjustable beds, people can go achieve the zero gravity sleep position regardless of whether they are lying on their back or on their side since their head as well as their feet can be elevated to their desired position.[2]

What Are the Benefits of Zero Gravity Sleep Position?

zero gravity sleep position

Are there any health benefits to zero gravity sleep position? If you or your partner are snoring every night, and both of you would like to get a good night’s sleep, investing on an adjustable bed frame is worth it. Here are the benefits of sleeping on a gravity bed.

  1. Minimize or eliminate snoring. Snoring is a common problem that arises when there is not enough air passing through your airways. The sound is caused by the vibration between the loose muscles on your throat and nasal passages that can either be loud or a low buzzing sound that can interrupt other people’s sleep. The zero gravity sleep position, on the other hand, allows your head to be raised higher than the rest of your body hence allowing more air to pass through your airways, thus reducing or eliminating your snoring completely.
  2. Reduce swelling. There are some instances when your feet can swell up because of pregnancy or when you have been on your feet for way too long. This can lead to tired feet which can be painful at times. With that being said, using a zero gravity bed position can give you the control to elevate your feet so that your blood circulation will flow better once more, thus reducing the swelling.
  3. Relief from heartburn and acid reflux. Acid reflux happens when stomach acid goes back up your esophagus, leaving that burning sensation that can be quite uncomfortable. Sleeping in a zero gravity sleep position, where your head is elevated, can prevent the stomach acid from going back up, hence you will feel relief from the discomfort that comes with this disorder.
  4. Improves digestion. Another plus to investing on an adjustable foundation is that it can help boost your digestion especially when you ate something close to bedtime. Sleeping on a horizontal position can hinder your digestion, but when your upper body is positioned higher, your digestive system will work better.[4]

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