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Why The Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better than a Serta Adjustable Bed?

Our Products · 05/13/19

Yaasa Blog Compare Cover - Why The Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better than a Serta Adjustable Bed?

Why The Yaasa® Adjustable Bed Is Better than a Serta Adjustable Bed

The adjustable base type of bed is gaining plenty of attention among homeowners, as adjusting your sleeping position promises better sleep for everyone. The adjustable foundation is commonly found in hospitals, but it has since been redesigned for home use. Its sleek new design makes it compatible with just about any mattress such as memory foam mattress, gel memory foam, latex, innerspring (pocket coil), foam, and hybrids of these mattresses.

There are several options available for adjustable bases such as the Serta adjustable bed, but if you are looking at value, a Yaasa adjustable frame is what you should consider for your home. A Serta adjustable bed does come with numerous features such as pre-set lounge settings, massage features, and a Serta mattress that can easily fit in their adjustable bed frame.[1] However, Yaasa offers more than its competition.

What is Yaasa® Adjustable Bed?

If getting a good night’s sleep is becoming harder, perhaps investing in an adjustable bed mattress may be just what you need to regain restorative sleep. Our bedroom is where we spend most of our time. Here, we rest and relax after a long day. These days, we do so much more when we are in bed. We watch TV, read books, play games on our electronics or work on our laptops.

Placing more pillows behind your back may help raise you a few inches, but pillows tend to move every time you reposition yourself. An adjustable bed frame allows you to raise the head of your bed to the height perfect for you. With Yaasa adjustable lumbar support, you can relax with proper low back support. Raising the foot of the bed allows those with lower extremity swelling to elevate their legs and feet so that swelling can decrease. All these things help get you a great night’s sleep.


Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better than a Serta Adjustable Bed


What is Yaasa adjustable bed? Here are a few benefits:

    • Minimalist design
      The adjustable bed mattress by Yaasa has a minimalist design, resulting in a contemporary style and a matte finish. The base gives this bed a nice, sleek look as the electronics are hidden. What you’ll get is a bed that won’t look bulky which you can easily incorporate into your bedroom aesthetics.Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better than a Serta Adjustable Bed
    • Zero gravityYaasa’s preset includes Zero Gravity where the head and foot of the bed are slightly elevated. This helps ease pain in the pressure points as your spine is in neutral alignment. Also, your heart gets a boost because as your lower extremities are slightly elevated.Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better than a Serta Adjustable Bed 
    • Anti-snoring preset. Another feature of the Yaasa’s adjustable foundation is that it comes with an anti-snoring preset which comes in handy if you or your partner snores or experiences sleep apnea. If you want a peaceful sleep, choose this preset in the remote control and the head of the bed will be slightly elevated to help open the airways.
    • Acid Reflux help. Acid reflux (heartburn) can occur when a weak esophageal muscle sphincter allows gastric juices to rise.  Sleeping with the head of the bed elevated can prevent these juices from rising.


  • Helps Reduce Lower Extremity Edema. A Yaasa adjustable bed allows you to elevate the foot of the bed at night. This can help reduce leg and foot swelling and give your circulation a boost!


  • USB chargers. The Yaasa adjustable base comes with USB chargers found on both sides of the bed’s base. With these, you can charge your devices with ease and don’t have to worry about tripping on unsightly cords.Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better than a Serta Adjustable Bed
  • Wall sliding technology. Most users of adjustable frames often complain that they cannot reach their nightstand once they have raised the head of their bed. Yaasa has considered this problem and you will find that their adjustable frame comes with a wall sliding technology.


Serta Adjustable Bed vs Yaasa Adjustable Bed

The Serta adjustable bed is known for its proprietary “Smooth Power Lifting System” which lends it that whisper quiet movement as you adjust your bed. It also comes with an anti-movement bar that prevents the mattress from shifting as you turn in your bed. Compared to other foundations, Serta offers affordable rates, plus it is pre-assembled. However, the frame is a bit heavy and may have a low sidebar The weight may be an issue for some users.

The Yaasa adjustable bed, on the other hand, is made from wood as well as lightweight aluminum. The result is a lighter, minimalist design. The legs of the bed are sturdy, and the frame itself is easy to move because it is lightweight. Planks of wood support and give an even feel to the mattress. The wireless remote comes with buttons that control the motors. You can get a queen size mattress for this bed, but if you prefer separate controls, the split-king size is recommended. The mattress you will need for this design is actually two twin XL size mattresses so you can adjust your space without affecting the other.

Which Type of Mattress is Good for Your Adjustable Bed Frame?

You’re probably wondering about the mattress that you can use on an adjustable bed. This is important because the frame is just one part of the equation. The mattress that you are going to choose can make or break your sleeping experience.

The Serta adjustable bed doesn’t have a mattress specific for its adjustable frame. On the other hand, Yaasa has created a hybrid to fit their bed. Of course, other mattresses can also fit depending on sleeping preferences.

    • Memory Foam Mattresses.  The memory foam mattress is known for its ability to relieve pressure as well as pain that emanates from pressure points by helping spread the weight throughout the bed while contouring around the body of the sleeper. When combined with Yaasa adjustable frame, the mattress can easily bend to follow the adjustments without compromising lumbar support and comfort.
  • Gel-Foam Mattresses. Gel memory foam mattresses are typically made from memory foam infused with gel particles. These particles help keep the body cool during sleep.
    • Latex Mattresses. The all-foam composition of latex mattress does its job in keeping pain from your pressure points at bay. Compared to memory foam, latex has this buoyant feel to it. You can choose from natural or synthetic latex for your adjustable bed. Mattress thickness also varies.
  • Foam Mattresses. A foam mattress is typically made from two different densities. Denser foam provides support and soft foam is utilized for top comfort layers.
  • Hybrid mattresses. This is actually perfect for adjustable beds because of the layer of foam, memory foam, gel memory, latex, or pocket coils that make this mattress more flexible compared to the others. For a limited time, Yaasa is offering a hybrid mattress made of pocket coils and a memory foam topper with the purchase of an adjustable frame.
  • Pocket coil mattresses. These are sometimes referred to as innerspring mattresses. However,

pocketed mattresses are quite different than traditional innerspring mattresses. Pocket coil mattresses work well with adjustable frames.


Which Type of Mattress Is Not Recommended

  • Traditional Innerspring Mattresses. Consumers need to ask the specific manufacturer how they define an innerspring mattress. Over the last 20 years, many manufacturers have replaced their version of an innerspring mattress with a pocket coil mattress. Both versions are typically covered with foam topper for added comfort. However, the traditional innerspring mattress is not advised to be used with an adjustable bed frame.
  • Air bed Mattresses. An air bed mattress does not work well on an adjustable base. When you flex or bend this mattress, the air flow may get impeded disrupting airflow and affecting comfort.
  • Waterbed Mattresses. A waterbed mattress is also not recommended for an adjustable base. Water flow can become uneven affecting comfort and the quality of the mattress.


Why Yaasa Adjustable Bed Base is Good for You?

You’re probably wondering why you should get Yaasa adjustable bed base for your home. Well, here are a few benefits that you will experience.

  1. One-Touch Flat Sleep. As a sleeper, you want to get the most out of your adjustable bed, and what better way to enjoy your mattress, than with a one-touch flat sleep feature? Just a press of a button and you’ll find that your bed will go flat easily ensuring comfort with a touch of a button.Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better than a Serta Adjustable Bed
  2. More storage. The problem with most adjustable bed frames is that they don’t have enough space under them. This won’t be an issue with Yaasa since there is plenty of room underneath it. This is due to its streamlined design that reduces the bulk, thus opening more storage room at the bottom.yaasa vs serta
  3. Wall sliding technology. A big advantage to using a Yaasa adjustable bed is that it comes with Wall Sliding Technology where you won’t have any trouble reaching towards your nightstand even when you adjust the head of your bed. This is much better compared to other types of adjustable beds. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort.
  4. USB outlets. A Yaasa adjustable bed comes with USB outlets on both sides which is a convenience that you are sure to enjoy. There is no need to jump up from bed just to charge your devices. You also don’t have to worry about tripping over cords at night.
  5. Split king feature. Another reason why Yaasa is a better option is that you can go for the Split King design which allows you to control each side of your bed separately. This gives you the freedom to move your bed without affecting your partner’s sleep. To achieve this, a split king utilizes two twin XL mattresses. This means that you have the freedom to adjust your own mattress so that you can fall asleep faster.

yaasa vs serta


Yaasa products go beyond the bedroom. If you’re looking for a luxurious throw or travel blanket, you can choose either their Elements Blanket or their Infinity Blanket. The latter is manufactured with Celliant fiber technology which can increase blood flow, aid recovery, and enhance rest.

When you buy a Yaasa adjustable frame, you do not only get a quality piece of furniture, for a limited time, you can get a brand new hybrid mattress to go with it. With Yaasa, you get comfort and a restorative night’s sleep.

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