All about weighted blankets

The Science Behind Weighted Blankets: Why Do They Work?

Weighted blankets have become quite trendy in recent years. As with every up-and-coming health trend, people typically question a product or practice's effectiveness along with the science that's behind it. This curiosity is a good habit to get into, especially...

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Top 10 Benefits of Weighted Blankets

There is still an ongoing debate surrounding the exact uses and benefits of weighted blankets, but a sharp increase in interest in them in the past few years signifies that people are eager to try out these “magic blankets.” Beyond sleep...

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Is a Weighted Blanket Right for My Child?

What are weighted blankets? Weighted blankets are exactly what you might assume they are: blankets with added weight. These blankets are usually filled with beads or pellets and vary in size, with some as light as 5 pounds and other...

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