The Truth About a Good Night’s Sleep

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It’s time for some straight talk. You heard us. We need to have a little chat. The word on the street is that you’re buying an awesome Yaasa mattress because you want a better night’s rest. And while that’s fine by us, we need to get something off our chest.

It won’t work.

Well, at least it won’t work by itself. Do we think our mattresses will help you sleep better? Absolutely. But we also know that the equation is not that simple.

Sleeping well is about living well. How do you do that? The answer is as unique as your fingerprint. That means it might take some time to figure it out. So until you conquer that zen-master question, here are a few concrete, simple steps you can take to snooze like champions, starting tonight

Step#1 Get the Temperature Right

Wait – can good sleep really be an open window away? Yes. Unless it’s a hot time of year, in which case a closed window and air conditioner might be better suited. A quick search and you’ll find panels of experts, like the doctor cited in this WebMD article, who assert that your sleeping body likes to be in a room that’s between 65 and 72 degrees. Too much warmer or cooler than this, and it ups the chance that you’ll wake up, or at the very least toss and turn, disrupting your peaceful slumber.

Step #2 Give Yourself A Break

To be more exact, give your eyes a break. According to the National Sleep Foundation (and the slew of research they pour over), light is one of the ultimate enemies of sleep. If you think about it for even the eensiest fraction of a second, it makes complete sense: sun = wake, no sun = sleep. The problem is that our digital, plugged in, tuned on world practically bullies us into keeping artificial lights on at night, cueing our brain to stay up and alert.

Step #3 Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

No, you don’t need to have religious icons hanging on the wall. And incense and candles aren’t even necessary (though they do add a nice je ne sais quoi). But what is downright essential is that your bedroom bring you a sense of calm. So add in a soothing shade of paint. Tidy up so you aren’t thinking about how you really should tidy up. And above all else, banish any and every little thing from this sacred space that competes with sheer relaxation.

Some things, like work emails, are obvious no-nos. But how about that favorite T.V. show, your cherished Candy Crush game, or the nightly surfing date with you and your laptop? Please refer to step #2 above. While you may very well be zoning out as you stare absently at the screen, your eyes and nerves (and neurons for that matter) are still hard at work, and if they aren’t at rest, neither are you.  

What are you waiting for?

If you’re like the average human, change can take a little time. So go easy on yourself–there’s nothing relaxing about being self-critical. One little step at a time, from putting your phone in a different room to nixing the late-night Netflix binge, will allow you to sleep more soundly.


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