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Split King Adjustable Bed – 7 Immediate Health Benefits

Sleep Science · 11/14/18

Split King Adjustable Bed with Mattress

Finding the perfect bed for your bedroom is one of the keys to having a great night’s sleep. Traditional mattresses are all well and good, but nowadays, people are looking into investing on adjustable bed brands because of the numerous benefits that they offer. One particular example of adjustable base that couples are considering is the split king adjustable bed.


What is the Split-King
Adjustable Bed?

Although most couples prefer to stick with a single adjustable bed, some prefer to invest on the split type adjustable base to accommodate each of their own preferences. The split king adjustable bed is basically two Twin XL mattress that come in separate bases as well as box springs. The size of the mattress measures at 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. This is ideal for the master bedroom and installing a split king type of adjustable base is even better.


Benefits of Split-King
Adjustable Bed

If you want to have a good night’s sleep, and your mattress is preventing you from having one because of the bumps and lumps that it already has, investing on a split king adjustable base is going to make you look forward to sleeping at night. What other benefits that you can get from an adjustable bed base or bed frame? Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Easier to move compared to traditional king-size bed. Compared to your regular king mattress, the split king is easier to bring to the second floor because it is made from two Twin-size mattresses. This means that there will be less weight to lug up the stairs, plus you can easily navigate those tight corners too.
  2. Reduce back pain. Installing a king adjustable base in your bedroom is going to help reduce the back pain that you, or your partner has. This is due to the fact that the adjustable bed base allows you to elevate your head or your legs until there is less pressure on your spine.
  3. Enhance blood circulation. Another health benefit that you can get from the split king adjustable bed is that it helps ensures that your blood circulation is running smoothly. With your blood flowing freely at night, you will be sleeping better since you will be able to adjust the sleeping position of your body, so that there will be no restrictions or obstructions to the blood flow.
  4. Minimize leg swelling. Swollen legs tend to happen when the blood has pooled at your feet. This is common in women, those who have injured their legs, or have health issues that cause their leg to swell. When you lie in a flat position on your mattress, the fluids in your body can contribute to the pooling on your legs but raise your legs at a certain angle and you will drain the buildup on your foot or feet.
  5. Address sleep disturbances. Sleep apnea, snoring, heartburn, and even GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disorder are just a few known health issues that can disrupt your sleep. Snoring and sleep apnea are two of the most common nighttime issues which are triggered when your muscles in your throat or nasal airways become relaxed. When this happens, there is an obstruction in your airways that prevent you from breathing well. Investing on an adjustable base, on the other hand, with memory foam mattresses on top, can help reduce these disturbances because, with a push of your remote control, you will be able to elevate your head higher to help clear up your airways. Even your acid re-flux will be kept at bay because your upper body is elevated which prevents your stomach acid to go back up your esophagus.
  6. Enhances digestion. Another plus to purchasing adjustable bed base is the fact that it can provide additional support to your digestion. You probably had days where your stomach felt full in the morning, with you wishing that you hadn’t eaten a lot last night. Lying flat on your mattress is actually hindering your digestion which is why investing on king size electric beds is worth checking out. For one thing, the remote control that it comes with, allows you to adjust your sleeping position, so your digestive system will be working better even when you are asleep.
  7. Improves overall lifestyle. What other benefits can you get from electric adjustable beds? Installing an adjustable bed base on your traditional bed frame can improve your overall lifestyle, as it gives you power over your comfort, especially when you choose a king adjustable base. No need to prop yourself on several pillows just to be able to support your spine while working on your computer or reading even. Most of us tend to put pillows against the headboard brackets to help keep us in place, but it will only take a few minutes for us to feel uncomfortable in this position. With your awkward position, you’ll probably feel aches and pains on your neck, shoulders, and even on your back. Using a king adjustable base, on the other hand, that is equipped with XL mattresses, can give you and your partner a different level of comfort because you will be able to raise your head and your legs effortlessly.


Getting a king-size bed is all well and good, but you’ll get more benefits when you choose an adjustable bed frame instead. With twin XL mattresses installed, you’ll find that this type of bed frame will give you more freedom to find the best position at night, so you’ll be able to sleep better. An adjustable base that has USB ports, wall hugging features, and a remote control, it’s no wonder many are looking into various brands such as Classic Brands and Yaasa® Adjustable bed to meet their needs. And if you want to get the best value for your money, the numerous features that Yaasa® adjustable beds has to offer is well worth considering.




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