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Quick Overview

Is your night’s sleep interrupted constantly by a loose spring? Or you are dealing with back pain that doesn’t seem to go away? Do you find your sleep needs changing as you age? If you miss having a great night’s sleep, then it may be time to start looking at new mattresses and new frames.  Furthermore, if you have a partner, the split king adjustable bed with mattress is an option you may not be able to pass up.

What is an Adjustable Bed Frame?

An adjustable bed frame lets you adjust your sleep position by raising either the head or the foot of the bed to a more comfortable position. This type of bed was first used in hospitals, but they have since been re-designed to accommodate home users.

The motorized bed frame lets you adjust your position; whether you want to go in an upright position in bed to work on your computer, or you wish to elevate your feet for better comfort. There are various designs to accommodate both single sleeper and double sleepers.


Split King Adjustable Bed with Mattress


Adjustable bed frames support just about any type of mattress. These include memory foam mattresses,  foam, latex, pocket coil spring mattresses, and hybrids of these types. Traditional innerspring, water mattresses and air beds are not recommended, as the water or air chambers may be compromised with repeated bending. The Yaasa adjustable bed has a retainer bar (mattress retainer) to ensure no mattress slipping. Headboard brackets are available for those that want to add a headboard.

Benefits of An Adjustable Foundation for Your Bed

Adjustable beds, or reclining beds as they are also known, are not just for letting you sit up properly while in bed or allowing you to raise your legs effortlessly. There are multiple health benefits associated with these beds.

  1. Reduce snoring. If your sleep is disrupted because of snoring or sleep apnea, you will find that having an adjustable bed can help alleviate the issue. Snoring and sleep apnea occurs when the tongue falls across the windpipe during sleep. Using the remote control to adjust the height of your head can help open up your airway, thus reducing your level of snoring.Split King Adjustable Bed with Mattress


  2. Minimize symptoms of acid reflux. GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease can also make sleeping difficult at times. GERD occurs when the stomach acid goes back up the esophagus. It can cause a burning sensation in the chest and throat known as heartburn. Sleeping flat on your back can make matters worse. On an adjustable bed, raising the adjustable head can be a lifesaver as it helps prevent stomach acid from entering the esophagus.
  3. Relief for arthritis pain. People with arthritis often have to deal with stiffness and inflammation in their joints. Putting pressure on them during sleep can cause flare-ups. The comfort layer of a hybrid mattress or memory foam mattress combined with an adjustable bed can reduce pressure on the joints, allowing you to sleep well into the night.
  4. Enhances digestion. Our digestive system still functions even while we are sleeping. When we lie flat on our bed, it must work harder to break down the food that we ate. If you want to enhance your digestion, try elevating your head by about 6 inches.
  5. Minimize leg and foot swelling. Swollen legs and feet may occur in pregnant women; those who experience an injury or have circulatory problems. Lying flat can make matters worse as blood and fluids can pool in your lower extremities, thus triggering swelling and inflammation. To minimize leg and foot swelling, experts recommend that you elevate your feet. An adjustable bed and mattress that includes adjustable legs that allow foot elevation can help boost circulation. Also, with just a push of a single button, you can return your bed to a flat position.Split King Adjustable Bed with Mattress 
  6. Wireless remote control improves lifestyle. Instead of constantly repositioning pillows, you can adjust the head or feet of your bed with just a touch of a button on your remote control.  Also, the Yaasa adjustable bed has USB ports on either side, so you keep your electronics charged while in bed. The USB charging port makes it easier for you to work or play while keeping you safe from unsightly wires on the floor.Split King Adjustable Bed with Mattress 
  7. Boosts blood circulation. Another benefit that is linked to adjustable beds is that they help boost your blood circulation. This is important to those who are suffering from heart problems because if you sleep in a flat position your heart needs to work harder. By elevating your lower extremities a few inches, you are helping your heart circulate blood.
  8. Improves accessibility. For those people who have a hard time getting in and out of bed, an adjustable frame can significantly improve their quality of life. The head of the bed can be elevated to ease bed transfers.

Why Choose A Split King Adjustable Bed with Mattress?

If you have a partner, investing on a split king adjustable bed with mattress is the best choice you’ll make. This type of bed allows you and your partner to independently choose what kind of firmness and position each of your desires for your side of the bed. Split mattresses are two twin XL mattresses placed side by side to create the king-sized adjustable bed frame. Twin mattresses come in different types such as a pocket coil, memory foam, latex, and hybrid allowing each partner to pick a mattress that is best for them.

Split King Adjustable Bed with Mattress


Adjustable Bed Frames For Partners

Of course,  you can use a queen size or king size mattress for your bed. But, if you want the ultimate comfort, try the split King option. Here, you and your partner get two twinXL mattresses and an adjustable frame with all the bells and whistles. There are several reasons to choose this option.

    1. Customized to suit your needs. Since you are getting the split type, what you’ll get is the freedom to adjust your side of the bed just the way you want it.
    2. Not being disturbed. The problem with sleeping on a single adjustable bed is that you and your partner may not have the same sleep preferences when it comes to how to position your bed. The Yaasa one sleep system gives you and your partner the freedom to move your bed as you see fit, without disturbing the other.
  • Strong frame. The split King adjustable bed frame has a weight capacity (lift capacity) of 750 pounds per side.

How to Get a Free Mattress with Your Adjustable Bed?

Get a free mattress. What about free mattresses for your new adjustable bed frame? Currently, Yaasa is running a limited promotion offering two twin XL mattresses when you buy a split king adjustable bed frame. Yaasa offers an excellent hybrid mattress that merges individual hybrid coils and comfy memory foam on top. It’s made to order in the United States ensuring the high levels of quality.

For greatest ease, don’t forget the White Glove delivery option. With glove delivery, your frame is delivered and set-up for a minimal charge.


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