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At Yaasa we have made it our mission to make products that improve people’s lives. So why become a retail partner? The answer is simple, we want the same things. With complementary offerings, we will grow our communities, improve lives, and together deliver an experience that customers will never forget.

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It’s Time To Adjust

Yaasa is a world-class adjustable furniture company that intuitively adapts to improve customer’s lives. Derived from ‘yasa' meaning success or glory, we offer a way to live life better. We create products that enhance your individual living experience, simply & affordably, and all our products are delivered right to your door.

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The Experience of Our Brand is Our Brand

We have worked hard to develop products that adjust to your every need. This means that we have to be as agile, and as adaptable as possible in order to make sure our products make a difference, and our customers lives are improved, and they enjoy the best experience possible.

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Comfort Without Limits

With a team of designers, scientists and engineers, Yaasa has built a portfolio of products that take your comfort & wellness to the next level. Intuitive design enables you to live your best life. By delivering innovative adjustable solutions and accessories we increase the powerful effects that enhanced rest & relaxation brings - this is comfort without limits.

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