Luxe Organic Weighted Blanket

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Upping the ante in organic weighted blankets. Never before has a weighted blanket looked this stunning and felt so amazing. Created with our proprietary knitting technique and using the softest organic cotton, the Luxe Weighted Blanket provides unmatched comfort and best-in-class weight distribution. This is comfort worth weighting for.

We are using only 100% certified organic cotton to create your Luxe Weighted Blanket.

15 lbs โ€“ approximately 80″ x 60″

10 lbs โ€“ approximately 75″ x 50″

Wash your Luxe Weighted Blanket on gentle cycle. Use the tumble dry low setting of your dryer. Some pilling is to be expected after washing and drying your blanket.

Shipping is complimentary for all Luxe Weighted Blankets. Your blanket will ship in 1-2 business days after you place your order. Try your blanket risk-free for 30 nights.

Introducing: The most luxurious organic weighted blanket.

Exquisite looks, luxurious feels.

We are using a proprietary knitting technique in the creation of each Luxe Weighted Blanket. The result? Breathtaking design paired with unparalleled comfort.

The moment you wrap yourself in this luxury organic weighted blanket you’ll start to experience a sense of calm and relaxation.

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A new sleep experience.

This organic weighted blanket will take your relaxation and sleep to another level. Being only a fraction of an inch thick, yet providing that comforting weight, the Luxe Weighted Blanket will ensure that you relax and experience deeper sleep, but never sleep hot.

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Yes. Please wash your Luxe Weighted Blanket on gentle cycle. Use the tumble dry low setting of your dryer.

Some pilling is to be expected after washing and drying your blanket.

The most significant health benefitsย include improved sleep and reduced feelings of anxiety and stress.

People with autism, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress disorder, restless leg syndrome, or sensory processing disorder have found sleeping under weight benefits their health.

Read more about the benefits of organic weighted blankets.

Luxe Organic Weighted Blanket

4.96 Based on 109 reviews

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  1. Peter (verified owner)

    This is my go to relax tool

  2. Megan (verified owner)

    This feels so luxurious.

  3. Savannah (verified owner)

    I’ll have two more please

  4. Everleigh (verified owner)

    Amazing quality

  5. Caylen

    no complaints

  6. Omar.

    I hate when my blanket tangles me in my sleep and this blanket does not do that. Finally!

  7. Stella

    Shipped super fast to me and was free shipping. Finally, a company other than Amazon that ships products in two days. It comes in a nice washable bag and on-brand box that says “comfort worth weighting for” I thought that was cool.

  8. Janica Hyme

    Feels like a cardigan, no joke. But a very big cardigan. So big it can fit 3 people under it comfortably! Recommended!

  9. linda

    will be buying from here again. thank you.

  10. Walid H.

    I haven’t used any other blanket in my house since I bought this one … I even bring it into other rooms that already have a designated blanket … I may just have to buy another one … or maybe 2 more if I can budge ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Denver

    Such a perfect gift for new mothers! I bought one for my best friend’s baby shower to use when it’s her hubby’s shift to take care of the baby at night and she can catch up on some rest. So so good!

  12. Hadie

    Great product

  13. Thea W.

    Very impressed with the quality and style of this blanket. Definitely a lot of thought put into this product to make their customers happy. Worth the investment if you are contemplating spending this price on a blanket. You will get what you paid for, I promise.

  14. K

    If I could give this a 6 out of 5 stars I would!!

  15. Marcus Smith

    I have never seen a blanket like this on the market anywhere ๐Ÿคญ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. naomi l

    Wondering if I can earn commission because I’ve been making everyone buy one after they try it out in my home. I haven’t had one single person not like the weight, and it also looks like a million dollar blanket in my house.

  17. Thumbs up!


  18. Ojain

    My wife and I are big fans. Used as a comforter in our household and does not disappoint. Great for queen and king beds to cover the entire bed.

  19. Jenni

    Wow the white is actually a stunning shade of white.

  20. Ludavico (verified owner)

    I don’t have a single complaint.

  21. Brene (verified owner)

    Cant remember how I got on before this was in my life.

  22. Heidi (verified owner)

    Weighted blanket styles can be polarizing. I personally haven’t experienced a better style. This one doesn’t get too hot, doesn’t have shifting beads, doesn’t unravel or curl at the edges. Perfect

  23. Milo (verified owner)

    I bought two. One for my bed and one for my guest bed. My guests have gone on to buy their own after trying it.

  24. Nora

    Radically different, absolutely wonderful.

  25. Letisha (verified owner)

    What more could you ask from a weighted blanket?

  26. Kim (verified owner)

    This blanket is so thoughtfully made and designed. Attractive and effective.

  27. Bill (verified owner)

    Has eliminated a lot of my sleep problems.

  28. Hila (verified owner)

    Leagues above all of the other weighted blankets on the market.

  29. Ethan (verified owner)

    My wife is so happy with me for getting this for us.

  30. Faris (verified owner)

    Puts me to sleep every single night.

  31. Cris (verified owner)

    Easy on the eyes, feels great.

  32. Marley (verified owner)

    In love with the design of this blanket.

  33. Dorothy (verified owner)

    I am no longer an insomniac!

  34. Denise (verified owner)

    This was an easy to justify purchase. Sleep is everything. This works too.

  35. Terry (verified owner)

    This is a change, I didnt believe it was possible for a weighted blanket to look like this and not a chunky, thick thing, or a sand bag. Beautiful.

  36. Mave (verified owner)

    Doesnt pull and fall off my bed like other weighted blankets I’ve had.

  37. Janet (verified owner)

    Ok well this weighted blanket is just beautiful. I dont have much more to say. That is what sets it apart from all others.

  38. Kaibelle (verified owner)

    Im obsessed with all the neutral color choices. I got two of these, one in each weight. Love them both.

  39. Isabelle Esber

    I LOVE IT!!! This is a really well made product and I definitely got my money’s worth. It fits 2-3 people underneath and is great as a comforter substitute

  40. Stacy (verified owner)

    A very positive first experience!

  41. Harmony (verified owner)

    Loving the blanket. The weight is just right. Sleeping better with it.

  42. Laura (verified owner)

    First of all, itโ€™s really cool looking! But the best part is how it makes me feel. The weight is so comforting and pleasant. It took me about a week to adjust to it, but now I canโ€™t imagine not having it. I split my time between two homes, and it will go with me when I travel. Worth the money!

  43. Juan (verified owner)

    So far, it’s been the best investment on my sleep. Have been having many full nights’ sleep in a row, which hadn’t been happening before. It’s also a beautiful blanket, love how it looks and feels.

  44. Courtney (verified owner)

    Itโ€™s absolutely divine.

  45. Nicolas (verified owner)

    GET ONE! I love this thing more than my motorcycle. Never slept better.

  46. Parker (verified owner)

    My anxiety melts away with this blanket.

  47. Jayne (verified owner)

    Absolutely worth the money. I feel relaxed and protected and far less anxious.

  48. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I bought this as a gift for my husband and he loves everything about it. Itโ€™s of a great quality and now I want one for myself!

  49. Margaret (verified owner)

    Itโ€™s a game changer!

  50. Peggy (verified owner)

    I’m sleeping better and more consistently than in the past 3 years.
    I wasn’t convinced that a weighted blanket would work but it really eliminated my restlessness and helps me stay asleep.

  51. Keira (verified owner)

    Really does help me sleep better without overheating!

  52. Vivian (verified owner)

    Extremely comfortable and the only weighted blanket I’ve used that doesn’t make me overheat!

  53. Navanna (verified owner)

    Super comfy! Immediately feel relaxed and calm once under the blanket. The fabric is super smooth. Highly recommend !

  54. Isabelle Esber


  55. gavin brae

    Great blanket

  56. Josephine (verified owner)

    Thank you Yaasa! So lovely and a real gift to me, my sleep has never been better.

  57. Colton (verified owner)

    Took no time at all for me to get used to sleeping with this and I love it.

  58. Cammy (verified owner)

    The best looking weighted blanket for certain.

  59. Nate (verified owner)

    Doesnt trap heat and keeps me comfy and calm all night.

  60. Bethany (verified owner)

    It is a big purchase but Im glad I decided to buy.

  61. Mandy (verified owner)

    Puts the other weighted blankets on the market to shame.

  62. Carey (verified owner)

    Classy and elegant looking.

  63. Lupe (verified owner)

    I replaced my old weighted blanket with this Luxe weighted blanket and upgrade is not a strong enough word.

  64. Drea (verified owner)

    This is a keeper. Well made and beautifully presented.

  65. Pernilla (verified owner)

    Moves so well with me as I sleep and shift.

  66. Kris (verified owner)

    This is the only weighted blanket I have seen that does not look like a clunky weighed blanket.

  67. Will (verified owner)

    It took no time to get to me. Love the color and the feel.

  68. Herma (verified owner)

    Presentation is lovely, blanket is beautiful. It is expensive but I understand you pay for quality.

  69. Hank (verified owner)

    I would buy again for sure. It is really great quality,

  70. Wendy (verified owner)

    I like this weighted blanket more than any of the other three I have purchased from other brands. The style is nicer, the feel better, the weight distribution even.

  71. Opal (verified owner)

    I love that this weighted blanket doesnt look anything like the other weighted blankets I have seen. It doesnt look like a weighted blanket at all. It is so beautiful.

  72. Patty (verified owner)

    Im so happy I got this blanket. I was not sure about the weighted blanket craze, but this really has transformed the way I sleep.

  73. Trey (verified owner)

    This blanket is like my softest sweater. I love it.

  74. Rita (verified owner)

    pretty happy with this new weighted blanket! I have the bearby woven one also, but prefer this one more because it doesn’t have the open holes and it feels more comfortable!

  75. Mark

    Makes switching into relaxation mode so much easier.

  76. Lani

    Wouldn’t know how to get to sleep without it now and I have only had it for a couple of weeks.

  77. Maurice

    Soooo soft and comfy.

  78. Kim

    I prefer this blanket to all of the other weighted blankets I have tried. It has the nicest feel and the best weight distribution in my opinion.

  79. Alicia (verified owner)

    Where has this been all my life?!

  80. Parker (verified owner)

    All I can say is try it. Seriously. Incredible.

  81. Nat (verified owner)

    I wish I could pass these out at Halloween. This is so beautiful and crazy effective at helping me sleep.

  82. Michael (verified owner)

    This has changed the way I sleep for the better.

  83. Valerie (verified owner)

    oh man! This is without a doubt my best purchase of 2021. Love this blanket, my partner loves it too.

  84. Dan

    Works like a charm. I get under mine and Im out like a light.

  85. Demi

    The more nights of amazing sleep I get using this blanket the more I am convinced the world would be a better place if everyone had one of these.

  86. Trevor

    I think everyone should give this a try. I’ve always been prone to sleep issues and man if I had only known about this years ago.

  87. Chance

    This blanket is so soft and malleable. Its very sleek for a weighted blanket.

  88. Tiana

    can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this is?! Its got it all, the looks and the magic benefits of reducing anxiety and aiding in sleep.

  89. Quinn

    If you are looking to gift yourself something lovely and practical this is the way to go. This was a total win in the self care department for me.

  90. Marie

    I was not disappointed. This feels so lovely and looks beautiful.

  91. Renee

    I couldnt recommend this blanket more. This has done incredible things for my sleep habits.

  92. Gemma

    My husband says I should have gotten one of these for our bed years ago. We are both really reaping the benefits.

  93. Helen

    This blanket is SO soft and flexible. It is lush. Love it

  94. Mark Flanagan

    I got the 15lbs Sleepy Fog and it arrived in 2 days with free shipping. I appreciate this about brands – feels good to get your product without having to cover shipping costs and long shipping times. It arrive just as expected and I could not be more happy with the decision I made to buy this blanket.

  95. Riley H.

    Feels like a sweater! Great quality!

  96. Kara

    I don’t usually write reviews but this blanket is AMAZING!!! My overall sleep improved after using this blanket for a couple days. I feel incredibly well rested and will never go back to just using my comforter. The price may seem high but it is WORTH IT. I don’t mind paying a little bit more if it means I’ll actually sleep at night. Lol. If you are someone who suffers from insomnia like I do, I highly recommend this blanket. I don’t own any of their other blankets, but I’m sure they will do the trick too.

  97. James

    I’m glad I went for it. This one is a keeper.

  98. Kayla Pederson

    Works great as a throw blanket!

  99. Mary P.

    Good product

  100. Jessica

    Well I know what I will be gifting people for the holidays this year! Just received my Serene White luxe blanket a few days ago and have had the most restful nights of sleep I can remember having in a long time.

  101. Teddy Bencker

    My home needed something to compliment the area. I only have neutral colors and dark floors. The gray option was perfect for making the space more welcoming.

  102. Marnie

    Feels like it looks, incredible. 10/10 would recommend.

  103. Connie

    I’m giving this blanket 5 stars because not only does it help relieve some stress at the end of my long work days, but my house looks so luxurious with this blanket draped over the couch.

    Would buy again!

  104. Tricia

    The timing on this is too perfect. I am all into cozy fall mode now and could not have made a better purchase.

  105. Kim

    The classic stylishness of this blanket cannot be overstated. I am obsessed.

  106. Colette B

    Works like a charm. If you are a skeptic about the relaxation inducing abilities of a weighted blanket, all I have to say is give this one a try.

  107. Isabelle

    I am obsessed with this blanket. The quality is exceptional and it takes me 3 minutes to fall asleep. I also don’t wake up once and sleep throughout the entire night when using it.

  108. Marla T

    Love my Luxe blanket is Sleepy Fog. So pretty and cozy. I would purchase again, and am considering getting another maybe in the Dune Dream color for my guest bed.

  109. Rose G

    Wow! So worth the wait. My luxe weighted blanket is absolutely the most beautiful addition to my bed. I did the 15lbs and am so pleased with my decision. The weight distribution is perfect and I am falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer since getting it!