Why Do You Need an Adjustable Bed?

Sleep Science · 02/10/18

Adjustable Bed

Say goodbye to the static bed frames of the past, and welcome in the new era of controlled positions and infinite indulgent comfort. Introducing the Yaasa Adjustable Bed. Enjoy the following article on just what it can do to improve your life!

Our bodies are unique and different in so many ways, and let’s be honest, a flat surface is not always the best way to go. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed is the first of its kind to bring you comfort, convenience, and adjustability all in one. At the click of a button you can control your best sleep position, completely designed for you. A subtle incline of the head, or foot, of your bed can make all the difference in the world to both your comfort and your support. If you haven’t thought about how you or your partner could benefit from an adjustable bed, let us take you on a journey into the benefits and adventures of adjustability.
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Yaasa AdjustBlog ImprovedBreathing - Why Do You Need an Adjustable Bed?

1. Improved Breathing Through The Night

Do you ever struggle from the ability to grasp a full breath when lying flat on your back? Ever think back to those nights where a head cold came out of nowhere? If you struggle with one of the above, you know that you cannot always count on your pillows to hold up and give you the solution you need through the night. Not to mention, the high positioning of pillows can result in annoying neck pain in the morning. The beauty of the adjustable bed is that you do not have to sacrifice your quality of breath, or sleep for that matter. Literally, the bed does all the work for you. At the click of a button you can incline the head of your bed, soothing and alleviating all your breathing struggles.

2. Snore No More

Almost everyone snores at some point or another in their life. For most, we do not even realize we are doing it. When you sleep, your throat and mouth muscles relax so much that it can cause your airway to be partially blocked. Snoring occurs when air flows passed the relaxed tissues within your throat, causing them to gently, or violently in some cases, vibrate. One of the main root causes behind snoring is your sleeping position. With an adjustable bed, you can adjust yourself slightly upright to prevent your throat tissues from partially blocking your airway. Not only are you aiding a more pleasant night’s sleep for your partner, but you’re also benefitting yourself, providing a less stressful and more productive night’s sleep.

3. Insomnia is a Thing of the Past

Falling asleep can be a grueling chore for many. The more we toss and turn, the more our minds begin to wonder, and sleep seems to be further and further away. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed can help you find comfort from the moment you begin to adjust, benefitting both body and mind. Adjusting your bed to your body’s needs actually helps improve sensation and blood flow throughout your physical being, allowing you to fall asleep and stay asleep during your most restless of nights.

4. Goodbye To Back Pain

Yaasa Blog BackPain - Why Do You Need an Adjustable Bed?

If you are one of the many who suffers with the back aches and pains, especially during the night, an adjustable bed might be just for you. For those with back sensitivities, a flat bed may not be providing the proper support where you need it. Let’s just say, not all bed frames are meant for everybody. The beauty of an adjustable bed is that you can customize and adjust your mattress to best fit your body’s needs when you sleep – that is why pairing our Yaasa Mattress with your adjustable is the perfect combination. A subtle incline of the head can help alleviate neck and upper back pain. If you suffer from mid to lower back pain, an incline of both the head and the foot of the bed will help reduce the pressure throughout your spine, giving more balanced and alleviated support. The most common way to help ease lower back pain, is to raise the foot of the bed and enjoy the release it gives, then grab your favorite book and, raise the head of your bed and enjoy!

5. Heartburn and Acid Reflux Relief

Heartburn and acid reflux do not mix well with sleep. The irritating sensation that directly affects your esophagus is less than appetizing when getting some shut-eye. The biggest issue many encounter from these symptoms is the lingering stomach acid that doesn’t seem to stay put. Lying down can obviously heighten these effects. Just think, if you could adjust yourself comfortably upright to help prevent this from reoccurring night after night, would you try it? We are not just talking about pillow talk either. With an adjustable bed, you can literally prop yourself up, putting your heartburn and acid reflux worries to sleep and do all the things you want to do without any problems.

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