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At Yaasa we know that the best night’s sleep means you can wake refreshed and ready to take on the day.

We wanted to give you a little taste of our hometown of Santa Barbara, CA. With beautiful weather year round, the outdoors is simply part of the lifestyle. Beaches at the tips of your toes, trail hikes with stunning views, boardwalks for miles, the list goes on and on. Let’s just say, our small beach town is one not to go unnoticed, and if you still haven’t been then you must come for a visit. So, we want to take you on a tour and venture into the outdoors.

Our Beaches

EnjoyingSB Beaches - Make the most of today and live life to the fullest, always
Hitting the beach always sets the mind right no matter what time of day you can fit it in. Whether it’s a morning jog, gathering the crew for a full day of sun, or walking into the sunset, we have you covered.

Santa Claus
Although Santa Claus might not be in the heart of Santa Barbara, this hidden gem is right off the 101 freeway in Carpenteria. In other words, it’s a quick drive along the coast. The vast spread of white sand will leave you with plenty of space to play. Mild waves that are perfect for a casual surf session, paddle board cruise, or swim. Just a few reasons why so many beach goers gather here on the weekends.

A Santa Barbara favorite to say the least and right across the way from the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara. If you’re lucky enough to stay there, the beach is literally right at your toes. Don’t worry, you won’t have to shack up at the Four Seasons to get the Butterfly experience. This beach is easy to get to, and you can even walk or bike if you’re nearby. The calm waves are great for paddle boarders. Considering this beach faces to the west, it is one of the best spots to watch the sunset.

East Beach
East Beach is an awesome spot to hit for some fun in the sun activities. Towards the south end, volleyball nets line the way and are on a first come first serve basis. Bring a group of friends and get down and dirty in the sand. Not to mention, the long stretch of white sand is great for a beach walk or run. We are sure you won’t be the only one getting in some exercise.

Plenty of Activities

EnjoyingSB Activities - Make the most of today and live life to the fullest, always

Paddleboarding and kayaking are an awesome way to connect with nature and even meet some new ocean friends. Head to the Santa Barbara Harbor to get your gear in place.

Kayaking can be quite the workout, and you might even get a little wet, so prepare yourself.  All in all, it’s a great experience and you can usually tag along with a friend or two.

Paddle Boarding
Not ready to get barreled yet? Paddleboarding is a great place to start if you’re new to ocean activities. These boards are actually fairly easy to stay up on. You can keep it local in the harbor, or venture out towards the pier.

Hiking Trails

EnjoyingSB Hiking - Make the most of today and live life to the fullest, always

We are blessed with the mountains and the sea. Two great ways to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. At Yaasa we understand the work-play balance. Hiking is one way we like to get outside. Don’t forget water, staying hydrated is key!

Inspiration Point
The name of this hike says it all. Starting with a gradual uphill incline and view of the city to your right, let’s just say this hike gets going on the right foot. This trail is relatively short and suitable for most ages. Round trip can take anywhere between 60-90 minutes. When you reach the top, prepare for one of the most magical 180-degree views of Santa Barbara, inspiring to say the least.

Saddle Rock Trail
This hike is definitely a Santa Barbara favorite and relatively quick. It can about 60 minutes from bottom to top with a gradual incline. What’s even more intriguing, is that every time you reach the top there is a different rock design. Hikers are the artists themselves. You will see designs such as hearts, peace signs, and more. It so beautiful to see this tradition continue on for so many years. Community says it all.

Tangerine Falls
There may not be many tangerine trees on this hike, okay, none whatsoever, but you will run into a majestic waterfall at the tippy top. This is one of the most refreshing ways to cool off, especially during those hot summer days. This trail can be a little more challenging than others, slippery at times and some parts do require some easy climbing (no gear necessary).

So there you have it, some amazing ideas from mountain to sea, that our team wanted to share. Whether you live in Santa Barbara or plan to visit one day, we hope the above list can help you choose your perfect outdoor adventure.

Not to forget, a busy day outside usually ends with a relaxing night at home. To make sure you end your day on the perfect note, go shop our exclusive selection of mattresses and time collection candles and make life more comfortable while you get to always enjoy the moments!

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