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The Benefits Of A King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

Our Products · 07/15/19

Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

The Benefits Of A King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

Compared to the Twin and Queen Size beds, the King Size mattress is often tagged as the best mattress for couples and growing families, mainly for its comfort and functionality. Since we spend one-third of our lives sleeping in bed, getting a King Size bed and mattress would seem to be a sensible thing to do.

King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

What makes a King Size electric adjustable bed frame (reclining bed) one of the best? Does it really live up to the hype? Before you proceed on your shopping, let’s take a look at some important aspects of the King Size reclining bed. 

Features Of A King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

Zero Gravity & Pressure Relief

This feature is preset so you can achieve it with just a touch of the button. The bed frame adjusts so that it is set in a specific “Zero Gravity” position. This can help relieve heart strain and boost blood circulation by raising the thighs and lower legs at an angle that is higher than the head and heart.

King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

Furthermore, this position removes spinal pressure and can decrease back pain. Zero Gravity is ideal for people who suffer from edema or swelling of the feet or legs. 


Anti-Snoring Preset

Snoring is a condition that affects both the snorer and their partner. If you sleep with a partner that regularly wakes you up from sleep in the middle of the night because of their snoring, then you might want to consider getting a Split-King Size adjustable foundation for your mattress. Snoring occurs during sleep when the tongue falls over the back of the throat. The Anti-Snoring preset of the Yaasa adjustable frame allows the snorers to slightly raise their head into a position that will prevent their tongue from falling over their throat during sleep. By choosing the Split King Size, you and your partner independently can adjust the head and foot of the bed to meet your medical needs. 

Snoring - The Benefits Of A King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote control is another excellent feature of the Yaasa adjustable bed and mattress, allowing more control over functionality and convenience to users. A Yaasa remote control includes LED backlighting allowing easy control regardless if the lights are on or off. It includes a one-touch flat sleep button so that you don’t have to mess with the controls when you’re tired and want to go back to sleep.


King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame


Whisper Quiet Motor

The wireless remote control commands a quiet motor which means that you can raise your head, legs, or foot elevation while watching TV without the unnecessary noise. Those with a Split King adjustable bed will appreciate this feature as they can quietly control their bed position independent of their partner.


USB Ports

There’s no need to worry about tripping over multiple cords with a Yaasa King Size Electric Adjustable frame. Choose from a USB port on either side of the bed. You’ll never have to worry about low batteries or unsightly cords again.


King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame


Benefits Of A King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

Mattress Health Benefits

Zero Gravity Position

An adjustable bed frame is undeniably an excellent tool for treating several health issues. It’s not surprising that these frames, a staple in hospitals, found their way into homes. Abnormal sleep conditions such as insomnia and sleep apnea can develop or become aggravated when using a regular bed frame. A King Size mattress is not only more spacious and more comfortable, but the Yaasa Adjustable Bed Frame can place it in a Zero Gravity position lessening the strain on the spine and boosting circulation.

King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

With the frame in this position, the spine is in a neutral position. The foot of the bed is slightly elevated, reducing swelling or pain in the foot or legs. The head of the bed is also a bit elevated, allowing better breathing. The Zero Gravity preset of the Yaasa adjustable mattress can help alleviate body pain and tension, encouraging a better night’s sleep.


Of course, the Yaasa adjustable bed frame allows you just elevate the head or foot of your bed as well. 

Ease of Movement

A common sleep complaint the disturbance of one partner’s movement by another. When you or partner jostle in bed, the other person often wakes up from sleep. With a Split King adjustable bed frame, you don’t have to worry about your partner moving. This frame is composed of two side-by-side Twin XL Size bed frames. That allows each partner to adjust their side of the bed independently.

Better Sleep

As we grow older, our sleep needs change. While restorative sleep is still key, the way we obtain that sleep changes through the years. For instance, one partner may suffer from sleep apnea while another may develop lower extremity swelling. A King Size adjustable electronic frame allows each person to adjust the bed for the perfect sleep position. Of course, sometimes people just need some more room. In this case, a King Size mattress frame will work perfectly.

Of course, part of getting better sleep includes sleeping on a good mattress. No matter how you adjust the bed, if your mattress is bad, you’ll still get a poor night’s sleep. You’ll be relieved to know that just about any mattress works on an adjustable frame. That means you can use memory foam, foam, pocket coil, or a hybrid of these types. The only mattresses that are not recommended are air mattresses, water mattresses, and traditional innerspring mattresses. That means each person could choose the mattress that’s perfect for them.

Improve Relationships

Not only does a bigger mattress provide a good night’s rest, but it can also improve familial relationships. When you’re a growing family with little kids, giving cuddles during a thunderstorm or having sleepovers can strengthen your bond with each other. Whenever your kids want to hang out with you and your spouse, you can all sleep comfortably (even with a lot of pillows) in on a King Size bed. Of course, the same goes for sharing the bed with your furry friends! 

Adjustable Bed Productivity - The Benefits Of A King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

Bedroom Aesthetics

This frame is designed to fit in with a number of bedroom designs. That means balancing your furniture to the Size of your rooms. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed Frame is designed so that it can fit within many bed frames. If you don’t have a particular bed frame in mind, the Yaasa frame is a sleek, minimalistic design that will fit nicely into the bedroom. Either way, this bed frame allows you to the most out of your bedroom.


Queen Size Adjustable Bed by Yaasa - The Benefits Of A King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame


Tips In Buying A King Size Electric Adjustable Bed Frame

Free Delivery

The great thing about the Yaasa adjustable beds is that the company offers free delivery upon purchase. The frame comes neatly packed with easy instructions. Delivery to your doorstep is free. If you’re worried about getting it into your bedroom, order White Glove Delivery. For a small fee, your bed frame will be delivered and set up in the room of your choice.


Design Strategies

Decide what size adjustable frame is best for you. The Yaasa manufacturers make a bed frame for Twin XL, Queen, King, and Split-King. Also, you’ll need to decide if you are going to use your current bed frame or go with the sleek style of a minimalistic style. 


For the best bang-for-the-buck, you can’t go wrong with a Yaasa Sleep System. Right now, you can receive a free Yaasa One mattress with the purchase of an adjustable bed frame. The Yaasa One mattress is a hybrid of a pocket coil and a memory foam top, the perfect mattress for an adjustable bed frame.


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