The Infinity Blanket by Yaasa Becomes An FDA Luxury Medical Device *

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Yaasa, the comfort and wellness company, has released The Infinity Blanket. A perfect balance of luxury, design, and wellness. It is the first blanket to use the revolutionary, F.D.A. determined and patented fiber textile known as Celliant®.

Celliant® recycles your body’s natural energy (heat) into infrared (IR) light that is then emitted back into your bodies tissues. Over 60% of your consumed energy is lost simply through heat escaping your body. The Yaasa Infinity Blanket can harness this energy and recycle it back to have a positive effect on your body’s overall health.

Infrared is a medically proven vasodilator, which increases blood flow to tissue and muscles throughout the body, and delivers vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells. The effect is clinically proven to help the body:

– Increase energy, endurance, stamina, and performance,
– Recover faster from physical activity,
– Promote restful sleep and increased comfort.

The Infinity Blanket

Yaasa InfinityBlanket Product 02 optimized - The Infinity Blanket by Yaasa Becomes An FDA Luxury Medical Device *

The Infinity Blanket is so luxuriously comfortable that you will want to have it with you both day, and night. The benefits of its F.D.A. determined Celliant® technology is an interior design and medical game changer. It is durable, machine washable, and the clinically tested technology never fades away.

The Yaasa Infinity blanket is made from a unique proprietary blend of Celliant and organic cotton. Celliant’s unique fibers are created from natural ceramic micro particles and minerals embedded into polyester fibers, which can absorb energy from the body and emit infrared light back into the body. Your body is effectively recycling its own energy. This constant (infinite) flow of energy triggers a clinically proven natural reaction in the body resulting in vasodilatation (the widening of blood vessels) that increases blood flow and oxygenation to the tissue, not only providing ultimate comfort for your rest and sleep experiences but also supporting recovery and wellness after any physical activity.

By improving blood flow and elevating skin oxygen levels this fabric technology encourages not only the alleviation of pain and other negative symptoms, but actually improves the body’s natural healing system benefitting both sleep and recovery after physical activity. Our unique blend of materials creates an alluring luxury blanket that is designed for all ages, with the ability to soothe the body both inside and out. Whether you’re relaxing at home in front of the fire, traveling long distances, recovering after a hike, or simply soothing those aches and pains – we’ve got you covered. Our blanket is machine washable and the technology and effects last forever.


At Yaasa, we value innovation, wellness, quality, and sustainability. We create, innovate, and empower our customers to take control of their own lives; to succeed, transform, and live life to the fullest. We are on the cutting edge of supplying products that will benefit everyone at all life stages, and the Infinity Blanket is there for you whenever you need that balance of both comfort and wellness.

Yaasa… Making life more comfortable.

* The FDA has determined that Celliant® products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Act and are general wellness products.

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