How to Keep Your Sleep Space Clean

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We are all acutely aware of the news right now and know there is a lot of fear and anxiety going around. We feel now is a great time to share some housekeeping tricks for your mattress and bedding. The CDC and WHO have recommendations for keeping your environment clean, but bedding has its own needs. Check out our quick guide on how to care for your Yaasa mattress and bedding for now and down the road!

Mattress Care

Mattresses are challenging to clean due to their construction. The surface (mattress covers) can be cleaned however and you can make sure you are keeping the protector and the bedding clean to keep your sleep space fresh.

Choose the right Mattress - How to Keep Your Sleep Space Clean

While we do not advise the use of harsh chemical disinfectants, here are some tips for sanitizing your mattress without causing damage.


Steam Clean

Steam cleaning is a safe and effective way to ward off allergens, and the heat can help in removing bacteria. According to cleaning professional Dmitri Kara, the best you can do is thorough hot water extraction (HWE) treatment for extraction and sanitization up to 99,99% of germs, bacteria, and fine particles. Once you have steamed the surface of your mattress, make sure you allow it to dry completely before putting bedding on.


Use The Sun

UV light is a natural disinfectant. While it will not eliminate bacteria entirely, placing your mattress in the sun is a great way to supplement any disinfecting you have done without causing harm.


Clean sheets with sun light - How to Keep Your Sleep Space Clean

Disinfectant Spray

While this method is not advisable, we understand that at this time we are all taking preventative steps and being extra cautious, just be sure you are not using bleach. Also make sure your mattress is completely dry before placing bedding back on so it does not mold.


How sanitize bedding, sheets, and pillow cases

It is always advised to be cleaning sheets and pillowcases once a week to reduce any potential allergens and bacteria you are being exposed to that may have accumulated. While the methods below are not recommended for recurring, regular care, if you are looking to take extra care to disinfect right now we have provided a few tips.

Washing Linens 1000x534 1 - How to Keep Your Sleep Space Clean


Make it Hot

Using a hot spin cycle to help ward off bacteria is typically safe for light colors and whites. During this time using this method on darks as well should not cause much damage and may be helpful.



While bleach is not recommended for regular care as it can be harsh, it is unbeatable in its cleansing abilities. If you are caring for anything other than whites be sure you are using a color safe bleach.


Dry on High

Set your dryer to the hottest setting, and allow to dry for at least an hour. You can then let your bedding sit for an additional 30 minutes or so to get rid of any lingering germs.


Pillow Care

Our faces touch our pillows directly, so naturally this is an important area to focus on when we are talking about preventing spread of germs.


Pillow Craddling - How to Keep Your Sleep Space Clean


Memory Foam

You can remove the cover on your Yaasa memory foam pillow and machine wash it. For the inside of the pillow treat it as you would your mattress and use the sunning, steam cleaning, or spot disinfecting methods.

Harsh sanitizers are not likely to do more than washing your bedding in hot water and using regular laundry detergent, and they may damage your bedding. We recommend using the methods above to care for your mattress and bedding to keep yourself healthy and your bed happy.



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