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Headboard for Adjustable Bed – What Are The Different Styles of Headboards 2019

Design · 04/29/19

Furniture Comp Yaasa Adjustable 2400x1200 - Headboard for Adjustable Bed – What Are The Different Styles of Headboards 2019

Headboard for Adjustable Bed

Beds often come with headboards and footboards to create a more inviting environment for you to sleep on. However, with the upcoming appearance of adjustable bed frames in the market, these decorative pieces have been pushed aside, for a more streamlined looking bed for the bedroom. The truth is, you don’t have to sacrifice the existing headboard footboard that you currently have because the adjustable base from Yaasa® can be incorporated conveniently with your bed frame.

Just because you are going for an adjustable bed frame like Yaasa®’s, it doesn’t mean that you should just settle for a plain looking bed. After all, there are various types of headboard and footboard designs available that can easily be combined with your adjustable frame.

Headboard for Adjustable Bed


Upholstered Headboard

An upholstered headboard can make any bedroom look classy, with its polyester blend of fabric, and button-tufted design or nailed edging that is sure to catch anyone’s attention. Fortunately, there is no shortage of upholstered headboards today, so here are a few that you should consider for a headboard for an adjustable bed.


Upholstered Headboard - Headboard for Adjustable Bed – What Are The Different Styles of Headboards 2019

  • Fitz Cambridge Tufted Upholstered Panel Headboard. This particular beauty is constructed of a polyester blend of fabric with a button-tufted detail set in a diamond pattern that delivers a unique texture in your bed space. It comes in solid tones which you can easily integrate with your bedroom’s current design. Assembly is required and is compatible with adjustable beds too. You can purchase it on Wayfair for only $80.99.
  • Albee Upholstered Panel Headboard. If you are looking for headboard panels that are simple, but eye-catching, this upholstered panel headboard is highly recommended. Its sleek and stylish design will not take away from the design of your inner sanctum, but rather help tie things together tastefully. It comes with a solid rubberwood frame that is filled with foam as well as polyester fabric upholstery that comes in different neutral tones. The design also incorporates a double nailhead trim with a silver finish to create a Belgrave silhouette. There are installation screws that can be used to attach it to your adjustable frame which means that it will require some assembly on your part. Wayfair is selling this for $155.00 when not on sale.
  • Hazel Upholstered Wingback Headboard. If you want to be a proud owner of a fashion bed, then this upholstered wingback headboard is sure to be a stunner. It comes with a subtle wingback look with nailhead for trim accents. This design combines traditional with modern style, especially since it is wrapped in faux leather. The jeweled buttons also add a nice touch to this design. If you are using a Yaasa® adjustable base, you can attach this headboard on your frame with ease. You can purchase it for $449.00 at its original price from Wayfair. [1]

Bookcase Headboard

Another example of headboard ideas that you can incorporate with your Yaasa® adjustable base is the bookcase headboard. If you are the type of person who reads before bedtime or just wants to create a more personal atmosphere in your bed, this is a great option to consider.

  • Sauder 401294 Orchard Hills Full/Queen Bookcase Headboard. If you are in search of a traditional but stylish headboard for the adjustable bed that is equipped with multiple functions, this queen size bookcase headboard is an excellent choice you may consider. You can easily install this headboard in your queen or full-size adjustable bed frame from Yaasa® to complete its look. The shelves are adjustable, so you can adjust the height to accommodate the head of your mattress when you are elevating it. It also comes with convenient cord access, so you can plug other devices, or even your lampshade here to free up the USB ports on the sides of your Yaasa® bed frame for a neater sleeping environment. Additionally, the classic oak finish is guaranteed to make your bed stand out. You can find it on Amazon at $77.91.
  • Prepac ESH-6643 Manhattan Double/Storage Headboard, Queen, Espresso. Another example of a headboard that you can install on your adjustable bed is this double/storage headboard from Prepac. It is a storage headboard that is compatible with your full or queen size bed and comes with three compartments for storing books and other decorative accessories for your bedroom. The headboard panels are quite easy to assemble, so you can finish installing it in no time. If the bed frame that you have doesn’t have any options for add-ons, you can purchase a bracket kit to install this headboard properly. You can buy this headboard at Amazon for only $129.88. [2]

Metal Headboard

Installing a headboard and footboard set to your adjustable bed frame can make your sleep area more stylish and impressive to view. Furthermore, if you desire to add a classic look to your space, metal headboards are sure to inspire you to choose the right type of mattress to use for your adjustable bed frame.

  • Affinity Headboard. Fashion Bed Group combined sloping curves along with straight lines in their carbon steel headboard frame. It easily fits whether you are into a traditional or contemporary design for your bedroom. What you’ll love about this metal construction is its sturdiness and the fact that it will not require you to have a box spring in place to use. You can purchase this at Target for $157.00.
  • Full/Queen Rozella Metal Headboard. If you miss the simple elegance of curved headboards that are notoriously associated with innerspring mattresses, then the Rozella Metal headboard can bring back a timeless look to your modern bed frame.  The rich finish of this metal headboard can be easily mixed and matched with any bedroom décor that you have and can be adjusted to fit either full or queen size bed frames. This option will need assembly when you receive it, so make sure that you follow the manual that it comes with. For only $94.99, you can purchase this metal headboard at Target as well. [3]

How to Attach Headboard for Adjustable Bed?


Headboard for Adjustable Bed

Regardless of what type of adjustable bed base you are using, whether it is for a twin XL memory foam mattress, for a king-sized one, or where two twin XL mattresses are used, it is crucial that you learn how to install the headboard and footboard brackets properly. Here are the steps that you will need to follow:

  1. Assemble your adjustable base. First things first, you will need to put together your adjustable bed frame before you can install your headboard for the adjustable bed. You can go for a base that comes with legs or not, depending on the style that you are hoping to achieve; however, do make sure that it will be compatible with a headboard if you are planning on installing one. The good news is, is that most manufacturers that sell adjustable bases, like Yaasa®, offer compatible bases too.Headboard for Adjustable Bed


  2. Add the mattress. Place your memory foam mattress, or hybrid latex and foam mattress on your adjustable base and, with the help of the wireless remote, adjust the height of the foot or the head of your mattress to see if it is working correctly. This step is important to complete prior to installing your headboard.
  3. Choose your headboard. Once you have decided on the headboard that you wish to add to your adjustable base, make sure that it is the right size. Make sure that the headboard that you are going to use does not already come with a bed frame. Now pull your bed out from your wall, then slide the headboard into place behind it. The headboard should be at the center. Mark the portions that extend on either side of the bed.
  4. Find the brackets. Kneel down and try to see if there are pre-installed mounting brackets for headboard and footboard. If there are no brackets available, you can order one from the manufacturer of your adjustable base. The mounting holes that are found in your headboard should be in line with the slots in the brackets. You can install a bracket adapter if they happen not to line up.
  5. Start attaching the headboard. Have someone hold the headboard in place as you slide a bolt into the bracket and mounting hole. Do not screw it tight just yet. Once you have placed all the necessary bolts and you are happy with the overall appearance of the piece, you may screw them in tightly, just make sure that the headboard doesn’t move too much. [4]

Without a doubt, having an adjustable bed frame in your bedroom can help you gain more comfort as you lie in bed. With its remote control, you can adjust the height of the head of your mattress if you wish to read, or watch TV, or even use your computer while in bed. The best part? Yaasa®’s bed frames are designed to be compatible with different types of headboards which means that there is always room for improvement for your bed. Whether you wish to install rails for the headboard, or you want to go with the classic upholstered look, there is always a headboard that will suit your needs.

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