Sitting can also be ergonomic!

Ein ergonomischer Arbeitsplatz besteht aus Bürostuhl und höhenverstellbarem Schreibtisch.

Always just sitting. Sitting. Sitting. That's neither healthy nor ergonomic in any way. The Yaasa tables have made this the supreme discipline, but we chairs can also make a contribution.

But what does ergonomics actually mean? The tables always say it is the optimization of the working conditions, the workflow and the workplace so that the result of the work is optimal and the worker is less tired or even harmed. We chairs have taken this to heart and can enthusiastically answer the question of whether you also need an ergonomic chair in addition to your ergonomic table with "Of course!".

Because no matter how much you have planned for yourself and still prefer to sit in the end, or even if we are only incorporated into your working day from time to time, we provide an extra dose of well-being.

Although sitting for long periods is harmful, it does of course have its place in the world of work. Standing for eight hours at a time is not the best thing in the world. We need the mix! The ups and downs! Together with the height-adjustable tables from Yaasa , we enable you to sit dynamically and therefore healthily. We Yaasa Chairscan be adjusted in terms of backrest, armrests, seat height, seat depth, degree of bending at the lower back and flexibility when leaning back. Only we are that flexible!

Der Yaasa Chair lässt sich einfach an den Körper anpassen.

And we've written you a little guide to ergonomic sitting:

If you're going to sit, you should sit properly. Combined with a height-adjustable desk, the right office chair will do wonders for your sitting posture. Adjust it so that your legs are at a right angle to the floor. Your back should assume a slight S-shape, which is supported by the backrest and its curve at the lower back. Your arms should rest on the armrests at a right angle. Now you can adjust your desk to the correct height, namely the exact height of your armrests.

And, curious to make this investment in your health and well-being, which will definitely pay off?

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