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Desk Pro 2 - "The Professional"

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Color: Oak


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  • I'm fast and quiet... from 62 to 128 cm electrically.
  • My collision sensors stop me damaging objects around me when I move. 
  • I'll save your favorite positions in my memory.
  • Use me to create your perfect desk: three sizes, five colors.
  • Can't find the right color? Our color samples will help!

I’m a model professional in my field: a powerful, stable and quiet adjustable desk who can support you throughout your workday like no one else can.

My adjustment speed is a steady 38mm/s, with no lags for stopping or starting. I can automatically recognize collisions and obstacles, and I’ll stop immediately when I do. I can also save your two favorite positions to the nearest centimeter, and I’ll take you there anytime you press my buttons.

I'm available in 3 sizes: 139 x 75 cm, 160 x 80 cm and 180 x 80 cm. Whatever space you have in your office or how much room for work you need, you’ll find a size that fits you perfectly. My table top is 1.8 cm thick, with a small gap in the edging at the back.

You can load me with up to 80 kg when I’m moving, or up to 100 kg in a static state - I can take it.

People tell me I'm a good-looking guy: my design is my trademark and a characteristic of the whole Yaasa family. I can also pull off plenty of different colors: choose me in off-white, oak, acacia, light gray and dark gray/black, depending on your taste.

I was built to be as simple to assemble as possible: I'll even arrive pre-built, which means it's extremely easy to get started with me compared to conventional desks. See my video instructions or my assembly instructions for more details. You can also learn about me from my manual.

I was designed and developed by Yaasa in Austria and was produced by their production partners in Europe.

Want to try me before you buy me? No problem! Visit a Yaasa showroom and try me there, or use Experify to get in touch with other Desk Pro 2 owners and ask them about me.

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Fast Delivery

My tabletop and frame are shipped 1-2 days after you order and will reach you soon after that - but sometimes on different days.

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Free Delivery

Yaasa covers delivery costs throughout the EU, all the way to your front door. I am securely and packed in environmentally friendly materials.

5 Year Guaranteeimage

5 Year Guarantee

Yaasa gives you a 5-year guarantee throughout Europe - no need to worry about me!

30 Days Free Returnimage

30 Days Free Return

If we don't work well together, you can send me back to Yaasa within 30 days for free.

Here's how I look when I'm working:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Really satisfied

Ich war auf Grund eines Videos etwas skeptisch, ob der Tisch auch stabil genug ist. Klar gibt er etwas nach, wenn man sich mit ganzem Gewicht drauflehnt oder heftig dagegen stößt. Aber im Arbeitsalltag ist er mehr als stabil genug und da wackelt auch nichts. Meine Monitore stehen allerdings jeweils auf ihren Monitorstandfüßen und hängen nicht an einer Monitorhalterung.
Beim Einprogrammieren der Höhen war ich kurz irritiert, da es nicht sofort funktionierte - ich hatte zu lange auf die Nummerntaste gedrückt. Man darf sie nur kurz drücken. Für mich reichen die zwei Positionen. Falls aber zwei Personen den Schreibtisch nutzen, wären vier natürlich schon sinnvoll. Die Höhenverstellung selbst funktioniert tadellos.
Ich wollte ursprünglich den dunkelgrauen. Da der in der gewünschten Größe nicht sofort lieferbar war, habe ich mich doch für Eiche entschieden. Ich hatte nach wenigen Tagen einen Kratzer in der Oberfläche. Keine Ahnung woher. Insofern bin ich froh über "Eiche", weil hier der Kratzer nicht auffällt. Eventuell wäre er auf einer einfärbig und glatten Oberfläche besser sichtbar.
Standing isn't necessarily better than sitting, but I really like the variety. I also tend to take a few steps or move around while standing.

A top quality desk

Der Aufbau bzw. die Montage ist kinderleicht.
That said, maybe you should fine-tune the instructions or the illustrations and the assigned screws again.

Die Qualität ist bei diesem Produkt hervorragend. Alles fühlt sich sehr wertig an und ist sehr gut verarbeitet.
An eye-catcher from every angle.

Der Motor zum rauf und runterfahren ist relativ leise und reagiert sofort.
Feine justierungen sind möglich. Sollte der Schreibtisch im Fahrmodus auf ein Hindernis stoßen, reagiert die Abschaltung sofort ohne das ein Schaden am Motor ensteht.
In general, the workmanship is very good and the motor and the control panel are very well thought out.

Was ich mir zuguterletzt wünschen würde, wäre das die gespeicherten Programme im Bedienteil durch einmaliges drücken automatisch in die gewünschte Position fahren.
Unfortunately, you still have to hold the saved height on button 1 or 2 until the position is reached.

Florian Nemetz-Fiedler
Unreserved recommendation

Great product, fair price, fast shipping, very friendly/helpful/accommodating customer support. Unreserved recommendation! Many thanks to the Yaasa team!

Very nice table, good quality

The table was packed very carefully, no damage during transport. The assembly works very well with the enclosed instructions and is completed very quicky. The quality of the table is really good, which to be honest I'm pleasantly surprised about. The startup and shutdown work without problems. The customer service is also very courteous and easily accessible, as well as being very competent. I am very satisfied, so now I hope that the quality and customer service will continue to be convincing during use.

Constanze Jaron
just perfect

Best investment for my home office