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Electric Adjustable Beds 7 Health Benefits

Sleep Science · 11/15/18

Yaasa 7Benefits Electirc Bed Cover - Electric Adjustable Beds 7 Health Benefits

The type of mattress you have can be the difference between a restful good night’s sleep and an uncomfortable one. That is mainly the reason why electric adjustable beds are quickly becoming popular. They are not only ideal for people who love experimenting with their bed frames and foam mattresses. They also yield amazing benefits to one’s health and lifestyle, especially those who sleep with sleep disorders and pain.

With an electric adjustable bed, you don’t have to adjust your body to an ideal position or stack up on pillows to make your night’s sleep cozier and more pleasant. Using the help of only a remote control, you can transform your flat bed into whatever form or shape is ideal to your body. There are so many things an electric adjustable bed can do that no ordinary mattress or memory foam can – and it’s not hard to change anyone’s mind!


Health Benefits of Electric Adjustable Beds

From upper body pain to snoring and mobility issues, electric adjustable beds can solve a myriad of health problems. That is because these types of mattresses are specially designed with an electric motor and USB ports made to give the body better circulation and proper support seamlessly. So, whether you’re in Trendelenburg position, reverse Trendelenburg, or upright position, you will still experience the health benefits of an electric adjustable bed. Compared to a standard flat mattress, the health benefits are endless and here’s why:

Electric Adjustable Beds

Relieves upper body and back pain

One of the top reasons why an adjustable bed mattress is better than spring mattresses is because the former works on a system that creates an ergonomically correct position for your spine’s natural curve. When you sleep on a flat king size bed, the tension on your muscles and joints tend to increase, putting your body in an incorrect posture. So, instead of gaining vat relief from your sleep, your body is still in stress mode. Sometimes, even memory foam pillows cannot fix this misalignment.

With a mattress for adjustable beds, you can not only avoid body pain caused by spine misalignment but also relieve existing upper body and back pain. It can help you adjust both your head and foot to give support to your spine and other pressure points while sleeping. You can also put your neck in a more comfortable position so you can prevent neck aches in the morning.


Improve overall body circulation

Maintaining the body’s circulatory system throughout the night is vital to achieving restful sleep. A typical mattress is unable to equally distribute pressure on your body which, in turn, forces your heart to work twice as hard to deliver oxygen into the bloodstream. With an adjustable frame, you can adjust your sleep surface into a position that promotes proper distribution of blood flow to the heart.


Treats chronic pain and arthritis

People who have chronic arthritis and other painful illnesses know how horrible it is to wake up in the morning hoping to get a recuperative rest but getting stiff joints instead. An average mattress may aid you in your sleep, but it cannot alleviate the pain from your aching joints as only an electric adjustable frame can. By adjusting the height of your head and foot, you can quickly and smoothly rise from your bed without the unnecessary agony.


Alleviates swollen legs

Pregnant women are not the only ones who experience swollen legs. Leg pain caused by trauma or injuries can also make it hard for people to wake up in the morning. When you lie flat in a queen size bed, it causes fluids to pool and increases the swelling, inflammation, and pain. People who suffer from this dilemma are advised by doctors to raise their legs while sleeping. Using electric adjustable bed frames, you can elevate your legs and feet in a comfortable position to reduce the risks of pain and varicose veins.

Electric Adjustable Beds

Improve digestion

Acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, is a health problem that causes the stomach to wash acid into the esophagus. It can cause serious harm to the esophageal lining and can be a precursor of other illnesses such as heartburn and snoring. Some people also report having experienced acid reflux during their sleep.

Lying on a twin XL bed and the conventional mattress is not advised for people suffering from acid reflux. That is because when you are asleep, your body’s ability to process and digest food is hampered, increasing your chances of acid reflux or snoring episode. One of the best ways of preventing this is by elevating your head by six inches using a pragma adjustable bed to achieve maximum digestion during sleep.


Relieves insomnia

Insomnia plagues millions of people around the world, and every year, a lot of money goes into the purchase of sleep aids in the hopes of getting some form of relief. However, what a lot of people are oblivious about is the fact that investing in a good mattress or foam can help relieve and treat insomnia and other sleep disorders.

When you sleep in ordinary foam, the blood flow in your body slows down and causes the deprivation of oxygen and nutrients in your brain. That causes the brain to wake up and interrupt you of your sleep. Sometimes, it can be in the form of sleep apnea. To be able to maintain your deep sleep throughout the night, your body should be in a comfortable wall hugging position without causing any blockage in your airways – and you can only achieve this with electric adjustable bed frames!

Electric Bed Benefits

Maximum comfort

If you are a wall hugger type of person who loves to hang out in the bedroom, then an adjustable mattress with memory foam is perfect for you! You can adjust this type of mattress to whatever angle you like so you don’t have to bury yourself in so many memory foam pillows. It is even suitable for couples who want to achieve more romantic and comfortable snuggles every night. So, whether you’re into watching TV before sleep, reading a book, breastfeeding your baby, or working in bed, an adjustable mattress can give you maximum comfort with zero pain.

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