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Quick Overview

Dual adjustable bed bases have long been used in hospitals to assist patients and doctors. However, consumers are discovering the benefits of adjustable bed frames at home and manufacturers are delivering. Pricewise, an adjustable bed base is more expensive when compared to a traditional bed frame. That makes sense because of the hydraulic component an adjustable base must possess.

Another factor to consider is the fact that these bases may include an array of features. Overall, adjustable bed bases provide value for the money spent. Here’s why:

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What is an Adjustable Bed?

Also referred to as a zero gravity bed, hospital bed, reclining, or even electric adjustable bed base, this type of base allows the mattress or surface to be elevated or reclined with the use of a remote control.  

Depending on the type of base, you can adjust the head or the foot independent of one another. This alleviates the problem of stacking (and falling pillows.) The adjustable base is equipped with hydraulics that can move with a click of the remote.[1]

Adjustable Bed vs Regular Bed

We often turn to our beds for a good night’s sleep, but it seems that the traditional bed frame is getting some serious competition from a dual adjustable bed. Many households are equipped with a regular bed base that is flat and comes in various sizes. You can put any mattress on top, such as a twin, twin XL, full, king, california king, or queen-sized ones depending on the size of the bed. But these bases do not move.

A dual adjustable bed, on the other hand, has several perks for couples. The greatest of which is that either side is controlled independently. Thus, the adjustable base allows each partner to elevate or recline their mattress using a remote control.[2]

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What are the features of Dual Adjustable Beds?

As adjustable bed bases are becoming more mainstream, consumers are starting to see the value of having dual adjustable beds in their home. Aside from the base being adjustable, even more features can be added. The basic description of an adjustable base is that it allows you to raise your upper body or legs (or both). Here are some other features that may also be included.

  1. USB ports. Another feature that you often find in adjustable beds is that they also come with USB ports on both sides. That way, neither you or your partner will ever have to worry about charging your gadget while you are in bed. Having the USB port as part of the bed allows for a clean look free of cords or extension cords.
  2. Split king. Dual adjustable beds are equipped with a split type feature so you and your partner can adjust your side independent from one another to maximize your comfort. You can even sync if you wish to enjoy the benefits of an adjustable base together.[4]
  3. State-of-the-art technology. Another feature that you’ll find that dual king adjustable bed comes with is that it makes use of superior technology so that you will be able to adjust the base of your bed to accommodate the positions you are looking for a good night’s sleep quickly and quietly via remote. Aluminum bases are durable and lightweight, making set up and movement easy. Plus, the technology allows for easy reach of nightstands regardless of the bed position.[5]
  4. Remote controlled. Adjustable beds come with their own remote control so you will be able to adjust your mattress without having to get up. With a push of a button, you can elevate your upper body for a few inches so your head will be in a comfortable position as you read, or help raise your legs so the blood that has pooled on your feet, can drain back to minimize the swelling. And because it is a wireless remote control, you don’t have to worry about cables getting in the way.[6]
  5. Storage needs. For those bases that emphasize a clean frame, there is still plenty of storage room underneath the bed.[7]

Benefits of Dual Adjustable Beds

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A dual king adjustable bed is a good option to consider for families that are looking forward to more than just a good night’s sleep. An adjustable bed mattress has been found to offer numerous health benefits to the sleeper.

  1. Improve blood circulation. One of the advantages of using an adjustable base for your memory foam mattress is that it can help improve your blood circulation since you can change positions to increase comfort when you sleep. The memory foam follows the contours of your body, so you will get a great night’s sleep easily. With an adjustable bed, you can elevate your legs to help eliminate or avoid lower extremity edema[8].
  2. Alleviates back pain. Another benefit to this type of base is that it can help ease back pain since you will be able to adjust your mattress to comfortable positions to reduce the pressure on your spinal cord, especially the lumbar area.
  3. Minimizes digestive issues. Acid reflux is a common occurrence in those who have digestive issues. In this case, the stomach acid goes back up the esophagus and throat leaving a burning sensation. Sleeping on a flatbed can exacerbate the problem hence those with the condition tend to put a lot of pillows under their upper body sleep in an inclined position. This can be uncomfortable as you move you during at night. A dual king adjustable bed, on the other hand, allows you to use the remote to bring your upper body in an inclined position to lessen the reflux.[9]
  4. Sleep faster. Another benefit to sleeping on adjustable base with a memory foam mattress is that you may fall asleep faster. You won’t have to toss and turn at night to find the right position. Imagine being ensconced comfortably on a foam mattress using adjustable bed sheets that are made specifically for this type of frame.
  5. Relieves arthritis pain. Arthritis pain can keep us from having a good night’s sleep, but if you think just switching to foam for your mattress is enough to reduce joint pain, you might want to reconsider. An adjustable mattress base helps you find a comfortable position where there is less pressure on the affected joints resulting in minimal flare-ups.[10]
  6. Combats sleep apnea. Another advantage to using a dual king adjustable base is that it can help alleviate sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be a potentially dangerous condition in which breathing stops and starts several times during the course of a night.[11] Sleep apnea can lead to numerous health conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, weight gain, and even diabetes.[12] An adjustable mattress with a remote-controlled bed frame can help you find a good position where the airway is not obstructed.
  7. Reduce snoring. A dual kind type of bed can be a boon to couples who have a snorer for a partner. Snoring can leave both the suffer and their partner groggy the next morning due to a poor night’s sleep. A king size, adjustable bed allows the couples to adjust one side of the bed to help reduce the snoring so both parties can sleep better at night.[13]
  8. Maximum comfort. Adjustable beds provide maximum comfort. It’s that simple. Aside from giving you more freedom to adjust the position of your bed, the base gives you easy access to USB ports. Add to this the fact that it is possible to combine your adjustable bed with visco-elastic foam mattress with a cooling gel, and you can be sure that you will ensure maximum comfort. The foam gives you that medium softness that relieves pressure from your body as you position yourself for sleep.
  9. Flexibility This type of base also gives you flexibility in whatever you do while you are in bed. Reading books, working on your laptop, or watching TV can be done without getting a sore neck. You no longer have to deal with stacking and falling pillows because you can simply adjust the position of your bed so you will be in an inclined position.[14]

Should you get an adjustable bed?

electric adjustable bed

A lot of people are singing their praises for the adjustable bed, especially the dual adjustable type since it provides them with both comfort and a wide range of benefits. More people are choosing to buy a comfortable mattress and frame before they develop a problem. With just a touch of a button, you can change your position in an adjustable bed[15].

But what about the dual adjustable kind?

As adjustable bed bases are becoming more mainstream, consumers are starting to see the value of having dual adjustable beds in their home. Aside from the base being adjustable, even more features can be added. The basic description of an adjustable base is that it allows you to raise your upper body or legs (or both). Here are some other features that may also be included.

  1. Easy to accessorize. With a dual king adjustable bed, sheet shopping is easy. Since you use two separate mattresses, there are many options to choose from.
  2. Adjusts separately. Another advantage to using dual adjustable is that you can customize your sleep position without affecting your partner’s sleep habits. Like it was mentioned before, dual adjustable beds move independently from the other which is one of the reasons why this type of bed frame is recommended for couples.
  3. More storage. What’s great about adjustable beds nowadays is that they are more streamlined compared to the bulky hospital beds that we are used to. This means that there is more space underneath the bed for additional storage, which is a plus for families.[16]

There is no denying that adjustable beds add a sense of well-being to families, especially those who have chronic pain or are having trouble getting sleep. The dual version of adjustable beds is a must have for couples who want to have more control over their sleep position. Dual adjustable bed frames are really the best of both worlds for couples.

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