Why the Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better Than a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed in 2020

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Quick Overview

Once only considered as a hospital bed in institutional wards, adjustable beds with foam and latex mattresses are fast-becoming a hot commodity in residential homes – and it’s no surprise. With amazing features such as preset sleep positions, remote controls, USB ports, and more, an adjustable bed mattress offers more comfort and functionality to the average consumer than a traditional frame. However, with the sudden influx of various adjustable bed brands, how can you weed out the best from the worst? [1]

Craftmatic Adjustable Bed

To help you choose which adjustable bed frame brand is best for you, let’s look at why the Yaasa Adjustable Bed is better than a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed.

Craftmatic Adjustable Bed


Craftmatic is one of the pioneers of adjustable beds and mattresses. The company was conceived back in 1974 with the aim of introducing an adjustable frame as a piece of furniture or home décor. Because of their famous TV commercials and infomercials, their business reached new consumers and expanded so that they offered a wide selection of mattresses from latex mattresses to the traditional innerspring. Their original bed frame concept was initially rooted in providing comfort only but soon advanced to more modern features such as USB charging, massage, and more. [2]



All Craftmatic Adjustable Bed models come with amazing features and warranty that make sleep and relaxation easier to achieve. For starters, it has backlit wireless remote controls that command and adjust whisper quiet motors in altering sleep positions. This capability is especially beneficial to people who do not like noise or those who sleep with a partner whom they do not want to wake up.

Craftmatic models also have therapeutic features like massage functions that relieve body pain. The feature uses wave-like vibrations that are strong enough to massage tired muscles. The adjustable base also has under-bed lighting and USB ports – both of which are good for people with mobility issues. [3]


Durability and a solid product warranty are always top priorities when buying an adjustable mattress bed base. Craftmatic, being one of the first adjustable bed brands to conquer the mattress industry, has considerable knowledge in durable design than others – and the warranty limit and customer feedback are proof. According to views, Craftmatic beds and mattresses are durable for the average sleeper. [4]


An Adjustable Bed Craftmatic comes with a 30 day trial period where you can test a bed frame and decide whether you want to keep it or ship it back. This policy ensures that each customer gets an adjustable frame with a mattress that meets his or her sleep quality expectations and needs. Craftmatic and Sleep Number models also come with a 15-year limited warranty that applies to motors, gears, controls, and the electrical system. [5]


No Wall-Hugging Technology

A Craftmatic Adjustable Bed and mattress may come with preset memory sleep positions such as the anti-snoring and Zero Gravity, but these are not customizable and do not perform with wall-hugging technology. Wall-hugging allows users to reach comfortably out to their nightstands without straining their necks. Without this preset, it’s almost impossible to reap any comfort and support from the bed frame. [6]

450-lb Capacity

Unlike the Yaasa Adjustable Base, Craftmatic models only have a 450-lb lifting capacity. That means two heavy individuals cannot sleep on a Queen Size Craftmatic adjustable mattress without completely ruining the warranty policy of both the adjustable base and the mattress. Choosing a mattress will also be more complicated as you can’t just buy any type of mattress you like without considering its weight. [7]

Limited Sources

Nowadays, online shopping websites are the main go-to places of consumers. Buying and looking for mattresses from the comforts of their home is just one of the many advantages of online shopping. Unfortunately, you can only buy a Craftmatic bed or mattress by calling sales personnel. They also do not allow other shopping sites to carry or sell their mattress brand, making purchasing a bit more difficult. [8]

Too Expensive

A single Craftmatic Adjustable Bed costs more than $6000, a number that is just too costly for an average consumer who wants to sleep comfortably. On top of that, you can’t buy the adjustable base alone without a mattress. If pricing is a concern for you, other cheaper adjustable bed brands cost only $500. And if you already have a memory foam mattress ready, buying a Craftmatic adjustable base with mattress is considered a waste of money. [9]

Yaasa Adjustable Bed


Craftmatic Adjustable Bed



Yaasa is a newcomer in the mattress industry. It was founded back in 2016 by Johannes Sauer with the passion and drive to “design world-class adjustable furniture that intuitively adapts to improve people’s lives.”  CITATION His interest in adjustable bed frames stems from his own experience of getting unbearable back aches and pains despite exercising and eating healthy. Later on, he discovered the incredible potential of adjustable furniture on human health and well-being after joining an Austrian tech company that used adjustable desks. Today, each Yaasa Adjustable Bed is made t help those with sleep apnea, promote circulation, provide back pain and pressure relief, and make watching TV more enjoyable in bed. [11]


Minimalist Design

The design of the Yaasa Adjustable Base is more for function than form. It is made sleek to offer more functionality. Yaasa models do not have an upholstered or padded frame for memory foam mattresses to prevent any mold or dust from being trapped. The contemporary look of the adjustable base is also for producing a clean, intact surface where all the wires and cords are hidden.


Craftmatic Adjustable Bed


Together with its minimalist design are fantastic features that are responsible for the bed’s comfort and functionality. Each bed comes with a wireless backlit remote control that is easy to use in the dark, two USB ports for no-hassle charging, 10-year warranty, one-touch flat sleep button for a quick adjustment, and two sleeping position presets (anti-snoring and Zero Gravity) that can easily be altered or customized depending on the user’s needs. [12]

Quick Delivery & Ease of Assembly

Another thing to note about the Yaasa Split King Adjustable Bed is its fast delivery, ease of assembly and fantastic customer service. It comes in two boxes and is very easy to put together. You can even go on the Yaasa’s website to check their useful instructional video. All the wooden slats, side rails, legs, and motors are all conveniently packed in the two boxes. And after putting them all together, you only need to insert the batteries in the remote control, and you’re ready to go. [13]

Craftmatic Adjustable Bed


Wall-Hugging Technology

It’s general knowledge that adjustable bases move, but what is inconvenient is that some adjustable bases move away from the wall and nightstand when the head of the bed is elevated. That is one of the many considerations that the Yaasa brand looked into before designing their models. The wall-hugging technology is the solution that prevents the space between you and the nightstand from changing, ensuring the user’s upper body is near the nightstand.


Craftmatic Adjustable Bed


Mattress Compatibility

Many adjustable bed brands require a specific mattress and, coincidentally, most mattress brands have particular warranty policies regarding adjustable beds, too. All Yaasa models are compatible with many mattresses, whether it is a memory foam mattress, latex mattress, foam mattress, pocket coil, or a hybrid of these mattresses. The frame will still be able to adjust and support the mattress without depriving you of a good night’s sleep. The adjustable bed can also still be operational without its legs. [15]


Craftmatic Adjustable Bed



Unlike the Craftmatic Adjustable Base, Yaasa models are more cost-effective, considering its amazing features. The Queen Size bed frame starts at $1699 and the King Size bed frame at $1999. All models also come with a 10-year warranty and free shipping. [16]



Judging by the company’s instructional video, the weight of the Yaasa Adjustable Bed and its legs are heavier than how it’s portrayed. If you’re alone, the weight will be much harder for you to install, adjust, and assemble the foam base. The good thing is that the installation is not complicated and can be done in less than a day if you have someone to help you with it. [17]


The Craftmatic Adjustable Bed may come with high-end features such as massage functions, pillow-tilting, preset sleep positions, and good warranty policy, but it is too expensive for an adjustable base that lacks wall-hugging technology. In fact, the number one complaint about it is its hefty price tag.

With Yaasa Adjustable Beds, you can enjoy the same modern features of the Craftmatic and Sleep Number bed (massage, lumbar support, wireless controls, warranty) without spending too much on a single adjustable base frame. It is the perfect solution for families, couples, and people who are suffering from a wide range of health issues including sleep apnea, acid reflux, post-surgery care, body aches and pains, and more. Yaasa models are also simple and functional yet very stylish (a headboard can add extra charm to your interior) and can add flair to a barren space. With a Yaasa Adjustable Bed, you don’t have to compromise comfort and functionality.


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