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Quick Overview

[email protected] is the brand name for a bi-component fiber created using polyethylene terephthalate. The material contains optically active particles which are incorporated into its core of product fibers. Hologenix LLC, the company that promotes [email protected] has organized multiple studies regarding the effectiveness of Hologenix. The focus of these studies was to determine if [email protected] can increase the oxygenation in a person’s body tissue and reduce various aches and pains. In a blind test, participants wearing products with [email protected] showed a significant increase in transcutaneous oxygen.[1]

How Does Celliant® Work

[email protected] contains 13 thermo-reactive minerals that are incorporated into the heart of the polyester fibers during the manufacturing process. These mineral properties combined with [email protected] technology increases the body’s ability to promote oxygenation. It absorbs as well as re-emits the visible as well as well as infrared electromagnetic light energy that the body emits. The proprietary minerals can alter the energy wavelengths before reflecting it back to the body, even through the layers of fabrics that you are wearing, in order for the tissue to absorb them. The resulting surge of energy can trigger vasodilation in the capillaries. An increase in oxygen is made available for your blood vessels which, in turn, can generate more fuel for the body. This natural process can help improve blood circulation with an average increase in tissue oxygenation by 7%. In effect, your body can effectively use more oxygen in an efficient manner.[2]

Celliant IR Light

How [email protected] Makes You Sleep Better

How does [email protected] technology make you sleep better? [email protected] infrared wavelengths boost various biological processes. The minerals convert your body’s heat to infrared energy before sending it back to you which can help you get a restful sleep at night.[3]
Make You Sleep Better With Celliant
[email protected] is believed to increase one’s oxygenation and boost circulation. The technology, when employed not only in your clothing but also as part of your bedding, can help you gain more of its benefits. It is believed that through increased oxygenation, you will be able to sleep better at night, improve recovery from physical exertions, as well as provide support to your thermoregulation. Thermoregulation is the process where your body is capable of maintaining its body temperature. Proper thermoregulation is essential for proper biological functions, proper sleep quality, and ongoing wellness.

In 2009, Dr. Marcel Hungs from the University of California conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over pilot trial tested healthy subjects that complained of lower back pain. After 2 weeks of collecting baseline data and another one week “washout period,” participants were asked to sleep on either a [email protected] mattress cover or on a placebo mattress cover. The median time spent awake at night was reduced by 18.3 minutes. Median sleep efficiency improved by 2.6%. Five patients also reported an increase in back pain.[4]

[email protected] Fiber in Mattress Covers

[email protected] is typically applied on the part of the fabric that comes in direct contact with the skin. To be clear, mattress covers are not 100% [email protected] Instead, this technology is incorporated into the fabric itself such as polyester. Usually, this fiber makes up 1/5th of the fabric blend which is enough to help sleepers gain the full benefits of this product. Here’s how [email protected] infrared technology help sleepers:

  • [email protected] can help improve restfulness when you sleep by reducing the time you need to fall asleep and providing more restorative sleep.
  • The material used in the mattress cover can help support regular circadian rhythm through thermoregulation, increase blood flow, as well as improve oxygenation.
  • Sleepers who experience pain, as well as other symptoms, tend to have a faster recovery when they use [email protected] fibers as part of their mattress beddings when they sleep.[5]

How [email protected] Helps Athletes

Celliant® Blanket

Hologenix, LLC, states that [email protected] infrared is designed to absorb and convert energy from your body into infrared rays which can penetrate the skin to improve oxygenation and increase blood flow. It simply makes use of our body’s conduction as well as convection heat. This can improve muscle recovery and performance. The technology is simple to access and makes for a better human body. Many athletes who have worn [email protected] technology have reported a faster recovery rate[6], that aids increased performance. Trainers and athletes alike are taking advantage of this technology today.

Why Use [email protected] Today?

You’re probably wondering what [email protected] infrared technology can do for you. This technology helps in opening up the blood vessels to boost blood flow which is particularly useful for those who tend to sit down most of the time. There is no doubt that a sedentary lifestyle is harmful to our physical health. Wearing a fabric that contains this technology can help regulate your blood flow and temperature, so your body will have a stable core temperature.

Tissue oxygenation can increase when wearing this product, thus promoting faster recovery from various physical activities, enhancing your sleep at night, while boosting your performance, energy, stamina, endurance, and muscle recovery during the day. One adverse effect of using [email protected] is that polyester must be used in the manufacturing process. Those allergic to polyester may not be able to use this product. Aside from this, [email protected] is safe to use since it is merely mirroring back your body’s energy to where it belongs. Wearing this fabric, or sleeping on it, can help your body to function better.

Are the Claims True?

It is understandable that you will feel a bit skeptical about the effects of [email protected], but this technology has been extensively studied, developed, and clinically tested with regards to effectiveness and durability. The company, Hologenix, LLC, has finished 10 clinical as well as physical trials together with institutions such as Texas A & M University and the University of California Irvine.[7]

Celliant® Studies
As of 2017, the FDA has determined that [email protected] products meet the criteria required to be deemed as certified medical devices and general wellness products. After the Food and Drug Administration clinically tested [email protected] products, they deemed the technology increases blood flow to areas that came in contact with the skin.[8]

[email protected]’s Impact on the Market

Manufacturers are always on the lookout for the next best thing to offer their customers. Aside from looking for products that increase comfort, people are now seeking more features and solutions to help their lifestyle. With the numerous benefits that are linked to this technology, it appears that [email protected] technology will grow in popularity.


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