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Adjustable Bed Remote – The Benefits of a Wireless Adjustable Bed Remote

There’s a reason why luxury adjustable beds have found their way into regular households. They are not only trendy but also a “must-have” for people who are suffering from sleep disorders, body pain, and spine misalignment. If you or a family member is suffering from any of those ailments, switching to an adjustable comfort bed makes sense.

However, when buying one, it’s essential to choose the type that fits your everyday routine and preferably one that does not require you to adjust your mattress by hand manually. That is where an electric adjustable bed with a wireless adjustable bed remote comes in handy.

What is a Wireless Adjustable Bed Remote

A wireless adjustable bed remote is a device that comes with your adjustable bed frame. Classic brands of flexible bed mattresses include a regular remote control that is connected through the USB ports of the bed’s central system. While this type of remote control also helps with your sleep quality and comfort, it doesn’t necessarily give you much ease of accessibility. With wireless remote control, on the other hand, you can take advantage of the adjustable base and alter the angles of the head and foot sections without getting out of the bed.

Benefits of a Wireless Adjustable Bed Remote

Adjustable Bed Remote

  • It works on many mattresses.
    Typically, an adjustable bed works with many mattress types such as coil spring, foam, memory foam, latex, or hybrid. Some mattresses are not recommended to be used with adjustable beds such as air beds, waterbeds, and traditional innerspring beds.
    1. Memory Foam Mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are good at giving relief to patients suffering from chronic pain. A user can do a wide range of sleep positions in this mattress because it spreads weight away from the body’s pressure points and contours the natural shape of the user’s back.
    2. Latex Mattresses. Latex mattresses also give premium comfort through its all-foam architecture. However, the latex mattress does not feel the same as the memory foam which is often considered as buoyant. This mattress also comes in different aesthetics.
    3. Hybrid Mattresses. Hybrid mattresses combine a coil spring system with either memory foam or latex. This allows the sleeper the perfect blend of support and comfort.
  • It is useful in the dark.
    Electric beds may provide comfort when you fall asleep. An additional feature in some wireless adjustable bed remotes is the glow-in-the-dark features that enable the user to quickly press and hold to adjust the bed frame even without the need for light. Remotes also do not need electricity to function, only batteries.
  • It helps alleviate health problems.
    Whether you have obstructive sleep apnea, arthritis, an injury, or are a pregnant woman plagued with swollen legs, an adjustable bed remote is perfect for you. Why? You can tweak the head or foot of the bed to the perfect height to help alleviate symptoms or discomfort. Also, you don’t have to deal with fixing a pillow mound over and over again. With the wireless remote, you can easily adjust the bed to your preferred level and seamlessly go back to watching TV or sleep without ever leaving the bed.
  • It puts you in a zero-gravity position.
    The zero-gravity position is similar to the stance that astronauts take during liftoff. The purpose of that position is to alleviate the stress from their bodies as they leave the Earth’s gravity. Being in zero-gravity position during sleep is beneficial to people who suffer from sleep apnea and acid reflux. Some wireless remote controls for adjustable twin XL beds have a zero-gravity position preset that puts the feet and heart at the same level.
  • It helps you have independence.
    Senior citizens who have impaired mobility but still want to be independent can benefit a lot from an adjustable bed remote. That is because a wireless bed remote is designed with Wall Hugging features that specifically help people smoothly transition back to the center of the bed after slipping out. That means that, instead of lifting you away from the wall and your headboard brackets, your adjustable bed mattress retainer will raise you up and gently slide you back.
  • It gives you optimum ease and comfort.
    Because of the fast-growing popularity of adjustable beds, there are already different types of frames that offer various settings and may preset ideal to your wants and needs. Some bed frames can be set to do massages of pressure points and smoothly transition your body to different sleep positions. For additional comfort, you may want to add a mattress topper. Also, consider getting sheets made specifically for adjustable beds. Regular sheets may crunch up, wrinkle or come off when the bed’s elevation is altered. Adjustable bed sheets are made with deeper pockets or straps that stay flat when the bed’s elevation is altered. Your final choice would ultimately depend on the quality, material, and credibility of each product.

Adjustable Bed Remote

With the use of a wireless remote control, you can press a button, and the adjustable bed will easily settle your body into whatever angle is best for you. The possibilities for ease and comfort are endless and you can look forward to feeling rejuvenated in the morning.

Electric Adjustable Beds 7 Health Benefits

The type of mattress you have can be the difference between a restful good night’s sleep and an uncomfortable one. That is mainly the reason why electric adjustable beds are quickly becoming popular. They are not only ideal for people who love experimenting with their bed frames and foam mattresses. They also yield amazing benefits to one’s health and lifestyle, especially those who sleep with sleep disorders and pain.

With an electric adjustable bed, you don’t have to adjust your body to an ideal position or stack up on pillows to make your night’s sleep cozier and more pleasant. Using the help of only a remote control, you can transform your flat bed into whatever form or shape is ideal to your body. There are so many things an electric adjustable bed can do that no ordinary mattress or memory foam can – and it’s not hard to change anyone’s mind!


Health Benefits of Electric Adjustable Beds

From upper body pain to snoring and mobility issues, electric adjustable beds can solve a myriad of health problems. That is because these types of mattresses are specially designed with an electric motor and USB ports made to give the body better circulation and proper support seamlessly. So, whether you’re in Trendelenburg position, reverse Trendelenburg, or upright position, you will still experience the health benefits of an electric adjustable bed. Compared to a standard flat mattress, the health benefits are endless and here’s why:

Electric Adjustable Beds

Relieves upper body and back pain

One of the top reasons why an adjustable bed mattress is better than spring mattresses is because the former works on a system that creates an ergonomically correct position for your spine’s natural curve. When you sleep on a flat king size bed, the tension on your muscles and joints tend to increase, putting your body in an incorrect posture. So, instead of gaining vat relief from your sleep, your body is still in stress mode. Sometimes, even memory foam pillows cannot fix this misalignment.

With a mattress for adjustable beds, you can not only avoid body pain caused by spine misalignment but also relieve existing upper body and back pain. It can help you adjust both your head and foot to give support to your spine and other pressure points while sleeping. You can also put your neck in a more comfortable position so you can prevent neck aches in the morning.


Improve overall body circulation

Maintaining the body’s circulatory system throughout the night is vital to achieving restful sleep. A typical mattress is unable to equally distribute pressure on your body which, in turn, forces your heart to work twice as hard to deliver oxygen into the bloodstream. With an adjustable frame, you can adjust your sleep surface into a position that promotes proper distribution of blood flow to the heart.


Treats chronic pain and arthritis

People who have chronic arthritis and other painful illnesses know how horrible it is to wake up in the morning hoping to get a recuperative rest but getting stiff joints instead. An average mattress may aid you in your sleep, but it cannot alleviate the pain from your aching joints as only an electric adjustable frame can. By adjusting the height of your head and foot, you can quickly and smoothly rise from your bed without the unnecessary agony.


Alleviates swollen legs

Pregnant women are not the only ones who experience swollen legs. Leg pain caused by trauma or injuries can also make it hard for people to wake up in the morning. When you lie flat in a queen size bed, it causes fluids to pool and increases the swelling, inflammation, and pain. People who suffer from this dilemma are advised by doctors to raise their legs while sleeping. Using electric adjustable bed frames, you can elevate your legs and feet in a comfortable position to reduce the risks of pain and varicose veins.

Electric Adjustable Beds

Improve digestion

Acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, is a health problem that causes the stomach to wash acid into the esophagus. It can cause serious harm to the esophageal lining and can be a precursor of other illnesses such as heartburn and snoring. Some people also report having experienced acid reflux during their sleep.

Lying on a twin XL bed and the conventional mattress is not advised for people suffering from acid reflux. That is because when you are asleep, your body’s ability to process and digest food is hampered, increasing your chances of acid reflux or snoring episode. One of the best ways of preventing this is by elevating your head by six inches using a pragma adjustable bed to achieve maximum digestion during sleep.


Relieves insomnia

Insomnia plagues millions of people around the world, and every year, a lot of money goes into the purchase of sleep aids in the hopes of getting some form of relief. However, what a lot of people are oblivious about is the fact that investing in a good mattress or foam can help relieve and treat insomnia and other sleep disorders.

When you sleep in ordinary foam, the blood flow in your body slows down and causes the deprivation of oxygen and nutrients in your brain. That causes the brain to wake up and interrupt you of your sleep. Sometimes, it can be in the form of sleep apnea. To be able to maintain your deep sleep throughout the night, your body should be in a comfortable wall hugging position without causing any blockage in your airways – and you can only achieve this with electric adjustable bed frames!

Electric Bed Benefits

Maximum comfort

If you are a wall hugger type of person who loves to hang out in the bedroom, then an adjustable mattress with memory foam is perfect for you! You can adjust this type of mattress to whatever angle you like so you don’t have to bury yourself in so many memory foam pillows. It is even suitable for couples who want to achieve more romantic and comfortable snuggles every night. So, whether you’re into watching TV before sleep, reading a book, breastfeeding your baby, or working in bed, an adjustable mattress can give you maximum comfort with zero pain.

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed vs Yaasa® Adjustable Bed

People nowadays are seeing the value of investing on an adjustable bed for their personal use as it helps them find a comfortable position for better sleep. Not only do these beds move the top and bottom parts of the bed, but they also come with numerous features, from USB ports, wireless remote, and even a massage function too. But with all the choices available today, and the cost of investing on one, a lot of people are struggling on where to put their money on. If you are looking for the best adjustable bed, you might want to invest on Yaasa® adjustable bed as it is well worth the cost.

To better understand what you’ll be getting from Yaasa®, we have compared its features with Classic Brands Adjustable Bed. Both are good in terms of comfort, adjusting positions, and features. Let’s take a closer look at these beds.


Classic Brands Adjustable Bed

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed

The adjustable bed that Classic Brands has doesn’t require a box spring anymore since it can work as a platform bed which means that you’ll have plenty of space underneath for storage. As with any adjustable bed, this product is suitable for those who have medical conditions that require an adjustable mattress to provide comfort and support to their bodies while they are lying down. Here are the features that you’ll find in Classic Brands adjustable bed.

  • Comes with wired remote to control the head and foot elevation to make it easier to watch TV, work on your laptop, and even read.
  • It can be used with or even without the standard bed frame.
  • Parts are easy to unpack and assemble in bedrooms.
  • Compatible with different adjustable mattresses such as foam, air mattresses, and latex even.
  • Comes with a mattress bar to keep mattress in place.
  • It has a platform design but can be combined with traditional bed frames.
  • Has 2 USB charging ports for your devices.
  • Sleek and modern design to suit all bedroom styles.
  • Can enhance sleep quality of people with sleep apnea, GERD, heartburn, and even back problems just to name a few.[2]


Classic Brands adjustable bed also provides a dual massage feature depending on the style and design of the adjustable bed that you will choose. However, there are certain areas where they are lagging compared to their competitors. One such feature that may not appear regularly with their adjustable beds is the wall hugger which, if you don’t have one, may make it a bit difficult for you to reach something from your nightstand. Prices are reasonable too.[3]


The Yaasa® Adjustable Bed

Yaasa Adjustable Bed

What about Yaasa® adjustable bed? In terms of adjustable beds, there are more features found in this brand which will work perfectly with those who are not only experiencing back aches, GERD, sleep apnea, and the like, but anyone who needs a comfortable bed that will lull them to sleep. It has an impressive list of features that you are going to love.

  • Backlit wireless remote makes it easier for you to find the controls and adjust the bed even when the lights are out. No need to worry about disrupting your partner’s sleep because of this and it’s easy to spot the remote too.
  • There is an adequate space underneath the bed thanks to the clean design that Yaasa® adjustable beds come with.
  • Mattress compatibility is exceptional as it can work with all types of modern mattresses as well as bed frames.
  • USB outlets are found on either side of the bed, so you can still work on your computer even while on your bed. You can charge your devices too while sleeping.
  • It comes with a one-touch flat sleep function, so you can easily go back to your original position without having to fuss with the buttons. It is energy efficient plus, your sleep won’t be disrupted at all.
  • Components of the Yaasa® adjustable bed are sleek and stylish with better durability and longer lifespan compared to other brands. They are not bulky and will not be difficult to set up too.
  • It can go into zero-gravity position which makes your body feel weightless for better sleep experience.

Yaasa Adjustable Bed

Yaasa® adjustable beds are designed to provide maximum comfort by giving you ultimate control over your sleeping position. In terms of productivity levels, you’ll find that you’ll be able to work more efficiently because you’ll find a comfortable position in bed without having to prop yourself up with several pillows. With a push of a button, you’ll be able to find a natural position where your back gets support and your legs raised properly to alleviate back problems as you work on your laptop.

Even day-to-day activities like reading, watching TV, or playing can be more enjoyable in bed because of the numerous positions that you can go to with a touch of a button. Another plus to Yaasa® adjustable beds is that it comes with anti-snore technology which allows you to preset your position in bed. This way, your sleep won’t be interrupted with your constant snoring since you can elevate your head position at a comfortable angle for a set period of time, before your bed goes back to its original position. It’s an adjustable bed that makes life easier.

It is understandable that finding the right adjustable bed for you will not be that easy to do especially when there are tons of options to choose from. But if you want the best value for your money, Yaasa® adjustable bed is a clear winner not just in terms of design, but also in terms of support, features, and compatibility with modern mattresses and they have the longest lifespan too. It pays to weigh the pros and cons of adjustable beds first which is why, if you compare Classic Brands vs Yaasa®, the latter is the clear winner with its sleek and modern design, and infinite features to choose from.

Split King Adjustable Bed – 7 Immediate Health Benefits

Finding the perfect bed for your bedroom is one of the keys to having a great night’s sleep. Traditional mattresses are all well and good, but nowadays, people are looking into investing on adjustable bed brands because of the numerous benefits that they offer. One particular example of adjustable base that couples are considering is the split king adjustable bed.


What is the Split-King
Adjustable Bed?

Although most couples prefer to stick with a single adjustable bed, some prefer to invest on the split type adjustable base to accommodate each of their own preferences. The split king adjustable bed is basically two Twin XL mattress that come in separate bases as well as box springs. The size of the mattress measures at 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. This is ideal for the master bedroom and installing a split king type of adjustable base is even better.


Benefits of Split-King
Adjustable Bed

If you want to have a good night’s sleep, and your mattress is preventing you from having one because of the bumps and lumps that it already has, investing on a split king adjustable base is going to make you look forward to sleeping at night. What other benefits that you can get from an adjustable bed base or bed frame? Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Easier to move compared to traditional king-size bed. Compared to your regular king mattress, the split king is easier to bring to the second floor because it is made from two Twin-size mattresses. This means that there will be less weight to lug up the stairs, plus you can easily navigate those tight corners too.
  2. Reduce back pain. Installing a king adjustable base in your bedroom is going to help reduce the back pain that you, or your partner has. This is due to the fact that the adjustable bed base allows you to elevate your head or your legs until there is less pressure on your spine.
  3. Enhance blood circulation. Another health benefit that you can get from the split king adjustable bed is that it helps ensures that your blood circulation is running smoothly. With your blood flowing freely at night, you will be sleeping better since you will be able to adjust the sleeping position of your body, so that there will be no restrictions or obstructions to the blood flow.
  4. Minimize leg swelling. Swollen legs tend to happen when the blood has pooled at your feet. This is common in women, those who have injured their legs, or have health issues that cause their leg to swell. When you lie in a flat position on your mattress, the fluids in your body can contribute to the pooling on your legs but raise your legs at a certain angle and you will drain the buildup on your foot or feet.
  5. Address sleep disturbances. Sleep apnea, snoring, heartburn, and even GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disorder are just a few known health issues that can disrupt your sleep. Snoring and sleep apnea are two of the most common nighttime issues which are triggered when your muscles in your throat or nasal airways become relaxed. When this happens, there is an obstruction in your airways that prevent you from breathing well. Investing on an adjustable base, on the other hand, with memory foam mattresses on top, can help reduce these disturbances because, with a push of your remote control, you will be able to elevate your head higher to help clear up your airways. Even your acid re-flux will be kept at bay because your upper body is elevated which prevents your stomach acid to go back up your esophagus.
  6. Enhances digestion. Another plus to purchasing adjustable bed base is the fact that it can provide additional support to your digestion. You probably had days where your stomach felt full in the morning, with you wishing that you hadn’t eaten a lot last night. Lying flat on your mattress is actually hindering your digestion which is why investing on king size electric beds is worth checking out. For one thing, the remote control that it comes with, allows you to adjust your sleeping position, so your digestive system will be working better even when you are asleep.
  7. Improves overall lifestyle. What other benefits can you get from electric adjustable beds? Installing an adjustable bed base on your traditional bed frame can improve your overall lifestyle, as it gives you power over your comfort, especially when you choose a king adjustable base. No need to prop yourself on several pillows just to be able to support your spine while working on your computer or reading even. Most of us tend to put pillows against the headboard brackets to help keep us in place, but it will only take a few minutes for us to feel uncomfortable in this position. With your awkward position, you’ll probably feel aches and pains on your neck, shoulders, and even on your back. Using a king adjustable base, on the other hand, that is equipped with XL mattresses, can give you and your partner a different level of comfort because you will be able to raise your head and your legs effortlessly.


Getting a king-size bed is all well and good, but you’ll get more benefits when you choose an adjustable bed frame instead. With twin XL mattresses installed, you’ll find that this type of bed frame will give you more freedom to find the best position at night, so you’ll be able to sleep better. An adjustable base that has USB ports, wall hugging features, and a remote control, it’s no wonder many are looking into various brands such as Classic Brands and Yaasa® Adjustable bed to meet their needs. And if you want to get the best value for your money, the numerous features that Yaasa® adjustable beds has to offer is well worth considering.




Do Adjustable Beds Help Snoring? Yes, Here’s How

Snoring is a common sleep disorder. It affects about 90 million Americans, 37 million people on a regular basis. Approximately one-half of those affected suffer from a condition called sleep apnea.[1] A snoring problem does not discriminate between genders. It denies a restful night’s sleep equally between men and women.


What is Snoring and What Causes It?

What is Snoring?
Snoring is noisy breathing during sleep. It can occur nightly or on an intermittent basis. When people sleep, their throat muscles relax. The tongue falls backward and the throat and airway narrow. When this happens, the throat walls begin to vibrate. These vibrations lead to the noise called snoring. The action happens more with inspiration but can occur with expiration as well. This is called obstructive sleep apnea. It affects about one-half of those who snore loudly. Sleep apnea tends to increase with age.[2]

People who suffer from sleep loss offer tell-tale signs. They develop dark circles under the eyes, daytime sleepiness, and irritability.[3] Unfortunately, often so do their partners. Once snoring start affecting your daytime activities (and safety), it’s imperative that you take measures to reduce snoring, if not eliminate this condition.


Contributors to Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The severity of obstructive sleep apnea is affected by a number of factors. All of these contribute to denying people proper sleep.

  • Sleeping position. A person’s sleep position can cause him to snore at night. Back sleepers are more prone to snoring as their throat tissue relaxes causing a throat stricture and snoring.
  • Weight. A significant weight gain can put, you at risk of excessive snoring or sleep apnea since more fatty tissues are surrounding your throat.
  • Nasal problems. It is possible that your snoring is triggered by sinus or even nasal issues that make it harder for air to pass through your airway.[4]


What are Adjustable Beds?

Adjustable Bed

The adjustable bed base has long been associated with hospital beds. That’s not surprising as healthcare professionals wanted their patients to get the most restful sleep possible. The electric adjustable bed has changed over the years and now made their way into the mainstream. These beds not only offer a good night’s sleep but provide numerous health benefits as well.


Do adjustable beds help snoring?

The answer is “yes.” If you snore and have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may find a Yaasa adjustable bed is an excellent investment. Here’s how using an adjustable base from Yaasa can help you out.

A Yaasa adjustable bed is designed to raise your head which can help open your airway. A good mattress that is designed for your adjustable frame can improve your sleeping significantly. Regarding mattresses, the Yaasa adjustable bed works with most modern mattresses. That means whether you want to lift your head a few inches or several inches, your chosen mattress will be a good fit.[5]

  • Alleviates pressure on the throat by elevating your head. Yaasa adjustable bed is designed to raise your head which can help open your airway. An elevated head on an adjustable bed frame can help reduce the pressure on your throat muscles by elevating your head a few inches. This simple move can help prevent blockages in your airways.[6]
  • Works Well In Tandem With Other Devices. For people that snore and use anti-snoring devices such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), anti-snoring pillows or dental devices that treat apnea work well with the Yaasa adjustable bed. The Yaasa adjustable bed uses “sliding technology” so that you can keep your nightstand or any equipment within reach no matter what position you are in.[7]


How Adjustable Beds Help You Get The Best Night’s Sleep

Adjustable Bed Best Night's Sleep

Adjustable beds are also referred to as reclining beds, and they do offer numerous health benefits. They help relieve aches and pains in your body especially as you age. Are you wondering how this adjustable bed base can improve your sleeping? Here are some of the other benefits you can experience.

    • Better sleeping position. Another benefit that is linked to the adjustable bed frame like Yaasa is that it helps you create an optimal sleeping position for those who suffer from acid-reflux. By elevating the head of the bed, stomach acids are prevented from going back up your esophagus and throat. This can lead to a more refreshing sleep.[8]
    • No need for several pillows. Most people tend to prop their head up on pillows to stop their snoring, but because their pillows can slip as they turn, their sleeping position gets changed which can trigger their apnea or wake them up. An adjustable bed like Yaasa, on the other hand, ensures that your upper body is in an elevated position eliminating the need to constantly reposition pillows helping you to get a good night’s sleep. [8]
    • Improves relaxation. Reading or watching TV while in bed is one way for us to feel relaxed, and thanks to the adjustable bed frame, with a push of a button on your remote control, you can adjust the position of your bed to a more comfortable one rather than just being flat.[9]
    • Fall asleep faster. Another benefit to using adjustable bases you can move the head and foot until you find the perfect position making it easier to fall asleep.[10]
    • Reduces the risk of high blood pressure. What other benefits are linked to using an adjustable bed? It appears that elevating your head as well as your legs can reduce poor circulation that is one of the leading causes of aches and pains in your body.[11]
    • Edema. It’s not unusual for people to develop lower leg swelling as they age. This can cause pain as well as be hard on the heart. Having an electric adjustable bed allows people to elevate their legs while sleeping. The person is better able to achieve a restful sleep but helps their heart as well.[12]
    • Distributes weight. Using an adjustable bed can help distribute your weight evenly so that your pressure points will not be pinched. Also, for those that suffer from fibromyalgia and experience pain from their neck to their legs, weight distribution is key for pain control.[13]

Do adjustable beds help snoring? Yes. But, they do so much more. For people who snore, an adjustable bed base allows for head elevation to open up your airway and improve sleep. Their health benefits range from relieving body pain to providing a restful sleep that refurbishes the body. They help relieve aches and pains in your body, especially in your back, neck, and legs. A Yaasa adjustable bed works in tandem with just about any adjustable mattress, whether it be memory foam or a hybrid. The Yaasa adjustable bed may be the perfect solution for a good night’s sleep for any age.



Are Adjustable Beds Good For Side Sleepers?

We all know the importance of having a good night’s sleep, but when your sleeping position is causing you aches and pains, you need to consider some solutions. There are different types of sleepers such as stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and side sleepers. There are pros and cons to every type of sleeping position.


How Many People Sleep on their Side?

According to a survey that was conducted back on January 3, 2013. Out of 3,700 respondents, a whopping 74% of them reported that they sleep on their side. Accordingly, 16% sleep on their stomach while 8% choose to sleep on their back.[1]


Facts About Side Sleepers

Side Sleeper Pressure Relief

As the name suggests, side sleepers position themselves on their left or right side when they sleep. Due to our anatomy, sleeping on our left side can provide quite a number of benefits to the body.

  • Alleviates acid reflux and heartburn
  • Helps with digestion
  • Stimulates toxin drainage from the lymph nodes
  • Improves circulation
  • Helps brain filter out waste[2]


  • Applies undue pressure on stomach and lungs
  • Puts stress on shoulders
  • Arm tingling due to resting on the arm[3]


Adjustable Beds Good For Side Sleepers? Yes, here’s why

Are adjustable bed for side sleepers any good? Yes. Because side sleepers put pressure on one side of their body, pressure points can cause tenderness during sleep. This position puts can cause strain on your hips, neck, and shoulders.[4] This is where an adjustable bed comes in.

What’s great about an adjustable bed for side sleepers is that it can elevate your upper body into a more comfortable and relaxed position where your knees are relaxed and that there is less pressure on your shoulders, hips, and neck. Combine this with a memory foam mattress, and you will not have to worry about shoulder pain or even hip pain the next day.[5]


Benefits of Adjustable Beds for Side Sleepers

Do adjustable beds work for side sleepers? Yes, an adjustable bed frame can offer amazing benefits.

  • Regulates blood flow. One of the benefits that you can get from an adjustable base is that it will help regulate your blood flow since there is no obstruction at all.
  • Makes you sleep better. Another plus to using adjustable bed side sleepers is that it helps you fall asleep easily since you are getting comfort while you are in bed.
  • Helps Prevent sleep apnea. Most of us rely on pillows to alleviate apnea, but when your pillows become misaligned, your apnea may get triggered once more, plus you may end up with a crick on your neck. An adjustable bed can put you in a position where there is enough support on your neck to avoid the pain there in the morning.[6]


Best Type of Mattress for a Side Sleeper

Sleeping With Legs Elevated

Although sleeping on your back is better for your spine, side sleeping is the next best sleeping position that you should go into. Not only does this alleviate your sleep apnea and snoring, but it is also a good position for pregnant women.[7]

If you are looking for the best mattress for your body to get the best night’s sleep, you’re probably considering foam or memory foam. For adjustable bed base, you might want to check out the hybrid medium firm mattress from Yaasa®.

What is the Hybrid medium firm mattress? This type of mattress is a combination of transition layers, infinity foam, and the pocket coal system for that ultra-comfort at night. The cooling foam offers a comfort layer that prevents your body from heating up while the transition layers provide support for your spine. As for the pocket coil system, it adds to the hybrid mattress bed’s durability as well as responsiveness based on the movements of your body.[8]

Latex mattresses are known for their durability and healthiness. They’ve been around since the 1950’s. These mattresses are known for their firmness. If you have pressure point tenderness, a foam mattress may be more comfortable. Both foam and latex mattresses, in any variety, work well on an adjustable bed frame.

However, traditional innerspring mattresses (not pocket coil) are not advised for use on an adjustable bed frame.


Importance of Spinal Alignment for Side Sleepers

Some sleepers lie in a traditional fetal position, This position is not really recommended as you are putting a lot of strain on your spine, muscles, and joints. If you are a side sleeper, you may sometime experience a tingling sensation in the shoulders, neck, and hips. This can be due to your body position, mattress type, mattress firmness or even the bed frame.

One of the things that you need to take into account when sleeping on your side is your spinal alignment. When you sleep on your side, your spine goes into a neutral position which is a good position for women who are pregnant. The best way to achieve this is to place a pillow between your legs, and that the pillow under your head and neck is firm enough to keep them in a neutral position. There are many types of pillows that are made of various materials, including memory foam that can conform to your body.

As for head pillows, with a Yaasa® adjustable bed, you’ll no longer be looking for fallen pillows. You can elevate the head of the bed as little or as much as you want.

Using this adjustable bed for side sleepers, on the other hand, can reduce your worries that your pillow will become misaligned as you move around in bed. Yaasa’s adjustable bed frames provide you with the best solution to your sleep even when you are on your side.[9]


Importance of Pressure Relief for Side Sleepers

Why do side sleepers need to consider pressure relief when choosing a mattress? The problem with sleeping on your side is that your spine can become misaligned. Also, laying on pressure points as well as on your internal organs can prevent them from working properly. Also, side sleepers are prone to neck problems because sleeping in this position for hours.


Do adjustable beds work for side sleepers?

Yes. There is no doubt that adjustable bed frames are worth investing in especially when you want to get a good night’s sleep. Regardless of what sleeping position you choose, you will find that sleeping on this type of bed is going to be quite welcome.

For side sleepers, sleeping on an adjustable base and gel foam mattress will allow you to wake up refreshed because of adequate support that you are getting from your bed whenever you go to sleep. You won’t lose sleep over receiving a Yaasa® adjustable bed with its thoughtful packaging, buyer’s guide, and easy assembly.




Sleeping With Legs Elevated

Zero Gravity Sleep Position

How to Naturally Stop Snoring

Here’s Why A Cheap Adjustable Can Cause You Lower Back Pain

Here’s Why Cheap Adjustables Can Cause You Lower Back Pain

We all deserve to have a good night’s sleep, but when your mattress is giving you aches and pains you need to consider changing it to get the support that your body needs. Chronic back pain prevents 31 million Americans from enjoying sleep.[1] Lying on a flat mattress is not recommended as it can prevent you from finding a good position that will ease pain and re-energize your brain and body.

Many consider investing in a good adjustable bed to offset their aches and pains. What makes the best adjustable beds for back pain? Sleeping on an adjustable base can help put your body in an inclined position up to 45 degrees while adding extra support under your knees to ease the pressure on your spine. Those who have undergone surgery, have back or neck pain, may find that they can sleep better when they are able to adjust their head and foot in a different position.[2]

Although there are many enjoy the benefits of an adjustable bed position for lower back pain, some wonder, “Do adjustable beds cause back pain?”

Is A Cheap Adjustable Bed Frame Good for You?

Many consider buying the best adjustable bed to aid their lower back pain but are settling for the cheaper versions to save money. Although the budget is a concern when it comes to an adjustable bed base, if you want to have a great night’s sleep all the time, you need to ensure it’s time to buy a Yaasa® adjustable.

Do adjustable beds cause back pain? Some do, especially the cheaper ones. They don’t have enough features that will make your sleep refreshing or healing. Let’s compare cheap adjustables with the Yaasa® adjustable so you can see where they stand in terms of causing lower back pain.

Aside from considering what the best adjustable bed position for lower back pain is, it is also a good idea to consider what type of mattress you are going to use to ease any body pain. Mattresses play a role in getting a good night’s rest. A bed that is too soft or too firm can leave you with aching muscles when you wake up. The firmness of your bed mattress should be appropriate for your needs so that it alleviates pressure on your back, neck, and hips as you change your sleeping position.[3] What mattress works best for you?

cheap adjustable bed


  1. Memory foam mattress. Sleepers often choose a memory foam mattress for their adjustable bed because it offers maximum comfort. Memory foam often has several layers of foam to support the contours of your body. This provides relief on your pressure points as you lie down. What’s excellent about memory foam mattresses is that they have a dense base layer for support while the upper layer allows air to flow through, so that you won’t feel hot or sweaty through the night. Also, you can look for gel memory foam or visco-foam depending on the amount of comfort that you need. What most people love about a foam mattress is that it feels weightless. One reason behind this is that it makes use of materials that tend to adapt to your weight and contour of your body while bouncing back to its regular shape once you stand up. The material makes it a good option for your adjustable bed frame. You can expect these mattresses to last for up to a decade by rotating them every few months.[4]
  2. Latex mattress. Another type of mattress that can work with the best adjustable beds for back pain is latex. Latex mattresses are typically the top layer of a foam mattress. These mattresses may be newer, but they are an excellent option for those who are looking for an adjustable mattress to use on their adjustable base.
  3. Air mattress. Air mattresses do not usually have any problems with lack of support or sagging compared to other mattresses because of their design. The air chambers on an air mattress can be adjusted according to your needs. You can use it on your adjustable bed too if you like but since there is little to no comfort layer on top of it, its firmness may be too hard on your shoulders or hips especially when you sleep on your side.
  4. Hybrid mattress. The combination of pocket coil mattresses and memory foam work well as they fuse together to create the best of both worlds. This type of mattress provides you with above-average support and can reach ten to fifteen years when maintained correctly.
  5. Foam mattress. The high-density foam may give you a firm mattress to sleep on, but it does have limited options when it comes to firmness. You can choose this if you are looking for a firm to a medium-firm mattress.
  6. Innerspring mattress. Mattresses that have springs in them may help with your back pain, but they do tend to sag after a few years which can make your condition worse. You can look for this kind of bed that has a comfort layer included. You can expect an innerspring mattress to last five to seven years. Innerspring mattresses are not typically recommended for adjustable beds.[5]

A mattress topper is not a problem on a Yaasa®® adjustable bed. Just like the variety of mattresses that can be used on such a bed, so can toppers.

Now that you have an idea on what type of mattresses can be used with your Yaasa®® adjustable, it’s time to weigh the cheap adjustables with Yaasa®®. Cheap adjustable beds are designed for mattresses eight inches in height or less. On the other hand, the Yaasa® adjustable bed can accommodate just about any type of mattress with little to no problem.

Wall Hugger/ Wall Sliding Technology

An adjustable bed causing back pain occurs when the bed movement is not in sync with natural body movement. Cheap adjustables can exacerbate lower back pain because they merely adjust the height of your upper body and lower body. The mechanics do not take into account the other movements that you do while you are in an inclined position such as reaching for your glasses, your phone, and such which are typically placed on your nightstand. Although this is what many adjustable beds do, Yaasa® has a wall hugger or wall sliding technology which gives you all the comfort that you need as you lie in bed.

What is wall hugger or wall sliding technology? With the Yaasa® bed, the mattress will fall back so you will have a comfortable setup rather than forcing your head and your neck forward at an impossible angle. This way you won’t have any problems reaching out for any item on your nightstand.


Cheap adjustable beds tend to be bulkier and heavier compared to Yaasa® since the latter is designed to be lightweight and easy to install. Yaasa® is light but sturdy and comes with four individual planks of wood that one can easily install on the metal frame. Top and bottom panels are adjustable.[6] Yaasa® comes with four motors, with two placed at the head while the other two are at the legs. These mechanisms are found in the side rails of the bed which frees up space underneath. This also minimizes the bulk of the bed frame too. One person can easily put the Yaasa® frame together.

Zero G Position

Yaasa ONE Sleep System

Do adjustable beds cause back pain? Not necessarily. If your back pain is caused by such conditions, such as spinal stenosis or you are seeking pain relief from arthritis, investing in a Yaasa bed base versus cheap adjustables is highly recommended. This is because Yaasa has a Zero-G position or zero gravity that is quite helpful to those who are suffering from body aches and pains. The Zero-G Position removes the pressure on your lower back by evenly distributing your weight on your mattress. When you adjust your bed into Zero G, your blood circulation will improve significantly, thus reducing the swelling on your legs and feet.[7]

Head Up Only Position

An adjustable bed causing back pain does not have to be a given. Back pain can occur if they buyer purchases a cheaper and bulkier version. Cheaper alternatives do not give adequate support and adjustment to their sleeping position. Add to this the fact that their mattress compatibility is limited, and your sleep may be compromised. It is one of the reasons why the topic of an adjustable bed causing back pain has cropped up.

Yaasa®, on the other hand, gives you perfect control over your sleeping position. You are able to raise your upper body on an incline to prevent acid reflux.

Lifting The Legs

Lying with your legs elevated offers a number of health benefits for your body. First, it can increase the blood flow to your heart. Second, it can lessen edema (swelling) of your lower extremities.

Lying with your legs lifted is also one of the best adjustable bed position for lower back pain. Isthmic spondylolisthesis is a condition where one vertebra slip over the one below it. Often people sleep better when an angle is created between your thighs and trunk.[8] This angle helps reduce the pressure on your spine

There is no doubt that one of the best best adjustable bed position for lower back pain is the Yaasa Zero G gravity position. Not only is there pressure relief on your spine, but you’ll feel a weightlessness which gives you that cradling effect. The support that this adjustable bed gives you and your partner at night allows you to achieve a peaceful sleep.

You can do all this with the Yaasa adjustable bed. Also, for those who love to work while relaxing in bed, the Yaasa adjustable bed allows you to comfortably raise the head portion of your body. What’s great about Yaasa is that the adjustable offers you a wide range of motion with maximal ease. You can find the perfect adjustable bed position for lower back pain with just a touch of the button on the backlit wireless remote.

If you are seeking the best adjustable beds for back pain, skip the cheaper alternatives and invest in a Yaasa adjustable bed. This bed frame is compatible with different types of mattress such as foam, memory foam, latex, and hybrid while providing complete support to the spine. Whether you suffer from back pain or just want a bed that provides good support, a Yaasa adjustable bed is lightweight, sturdy, convenient, and comfortable.



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