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Adjustable Bed Frame Reviews – Why Yaasa Is The Top Pick For 2019

It’s a fresh year! Out with the old and in with the new. There is just something about welcoming a new year that makes one want to overhaul their life, get a makeover, switch careers, or even just go shopping for new furniture. It’s impossible to overstate the life-changing power of making thoughtful purchases for yourself and for your home, of not scrimping on things that have a significant impact on your quality of life. What piece of furniture could be more impactful to your everyday life than your bed? Read more below about the top pick adjustable bed frame for 2019.

An average person will spend a third of his or her life sleeping. Add the rest of the hours they will spend in bed awake, perhaps reading a book, watching TV, cuddling with a loved one, or just merely lounging and resting. Your bed is where you relax at the end of the day and get a good night’s sleep, it’s safe to say that the bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture one could own, and it deserves thoughtful consideration.

The first thing that may come into consideration when talking about beds is the mattress type by virtue of it having direct contact with the body. The sheets and pillows might come in second and third. But not to be ignored is the equally important bedframe. All of these things combine to sound sleeping.

Give your bedroom, your body, and your mattress the bed frame it deserves. People first became aware of adjustable bed frames when observing a typical hospital bed. Medical staff was quick to notice the negative side effects of lying on a flat surface. Over time, adjustable bases gained in popularity at home helping people who were recovering from injuries or medical conditions. People who suffer from respiratory problems or a decrease in lower extremity blood flow found that they could sleep with greater ease propping up their feet. Eventually, adjustable bed bases became mainstream as consumers realized they could be used to gain and maintain good health. A new industry was born.

A survey of adjustable bed frame reviews puts the Yaasa Adjustable Bed Frame on top of the pack, making it the top pick for 2019. Experts and actual customers have all weighed in on how this bed promotes pain relief, comfort, better sleep, and increases productivity. If you can only make one big-ticket purchase for your home and health for this year, the Yaasa Adjustable Bed Frame with its fully adjustable bed base should be it.

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed Frame is packed with amazing features:

  • Wall Hugging Technology
    Lots of people do things in their bed other than sleep, such as eat, work on a laptop, read, and watch TV. For those people, the wall sliding technology of the Yaasa Adjustable Bed Frame will be truly appreciated. The top part of the bed frame, or where your head is positioned, can slide up the entire flat mattress and slides back to the headboard. The technology works with a variety of mattresses from all foam to hybrid. The benefits of this feature are twofold: one, you don’t have to prop a mountain of pillows behind you to elevate your head or back or get into a fully seated position and two, you can still just as easily access night stands or tables positioned beside your bed. You don’t have to contort or twist your body to reach for things and risk dropping them. Many adjustable bed bases do not offer this feature. This feature is especially advantageous for those with limited mobility, chronic pain, those who are confined to their beds for prolonged periods, and those with back conditions that prohibits too much movement or strain.Adjustable Bed Frame Reviews
  • USB Outlets
    Designed to truly make life easier and more convenient for those who need it the most, the Yaasa Adjustable Bed Frame is built with dual USB ports on either side of the bed. The USB ports allow for being able to conveniently plug in, charge, and use any electronic device that can be powered by a USB. These ports are not just limited for your smartphone or tablet. This nifty feature will also be incredibly useful for various medical and health monitoring gadgets, as long as the outlet fits in USB ports. No longer will you have to worry about tripping on tangled extension cords in the middle of the night.
  • Spacious Under Bed Storage
    Most adjustable beds or hospital beds are designed purely for functionality and not with considerations like storage and aesthetics in mind. Naturally, when looking for the best adjustable bed in the market, ease of use will be top of mind, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that the Yaasa Adjustable bed frame comes in a sleek, minimalist design, and ample storage space underneath! Many adjustable beds house the motors, wiring, and support legs under it, leaving no space for storage of any sort. Yaasa is designed to accommodate under bed storage. This is made possible by expert engineering and design that conceals the motors and wiring inside the side panels of the bed frame and not under the bed. The result is a sleek looking adjustable bed with a generous under bed storage. Lest you think this is all for vanity, this design also works to reduce potential accidents that can cause pain and injuries involving motors, wires, and supporting legs.
  • Backlit Remote
    The incredible well-thought-out design of the Yaasa Adjustable Bed Frame makes it one of a kind and truly makes it a cut above the rest. The attention to detail as evidenced by the backlit remote feature proves that it isn’t just the adjustable base or the functionality that makes this bed frame the best. It comes with a lightweight wireless remote with an illuminating backlit feature, making it easy to use when bed lighting is low. This detail might not seem like a huge deal, but for someone with mobility issues, pain, or medical conditions, this feature is a matter of safety, not merely convenience. Furthermore, with a single touch, you can return the bed to a flat position as this position is already programmable in the remote.
  • Mattress Compatibility
    If you do your homework and comb through adjustable bed frame reviews, you will discover for yourself that the Yaasa Adjustable Bed Frame is compatible with both a regular mattress or hybrid mattress. Other compatible mattresses include, but are not limited to, Yaasa One, Casper, Nectar, and Leesa. You can even opt for a hybrid mattress such as the Yaasa, DreamCloud, Brooklyn Bedding, and Sapira. Whether your mattress is memory foam latex, a foam mattress, a hybrid or an individual coil spring mattress, the Yaasa adjustable bed frame is perfect. Mattress flexibility is especially important for those who are very particular about their mattress, whether out of medical necessity or personal preference.Adjustable Bed Frame Reviews

What Type Of Mattresses Are Recommended for Adjustable Frame?

A traditional innerspring mattress is the only type of mattress not recommended for adjustable bed bases. The traditional innerspring mattress is a type where the coils are all connected. An individually wrapped coil spring mattress is a newer type of innerspring mattress. With these mattresses, each coil is individually wrapped. This allows the feel of an innerspring mattress for those people who do not prefer foam or latex. There are also hybrid mattresses that combine individually wrapped coil spring with another material. The newer innerspring mattresses that include individually wrapped coils do work well on a Yaasa adjustable bed frame.

  • Mattress Variety
    With Yaasa adjustable bed bases, you can also choose from a variety of mattress sizes. Pick a twin xl, queen size, king size or 2 twin xl mattresses (for Yaasa’s split king feature).
  • Whisper Soft Motors
    The quiet motor of the Yaasa Adjustable Bed Frame allows you to adjust the head area or the foot area easily and find in your favorite positions without causing a huge ruckus that will make it impossible for you and other people in your household to fall back asleep. A lot of the adjustable bed brands, especially the older and inexpensive models have motors that produce irritating screeching sounds when you try any adjustments on the head or foot of the bed. They’re not very conducive for sleeping. In contrast, Yaasa features whisper soft motors that will let you adjust and re-adjust the elevation with minimal disruptions.
  • Anti-Snoring Technology
    Snoring and related sleep apnea continues to be a problem throughout the world. Its adjustable foundation includes anti-snoring technology. Snoring can help be eliminated by choosing the perfect incline of their head, neck, and shoulders to allow an open airway. This technology helps those with both snoring and sleep apnea. The Yaasa remote comes with an easy preset for the anti-snoring position.
  • Zero Gravity Position
    The Yaasa Adjustable Bed Frame also has a zero gravity position that comes preset. A zero-gravity position is achieved by adjusting the four separate panels that are specifically set to prevent back pressure and promote circulation. With the head of the bed tilting up and the feet a bit elevated, you’ll feel like you’re floating in space. When it comes time for sleeping, return your bed to a flat position with just a push of a button.
  • Split King Feature
    Make your life easy if you are one of those couples who have different needs or wants, consider Yaasa’s split king feature. Two XL twin size adjustable frames allow the users, head, and foot of the bed. Each individual can customize their favorite position for watching tv and sleeping by raising the height of the head or foot of the bed. Sleepers can also customize their mattresses as one may prefer a foam and another a latex mattress. The split king feature offers the best of both worlds.
  • Fits Into Most Bed Frames
    The leg height is fixed. However, the adjustable bed base does not need to have the legs attached to work. The adjustable frame is made of lightweight aluminum. Thus, making it easy to fit into a variety of bed frames. The durable design has a weight capacity of 700 pounds, distributed evenly.

Top Adjustable Beds 2019

It’s no wonder that adjustable bases have finally gone mainstream. The Yaasa adjustable bed frame customizes to you and your needs, not the other way around. People who suffer from various medical conditions (sleep apnea, varicose veins) can change the height of the head or foot of the bed for better rest. Those that are robust will find this bed maintains their health as it helps with restorative sleep.

The Yaasa adjustable bed frame is made to work with a variety of mattresses from foam to hybrid. It’s a perfect height if you want to put it in a bed frame or have it stand alone. Enjoy greater productivity, better resting positions, and a good night’s sleep. What’s not to love?


Everything You Need To Know About Celliant® Technology

[email protected] is the brand name for a bi-component fiber created using polyethylene terephthalate. The material contains optically active particles which are incorporated into its core of product fibers. Hologenix LLC, the company that promotes [email protected] has organized multiple studies regarding the effectiveness of Hologenix. The focus of these studies was to determine if [email protected] can increase the oxygenation in a person’s body tissue and reduce various aches and pains. In a blind test, participants wearing products with [email protected] showed a significant increase in transcutaneous oxygen.[1]

How Does Celliant® Works

Celliant IR Light

[email protected] contains 13 thermo-reactive minerals that are incorporated into the heart of the polyester fibers during the manufacturing process. These mineral properties combined with [email protected] technology increases the body’s ability to promote oxygenation. It absorbs as well as re-emits the visible as well as well as infrared electromagnetic light energy that the body emits. The proprietary minerals can alter the energy wavelengths before reflecting it back to the body, even through the layers of fabrics that you are wearing, in order for the tissue to absorb them. The resulting surge of energy can trigger vasodilation in the capillaries. An increase in oxygen is made available for your blood vessels which, in turn, can generate more fuel for the body. This natural process can help improve blood circulation with an average increase in tissue oxygenation by 7%. In effect, your body can effectively use more oxygen in an efficient manner.[2]

How [email protected] Makes You Sleep Better

How does [email protected] technology make you sleep better? [email protected] infrared wavelengths boost various biological processes. The minerals convert your body’s heat to infrared energy before sending it back to you which can help you get restful sleep at night.[3]
Make You Sleep Better With Celliant
[email protected] is believed to increase one’s oxygenation and boost circulation. The technology, when employed not only in your clothing but also as part of your bedding, can help you gain more of its benefits. It is believed that through increased oxygenation, you will be able to sleep better at night, improve recovery from physical exertions, as well as provide support to your thermoregulation. Thermoregulation is the process where your body is capable of maintaining its body temperature. Proper thermoregulation is essential for proper biological functions, proper sleep quality, and ongoing wellness.

In 2009, Dr. Marcel Hungs from the University of California conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over pilot trial tested healthy subjects that complained of lower back pain. After 2 weeks of collecting baseline data and another one week “washout period,” participants were asked to sleep on either a [email protected] mattress cover or on a placebo mattress cover. Median time spent awake at night was reduced by 18.3 minutes. Median sleep efficiency improved by 2.6%. Five patients also reported an increase in back pain.[4]

[email protected] Fiber in Mattress Covers

[email protected] is typically applied on the part of the fabric that comes in direct contact with the skin. To be clear, mattress covers are not 100% [email protected] Instead, this technology is incorporated into the fabric itself such as polyester. Usually, this fiber makes up 1/5th of the fabric blend which is enough to help sleepers gain the full benefits of this product. Here’s how [email protected] infrared technology help sleepers:

  • [email protected] can help improve restfulness when you sleep by reducing the time you need to fall asleep and providing more restorative sleep.
  • The material used in the mattress cover can help support regular circadian rhythm through thermoregulation, increase blood flow, as well as improve oxygenation.
  • Sleepers who experience pain, as well as other symptoms, tend to have a faster recovery when they use [email protected] fibers as part of their mattress beddings when they sleep.[5]

How [email protected] Helps Athletes

Celliant® Blanket

Hologenix, LLC, states that [email protected] infrared is designed to absorb and convert energy from your body into infrared rays which can penetrate the skin to improve oxygenation and increase blood flow. It simply makes use of our body’s conduction as well as convection heat. This can improve muscle recovery and performance. The technology is simple to access and makes for a better human body. Many athletes who have worn [email protected] technology have reported a faster recovery rate[6], that aids increased performance. Trainers and athletes alike are taking advantage of this technology today.

Why Use [email protected] Today?

You’re probably wondering what [email protected] infrared technology can do for you. This technology helps in opening up the blood vessels to boost blood flow which is particularly useful for those who tend to sit down most of the time. There is no doubt that a sedentary lifestyle is harmful to our physical health. Wearing a fabric that contains this technology can help regulate your blood flow and temperature, so your body will have a stable core temperature.

Tissue oxygenation can increase when wearing this product, thus promoting faster recovery from various physical activities, enhancing your sleep at night, while boosting your performance, energy, stamina, endurance, and muscle recovery during the day. One adverse effect of using [email protected] is that polyester must be used in the manufacturing process. Those allergic to polyester may not be able to use this product. Aside from this, [email protected] is safe to use since it is merely mirroring back your body’s energy to where it belongs. Wearing this fabric, or sleeping on it, can help your body to function better.

Are the Claims True?

It is understandable that you will feel a bit skeptical about the effects of [email protected], but this technology has been extensively studied, developed, and clinically tested with regards to effectiveness and durability. The company, Hologenix, LLC, has finished 10 clinical as well as physical trials together with institutions such as Texas A & M University and the University of California Irvine.[7]
Celliant® Studies
As of 2017, the FDA has determined that [email protected] products meet the criteria required to be deemed as certified medical devices and general wellness products. After the Food and Drug Administration clinically tested [email protected] products, they deemed the technology increases blood flow to areas that came in contact with the skin.[8]

[email protected]’s Impact on the Market

Manufacturers are always on the lookout for the next best thing to offer their customers. Aside from looking for products that increase comfort, people are now seeking more features and solutions to help their lifestyle. With the numerous benefits that are linked to this technology, it appears that [email protected] technology will grow in popularity.


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Adjustable Desk – Health Benefits Of Adjustable Desks

If you have heard of adjustable desks or adjustable standing desks, you might have many questions of your own. Perhaps you have seen it in offices or on TV, and you are wondering if it is worth purchasing. We are here to tell you that it is. This is not just a fad, standing desks offer genuine benefits.

Standing desks provide a variety of health benefits that seems too good to be true given its accessibility and modest price. It’s not some magic machine that promises overnight results. Rather, it will help you cultivate a healthier lifestyle and healthier habits that will serve you well long-term if you keep at it. As with everything in life, consistency is key.

The truth is, most of us want to be healthy and have a toned body. But in reality, many of us are not willing to put in the work required to get a fit body and be in the peak of health. After all, it takes a lot of time and effort. Going to the gym is also both costly and time-consuming. What with people’s hectic jobs, their families and other responsibilities taking up a great deal of their time, money, and energy, carving out dedicated time for working out or other healthy pursuits can seem downright impossible. It’s easy to take our good health for granted until we’ve been diagnosed with a preventable condition.

Yaasa Adjustable Desk

Before you completely throw in the towel and doom yourself to a sedentary life and the host of health problems it brings, you will be pleased to know that there are other options to help you get fit. Adjustable height desks are one of them. These desks can make a world of difference.

Sitting down for long periods is one of the worst things you can do for your bones, muscles, heart, and overall health. The simple act of standing up more often and cutting back on the hours spent slumped on a soft chair will change your life for the better. This is not an exaggeration. Office workers are especially vulnerable to the dangers of prolonged sitting because their jobs will mostly entail being on their computers the whole day. They don’t need to do any manual work. They don’t even have to get up and walk across the room to talk to a colleague. Technology sure is a great enabler.

Having an option for a standing desk provides a way for them to mitigate the health risks too much sitting incurs. Standing desks are also great for people who work from home. When you work from home, the temptation is strong to not change out of your pajamas and stay in bed the whole day. Why should you, when you can work in bed propped up with pillows, with your laptop within reach? Are you sufficiently curious? Below are just among the many health benefits of height adjustable desks.

The Many Health Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

  1. It will increase your life expectancy.
    It such a big claim, but it’s not incorrect. You can prolong your life expectancy from the simple act of standing up! Across the board, more physically active people live longer than those who have sedentary lifestyles. Sedentary lifestyles are characterized by hours of sitting down with only short periods of movement. Having a standing desk in conjunction with a regular sit-down desk will encourage you to alternate from sitting and standing and help you prolong your life as you work or study!
  2. It prevents fat from accumulating in your organs.
    Sitting for hours and hours causes irreparable damage to your health. One of the reasons for that is because it slows down your metabolism. The longer you sit, the more fat will accumulate in your liver, hearts, and even brain!
  3. It burns more calories.
    The only surefire rule of weight loss is calories in, calories out. Standing burns more calories than sitting. Naturally, using a standing desk will allow you to burn more calories and lower your risk for obesity. It might not seem like a lot, but over time, those calories burned will add up. Combine this with a reasonable diet and regular exercise, and you are on your way to achieving a healthy body.
  4. It’s better for your back.
    Many businesses take workplace ergonomics seriously and provide standing desks or adjustable workstations for their employees. While no one is expected to spend eight hours on their feet, standing up from time to time is encouraged. Being stuck behind a desk all day can cause all sorts of aches and pains in the back, neck, shoulder, hips, and legs. Time spent sitting at work could very well be time spent standing — and still working — with height adjustable desks.
  5. It lowers your risk for heart disease.
    Excessive time spent sitting down will increase your risk for cardiovascular diseases. This includes coronary heart disease, heart attack, and congestive heart failure. A theory put forth by the American Heart Association says that not using your muscles enough results in the suppression of the enzyme called lipoprotein lipase. This is the enzyme responsible for converting bad cholesterol into good cholesterol. As such, a couch potato puts himself or herself at risk for heart and high cholesterol-related health problems.
  6. It lowers blood sugar levels.
    We are probably all familiar with the steps to take to avoid diabetes: control your weight, don’t smoke cigarettes, and exercise regularly. Medical researchers added one other thing to the list: avoid sitting too long. Getting up or standing up after every twenty minutes to break a stretch of inactivity will help prevent type 2 diabetes. Sitting down has very low energy expenditure. Standing up from time to time will help your body process your blood sugar to prevent it from spiking.
  7. It may reduce the risk of some cancers.
    Some forms of cancer are linked to long hours of sitting and a sedentary lifestyle. This includes colon and breast cancers, two particularly common and deadly diseases. While there is no direct causation in standing more often and preventing cancer, there’s no harm in cultivating this healthy habit, especially if your genetics already make you a likely candidate for cancer. There’s no harm in taking every precaution available to keep yourself alive and well.

Bonus Benefits of an Adjustable Standing Desk

Yaasa Adjustable Desk

An adjustable standing desk is definitely among the best things you can purchase for yourself. There are additional reasons than just good health to use a standing desk.

  • Adjustable height desks are inexpensive. For something that packs so many benefits, adjustable standing desks are surprisingly inexpensive and affordable. It won’t make a dent on your bank account. Whether for personal use or for an office with many employees, this is an excellent investment in your health and quality of life.
  • Whether if you live in a small studio apartment, or if you have a spacious corner office, an inconspicuous adjustable standing desk will fit right in. It is designed to be light and compact that you can cart it around in any room. Most models can also be folded, which makes it even easier to store in hallway closets and even under the bed. This space saver is a must-have for everyone.
  • There are so many great designs of adjustable desks from which to choose. These are ergonomically designed and sleek. It has multiple health benefits, but it looks nothing like ghastly hospital equipment. Standing desks are aesthetically pleasing. It’s not an eyesore to leave it in plain sight in your living room or office.
  • Standing desks in the office improve overall productivity and morale. You’ve heard of walking meetings, but what about standing meetings? It’s a great way to encourage a healthier office culture and to foster camaraderie among colleagues.

With all these benefits we laid out, there’s no reason not to get a standing desk. Aside from the many immediate benefits, your future self will also be thanking you. This is an incredible investment for your present and future health. When it comes to preserving your health and improving your quality of life, no effort is too small. Fostering healthier habits at work, even if you can’t make it to the gym— especially if you can’t make it to the gym, might just save your life in the long run. It’s time you started using an adjustable height desk at home and work.

Split King Adjustable Bed Sheets – Everything You Need to Know

A split king adjustable base is a good option for couples who want independent control over the positioning of their beds to get a good night’s sleep. Although it has the same dimensions as a regular king-size bed, the split king is made up of 2 xl mattresses, which means that you will have to use split king adjustable bed sheets.

What are Split King Sheets?

Compared to standard king size bed sheets that typically come with one fitted sheet to cover a single king mattress, split king adjustable bed sheets come with two twin xl sheets for the 2 xl mattresses. These sheets come with corner straps or elastic to help with fitting. This way the sheet lies well regardless if it is in a flat position or raised at an angle. It also comes with a single top sheet that can cover the two mattresses as well as pillowcases too.[1]

Split King Sheets

Are Split King Sheets the Same as Split California King Sheets?

Split California King Sheets are a rarity. Split king beds are created from two twin XL mattresses. Thus, a Split King is equipped with two twin XL fitted sheets that have a measurement of 39 x 84 inches.

What Type of Sheets Are Available for Split King Sheets?

There are several split king adjustable bed sheets being sold today such as the cotton split king, Supima cotton, microfiber, Tencel, and Egyptian cotton sheets. Each one has its own benefits that you need to take into account if you are looking for the perfect sheet for adjustable mattresses. Make sure you check the tags so that you know the specific machine washable instructions.

Benefits of Cotton Split King Adjustable Sheets

Cotton split king adjustable sheets provide you with wrinkle-free sheets for your split mattress. The thread count can give you an idea on the quality and softness of the sheets. What’s more, cotton makes your bed sheet set breathable, so you will feel cool and comfortable while in bed.[2]

Benefits of Supima Cotton Split King Adjustable Sheets

In the case of Supima cotton split king sheets, it is considered to be one of the best cotton fibers in the market in terms of strength as well as comfort. The natural fabric is 35% longer compared to regular cotton which means that you will have a more durable king size sheets to use for the twin extra-long mattresses on your adjustable frame. It is breathable and durable which means that you will be able to sleep better at night as these sheets are made to induce a good night’s sleep.[3]

Benefits of Microfiber Split King Adjustable Sheets

As the name suggests, microfiber split king adjustable sheets are made from finely woven fibers. When describing, the “denier” or thickness defines the thickness of the fiber used. A high denier means that the sheet has a higher thickness. A low denier means that the sheet is of lower thickness. If you are looking for bedding for your mattress that fits a split type adjustable bed, microfiber can be considered as quality sheets because they are smooth, soft, and durable. It is machine washable just like cotton sheets but can be prone to shrinkage during the first wash.[4]

Benefits of Tencel Split King Adjustable Sheets

If you are looking for sheets for adjustable beds, you might want to consider Tencel split king adjustable sheets because they are extremely strong but has a soft and smooth consistency. The fibers are made from the pulp of the eucalyptus wood instead of cotton hence the superior strength. Compared to cotton, Tencel sheets are softer which makes it a good option for those who have sensitive skin. Another plus to using this type of sheet for XL mattresses, queen mattress, split queen mattress, or extra-long mattresses is that it can wick the moisture from your skin, so you will feel comfortable throughout the night as you sleep.[5]

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Split King Adjustable Sheets

Many people associate Egyptian cotton sheets with superior and luxurious sheets for mattresses. There are numerous benefits associated with this sheet. One, there is no piling since the fibers are made from long fibers. Two, it has a higher thread count which means that your sheets are made from higher quality materials. What’s more, Egyptian cotton sheets are breathable which is perfect for those who experience night sweats when they sleep. And lastly, these sheets are durable making them a worthwhile investment as a bedding.[6]

Split King Sheets

Can You Use Split King Sheets on a King Size Bed?

No. For those wondering whether investing in split king sheets is a good idea for your king size mattress, split king sheets are not adaptable on a king size bed. Split king adjustable bed sheets are designed specifically for split type adjustable beds. Typically, a mattress set comes with 2 fitted sheets to cover the twin XL mattresses. It also comes with king pillowcases. A mattress protector also includes 2 pieces to accommodate the two beds in order to protect it from dust mites.

What is the perfect bedding for your adjustable bed frame? Organic cotton bedding will ensure a better night’s sleep regardless of whether your twin XL mattress is made from memory foam, innerspring or latex. When looking at bedding, take into account the comfort, price, durability, and strength of your bed sheets to get the best value for your money. Once you find the best brand and style for your split king adjustable bed, you may find it hard getting out of your bed.



Stand Up Desk Benefits That Will Make You More Efficient At Work

Stand Up Desk Overall Benefits

The human body is a wondrous thing. We are powered by incredibly complex systems that work in conjunction with each other to keep us alive and active. The muscular system and the skeletal system, for example, can accomplish incredible feats of strength with proper training and conditioning. Is it a wonder elite athletes and skilled dancers are lauded and admired? It’s really nothing short of a miracle. Read about all the benefits of a stand up desk below:

What the human body is not designed for, however, is a sedentary lifestyle that includes sitting down for long stretches of time. Unfortunately, not all of us can be highly trained elite athletes. In fact, a great number of people have desk jobs or a lifestyle that doesn’t necessitate rigorous physical activity or any physical activity at all! The Pixar animated movie Wall-E paints a comical and highly exaggerated picture of a future where human beings are obese, inactive, and completely reliant on technology for even the simplest things. It will do as well to take stock on the trajectory of our health and physical conditioning as a society.

Technology, too, has made our lives easier and more convenient by making many things within reach or with a tap of a finger. Through the years, there have been so many inventions and innovations that made life more comfortable for humans by making sure we can go about our day expending the least amount of energy as possible. It can be something as complex as a subway or train system, or as simple as a pulley to shut the blinds! The examples are endless — escalators, walkalators, elevators, remote control for home appliances, even an electric can opener! No doubt these are all good innovations that vastly improved our quality of life and even life expectancy. But, one downside is that it greatly limits our physical activity.

Adjustable Desk

Health Risks of Office Workers

A white-collar desk job might sound cushy compared to, say, other a job that will require risking your life day in and day out, but office work has its own set of negative effects. An article by the British Journal of General Practice went as far as to proclaim that sitting is the new smoking.[1] So severe is this sitting epidemic and lack of sufficient and regular physical exertion is that it’s damaging our health faster than we can mitigate it with our healthy living efforts. In short, prolonged sitting, even if you do exercise, will put you at risk for early death.[2] Sitting for long periods, as one does in a regular office job, is horrible for the posture and can cause chronic neck pain. The spine was simply not designed to be slumped down and facing a computer screen for long periods of time. Even if you get a specially built chair to address some of the back problems too much sitting will cause, there are still numerous health problems to consider.

Sitting in these chairs, though better for your back, you still won’t be burning enough calories, which will result in weight gain. A sedentary lifestyle can also cause metabolic syndrome and weakened muscles. You won’t be burning as many calories as you need to. Obesity can, in turn, snowball into different health complications like a cardiovascular disease, high blood sugar levels, and various types of diabetes. It’s easy to dismiss the dangers of sitting if you don’t look at the big picture: unhealthy employees will simply not be able to perform at their optimal best. They will probably take more sick days off and will be in and out of hospitals more. This does not only represent a drain in talent but a drain in the resources as well. This will definitely hurt a company’s bottom line.

Stand-up Desks Benefits

Is it as simple as encouraging employees to sit less and move more? Maybe not. Some jobs do require extended periods in front of a computer screen or performed in still and quiet concentration. Taking breaks to walk around is not only disruptive to a person’s workflow, but it’s also a colossal waste of time and resources for the company. People should be working when they need to work, and not walking up and down the hallway to fulfill a required number of steps to take per day.

But how does one find a mutually beneficial middle ground between employee health and efficiency? Many have tried to address that problem. One such example is the treadmill desk. It’s a good concept but it never really caught on. The same goes for balance boards. Brisk walking or balancing while working? Even the best multi-taskers may have a hard time with that. Enter the standing desks or stand up desks. Many offices are big believers of stand up desks benefits. First, a sedentary lifestyle, which includes sitting for prolonged periods damages the brain. It thins out the structures in the brain responsible for memory retention.[3]

Can Working Standing Up Help Efficiency?

You always want to be sharp and hyper-focused at work. Forgetfulness will not help you perform at your optimal level. Another stand up desk benefit is that it improves mood and disposition. The simple act of standing at work may have a very low impact physically, but psychologically, you will feel the difference. It improves the mood and reduces the symptoms of anxiety.[4]

In any office, there are times when tensions will run high, and stress will get the better of even the most well-adjusted employee. Providing stand up desks for employees to help mitigate that seems to be a worthy investment indeed. Especially for creative jobs, employees will appreciate the added benefit of being able to move around and switch workstations. Movement may even aid in their creativity. Sometimes the brain needs a change of scenery or a change of location to jumpstart it. A standing desk will also come in handy for anyone who is trying to ward off sleepiness. Come noontime, especially after a heavy lunch; employees will appreciate being able to stand while still working. This will prevent them from dozing off and will also aid in their digestion. Overall, there are very real benefits of making a stand up desk available at work for employees. It should be as ubiquitous as a coffee machine or a microwave in every office. More than a passing fad, its known benefits are backed by studies and science. It’s a mutually beneficial situation.

stand up desk

You want happy and healthy employees, but you also don’t want them to slack off at work. You want them to put in the required number of hours and be as productive and efficient as possible. A stand-up desk makes it possible for an employee to do just that, without endangering their health and well-being from sitting down too long. If you care about workplace efficiency, stand up desks are definitely a worthy investment.

What Are the Key Elements of a Good Standing Desk?

What makes a good stand up desk? First and foremost, you want a height adjustable desk so that everyone can use it without straining their backs or their eyes. A sit-stand desk is one that is completely adjustable. However, most people will probably prefer having a dedicated sitting desk with a bigger work area so they can keep their desktop, laptop, framed photos, and other knick-knacks there. A stand up desk need not be as big. A surface area big enough for a proper laptop and perhaps a writing area for a pad and pen is more than enough.Overall, we find that the Yaasa® stand up desk is the best stand up desk in the market. It fits the bill perfectly when it comes to form, function, and price. It’s lightweight but sturdy. It won’t wobble, even as you lean on it. The height is customizable so anyone can use it. For an office space looking to install or provide multiple stand up desks for their employees, the Yaasa® stand up desk it the best option.

If you can’t carve sufficient hours from your day to go to the gym, engage in sports, or pursue vigorous physical activities, the next best thing are standing desks. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but you will be burning more calories in the long run and improving your posture and muscle tone. It’s definitely a start. Little tweaks in your lifestyle, if practiced regularly, can make a world of difference in your overall health and quality of life. Sitting desks will never go away, and rightly so. But it’s better for an office to provide a stand up desk option for its myriad of health and work efficiency benefits.



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Adjustable Bed Sheets – Everything You Need To Know

A Yaasa® adjustable bed can bolster a person’s health more than a regular bed, and that is a major reason why the former is quickly gaining popularity. Initially used in healthcare facilities, an adjustable bed mattress helps people correct spinal alignment, relieve joint problems and chronic muscle pain, provide proper elevation to the upper body, and improve overall circulation. An adjustable bed or bed recliner can ultimately give people a good night’s sleep they need to restore their body.

However, when shopping for adjustable mattresses and bed frames, it is also essential to do your research on sheets for adjustable beds. Part of the secret of a good night’s sleep is having good sheets. There is nothing worse than sleeping on sheets that come off the mattress. A remote control is of little use when you have to jump off the bed to fix your sheets. There are many types of adjustable bed sheets in the market today, and if you’re not sure what kind you need, you might end up becoming overwhelmed. So, to help you find the perfect bedding for your adjustable bed, we’ve compiled some important information.

How To Look For
Adjustable Bed Sheets

An adjustable bed is different from a flat type of bed – the same goes for adjustable bed sheets. Since an adjustable bed has a reclining mattress, it also needs a specific kind of bedding that stays in one place no matter how many times the bed’s elevation is modified. Ordinary fitted sheets will slip off in the corners and lose its fitted shape when used in an adjustable foam mattress. Adjustable bed sheets, on the other hand, are fitted perfectly on the mattress through corner straps and sheet straps, two of which brace the bedding on the adjustable mattress.

Adjustabled Bed Sheets Strap

The widest adjustable mattress you can buy is the king size bed. However, in reality, the bed is created by using two XL mattresses put together. One easy thing you can do when you purchase fitted sheets for this type of bed is to look for two fitted bottom sheets that can fit two twin XL size foams. However, when you purchase a specific set for an adjustable king size mattress, you’ll find separate bottom sheets and one single top sheet to cover the entire bed.

Types of Adjustable Bed Sheets

Adjustabled Bed Sheets

Microfiber Adjustable Bed Sheets

Microfiber adjustable bed sheets are known for their durability and low maintenance. The reason why is because microfiber fitted sheets are fabricated in laboratories using advanced weaving technology. That process produces very fine fibers that are responsible for the bed sheets’ ability to dry quickly. Also, because of the amount of finely woven fibers, these sheets can last a long time without losing its comfortable and allergen-repellent texture.

Microfiber sheets are good conductors of static electricity which also makes it easier for the bedding to attract hair and lint. It is also prone to shrink and wrinkle when proper washing and drying techniques are not followed.

Bamboo Adjustable Bed Sheets

Bamboo sheets for adjustable beds consist of very long fibers made from high-quality bamboo – a feature that makes it more durable compared to ordinary mattress pads. The fibers stretch across the entire length of the queen mattress (or any mattress) which, as a result, decreases the risks of this bedding to tear and pill. Bamboo fitted sheets are also famous for their incredible softness and breathable fabric. So, no matter if it’s summer or winter, you can achieve a comfortable and restful sleep.

Bamboo linens are also perfect for both adults and children that are prone to getting allergies from fabric and detergent. That is because they have natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties that deter the growth and propagation of allergy-causing bacteria.

The only complaint about bamboo linen products is that they are much more expensive than ordinary fitted sheets. However, they can be considered a good investment since bamboo bedding’s durability lasts for years.

Cotton Adjustable Bed Sheets

Good, old cotton adjustable bed sheets are soft on the skin, tough on wear and tear, and easy to wash. Cotton products are much more natural to maintain and care for compared to other memory foam fabrics. Therefore, it’s safe to say that, when cleaning this type of bedding, you can choose whatever washing machine setting you want without worrying about shrinkage.

Cotton fitted sheets are also very breathable and do not trap oil or moisture. Also, cotton is considered breathable and dispels any odors.

High-quality cotton sheets for adjustable beds are, in general, very expensive. However, when properly maintained, they can last a lifetime.

Tencel® Adjustable Bed Sheets

The most noteworthy advantage of Tencel® fitted sheets for a split queen mattress is their sustainability. The whole process of manufacturing this type of mattress bedding is exceptionally eco-friendly and has received the EU’s European Award for the Environment. Also, the fabrication requires very minimal use of water and cellulose material of its origin, the eucalyptus tree.

Just like bamboo sheets for adjustable beds, Tencel® fitted sheets are also extremely comfortable and provide excellent restorative sleep. Because of its breathability and absorbency, Tencel® clothing and headgear are also manufactured. Moreover, this mattress bedding is also skin-friendly and does not cause any irritation or allergy.

Tencel® fitted sheets tend to be expensive because of the eco-friendly yet very costly process in how they are manufactured.

Supima Cotton Adjustable
Bed Sheets

Supima cotton fitted sheets for queen deep mattress is the only cotton product that has a legitimate association monitoring and verifying its quality. Aside from its strength and durability, the Supima bedding is also very fluffy and perfect for a night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a product that will help you achieve deep sleep and excellent rest for a long time, then this is the bedding for you.

It is rare to find fitted sheets that are made entirely of Supima cotton because ordinary Supima products are already three times more expensive than regular cotton linens. However, if you wish to feel luxury every night, the hefty price is worth it.


Adjustabled Bed Sheets

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We firmly believe that creating a new business isn’t just about turning a profit, it’s also about bettering the world around us. With this philosophy in mind, every aspect of our design and manufacturing process was meticulously chosen to minimize the environmental impact of introducing a new product into the market.


Our flexible polyurethane foams meet CertiPUR-US® program standards for content, emissions and durability and are analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. Moreover, they are produced without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP flame retardants, and have Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality. Learn more about CertiPUR-US® at

The latex used in our mattress constructions is certified to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), a new certification available to mattress manufacturers. Control Union Certifications (CU), a globally recognized organic certifier, developed GOLS based on years of experience certifying organic products in other industries, including foods and textiles. This certification ensures that all materials and manufacturing processes adhere to strict and specific global organic standards.

We build products in the United States to decrease transportation fuel and subsequent greenhouse gas emissions, and aim to deliver innovative solutions that evolve with you as your needs change. And, of course, our delivery boxes are made from recycled materials.

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