Yaasa Affiliate Ambassador Program

How do I get started?
We make your life easy. Simply click the link below and complete your application on Impact. We will review within the next 24 hours, once approved you can start earning!

Do I qualify for the program?
It is more than likely! We simply want to ensure there’s synergy with our brand values. Approvals are quick and efficient.

What is my commission rate?
We will provide access to the control panel where you will be able to see performance results in real time to keep track. There is no limit on the amount you can earn and we obviously support you to make as much as possible which is why we have set up this awesome program.

How do I deal with product returns?
If a product is returned, or a credit card is declined, or there is a dispute/fraudulent payment, your account will simply be debited for the money earned from that transaction.

How do I track my commission?
Once you are logged into the Impact.com control panel you’ll have immediate access to all your commission performance metrics.

What does Yaasa provide?
As well as a selection of thoughtful luxurious products and accessories, and a high converting website, we also have dedicated affiliate experts in our studio who can provide the brand assets you may need, and be on hand to advise on optimizing your potential earnings, and of course, answer any questions that you may have on your journey to making lots of money!

Apply now to become an Affiliate for Yaasa!

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